Mirobia Towing Investigation

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Date: Fri May 22 14:49:00 2009
IC Date: Tue Jan 9 08:54:00 2396
Stardate: 73023.78


BEERAX IX (INW) - The Inspector General of Beerax IX's office has concluded a swift investigation into the improper towing of Mirobia Station by the SS Samson. The final 12,000 word report will be released to the public next week, but preliminary details indicate several failures of proper procedure.

The investigation was launched by Governor Trent L'vralus who stated, "This incident is an assault on the reputation of the new Beeraxi citizen's hard work, innovation, and integrity. We WILL find the cause of this, and take responsibility towards making things right."

The investigation report first names Senator Zom of the Beerax IX Senate for arranging a no-bid contract for the towing with a company of his cousin Lort on Ferenginar. He achieved this through bribery of a number of officials also named in the full report. All government officials implicated excepting Senator Zom have already given their resignations. Rumors report that a number fled for Chrysalian Space.

Lort Enterprises failed to provide a proper towing vehicle and tractor-certified crew, according to the report. The SS Samson appears to have been an Atlas Class Spacetug, puchased used from a Galaxy Alliance auction.

The crew consisted of a Terran pilot, Hamish McPherson, and a Farian named Altic Gvon. The report alleges that Lort Enterprises selected the crew for their ability to work cheaply without performing adequate background checks. McPherson's piloting license was previously been suspended due to narcolepsy, and the investigation revealed that Gvon is wanted under several names for murders and acts of terrorism in association with the Orion Syndicate.

Based on the communications traffic during the towing, McPherson appears to have fallen asleep on duty, during which time Gvon faked his death and then hijacked the ship shortly after McPherson awakened. The two appeared to fight over the controls of the vessel for several minutes until McPherson was killed by disruptor fire. The ship was destroyed shortly after for refusing to stand down while attempting to ram the vessel of Minister of Commerce & Transportation, Lorian Darin.

In the Beerax IX Senate, Governor L'vralus proposed a 150 billion credit subsidy for repairs and refits to Mirobia Station. "It falls upon us, my friends, to set things right," the Governor said this morning.

The subsidy proposal met with considerable opposition until a Klingon Senator spoke of honor. Penz, a constant rival of Senator Zom, added, "We can seize this opportunity to make things even better than they would have been by allowing Mirobia to provide even greater docking facilities than before to take in our commercial traffic." The measure appears to be close to passage.

The rules committee is scheduled to meet and discuss the removal of Senator Zom tomorrow.

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