Monster in Law: Call Me Mum, Please (RP Log)

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Roleplay Log
  • Koral (NPC)
23 Feb 2014
Morn's Place - Upper Level [Deep Space 9]
This section of the bar is more like a quiet restaurant. It is somewhat secluded from the din of the dabo tables and the rants of drunk customers. There are several tables situated with cushoned chairs around them. The atmosphere is somewhat dark and slight lighting adds an easy ambience to the section.

Koral arrives from Morn's Place.

Remi is sat with a half eaten plate of uttaberry crepes and a tall glass of sweet tea. She has a PADD in one hand and appears to be searching through a stock intinerary as she sips her drink. Her hair is no longer the vibrant shades it once was but now a shining platinum blonde with complimenting rouged lips.

"Oh my word!" Koral shouts as she wanders in to the upper level of Morn's. she now wears a vibrant, yet darkish red dress that, at certain angles, appears to be plum, maroon and crimson. Her eyes are locked on Remi, spotting her with ease between her Betazed given abilities and eyes. "My, my!" She calls out, a smiling shifting along her features as she walks over to her. Without asking, she plops gracefully in to the chair, hmming "I love the color my dear. Absolutely love it!"

Remi looks up from her PADD and smiles softly, "It's lovely to see you Ambassador, you look especially wonderful tonight." She sings as she sits forward and sets aside the PADD on the table, "I'm glad you approve of the new colour, now I am somewhat more of a business woman I decided it was time for a change. Would you like a drink?" She offers.

"My dear, drop the Ambassador please." Koral replies flatly, an affectionate smile shifts across her features "Call me mom, or Koral." Which comes out in warmth of a tone, her hands finding a place on her leg as the right crosses over the left "And yes. A Betazed Mud." (Basically a mudslide), She adds. "SO my dear, what type of business is a Betazed of the tenth house doing on this station?" She asks lightly

Remi smiles a little wider, "Of course Koral," she calls forth a server and places an order for the drink requesting it be added to her account. Her body relaxes into the seat, there was no point in being afraid like the others where. Koral was part of her Imzadi and she embraced this with her arms open. "I am not exactly the picture of nobility, I'm a curious soul I have to admit. But the deities have blessed me with the experiences I have been offered, I completed a Master’s degree in Fashion at San Francisco University of the Arts and went on to work with naturally farmed materials in an apprenticeship on Bajor. Completing that brought me here, I have always preferred to source my own income and saw fit to apply for a management position with Hudson & Rose. This brings me to my own business venture, I've recently been granted a store on the Kingdom of Eden for my own fashion house which I am now designing attire fit for royalty." She explains with a proud smile, she certainly stood on her own two feet.

Koral listens quietly, mind open and receptive "Oh dear. You really should've came back to Betazed. Such fancier cloths and silk fabrics." She says, tsking ever so slightly "Do not get me wrong, Bajor has its moments of wonderment. But Betazed has beauty that just cannot be found anywhere else." She exclaims, smiling all the while. The drink is brought in front of her and she takes a quiet sip, her nose scrunching "Replicated always has this taste.. Just not the same as the real thing." She sighs, setting the drink to the side to be nursed later on. "Well, I will say my dear, that you have a good sense in fashion. My boy chose well." She says lightly.

Remi nods gently, "Yes, quite so. I grew up in Dalaria, it's what made me want to design; the beauty of hanging fabric blowing in the breeze. There is no finer fabric." She explains quietly, she had her reasons for learning on Bajor. Mainly the rustic charm of their materials but it wasn't her place to try and educate Koral. "I know what you mean about replicators, there is nothing that can replace the fresh taste of a picked berry. I return to Bajor when I get the chance, I will be returning to Betazed shortly to visit my family." Her smile widens slightly of being able to tell her mother about Roian, it filled her with warmth. Remi blushes slightly at her compliment, "You're son reminded me of the simple pleasures that come with our gifts, he also took me out into the wilderness and taught me to camp. I've never met another like him, he brings out a side of me I never knew existed. I am glad of that." Her words are truthful and make her chest rise a little higher as she speaks.

There is a fondness to Korals smile at the mention of Dalaria "It has been nearly twenty years since I been in Dalaria. Such beauty, such air of relaxation and tranquility." She sighs happily, leaning back in the seat "I suppose I really should go back again.." She says quietly, a thought of retirement crosses her mind. A glance back to Remi "Yes, your right I suppose about Bajor. They have such a peaceful air in the cities and landscape. The fabrics aren't bad... I mean they have better fashion sense then Klingons." She says with a joyful grin "Or Nausicaans.." Her voice saddens "He.. gets it from his father. Torrin was such an outdoors woodsy person. Deities bless him, it was why I fell in love with him." Her hand falls on Remi’s hand, "You only find an Imzadi once, my dear. Torrin was mine, and after his death I never sought after another. I sense great love from my son to you." She smiles fondly

Remi rests her own hand on top on Koral's with a gentle nod, "I have a great love of your son, I never thought I would find that and I will do everything I can to protect that. That I promise you." She answers sincerely with a gentle squeeze of the woman's hand, she had never thought about marriage from outside of the arrangements that had been made on her behalf. In that short time she believed she would have been alone until the end, how she was pleasantly wrong. "The bond we have, is much more than I could have expected. I am very lucky to have found him." She didn't elaborate how now they met, surely such a tale wasn't fit for this conversation.

Koral flashes a smile, her mind sensing her thought "Well, I hope marriage is in the works soon. To be honest, I thought Ria was the only one to provide me with children!" She exclaims, hands slipping to her chest "I just adore grandchildren." She adds. Her hand reaches back to the drink and takes quiet sip of it.

Remi flashes a smile in return, "I'm sure it will be, I never thought I'd have to think about it until now really. I'd like to find something special to mark the occasion, my mother will be over the moon." She laughs softly with another squeeze of Koral's hand. "I've never thought about children to be honest, it's never come into conversation. I'm sure it will, we know everything else about each other. It's exhilarating now having to worry about questions and speaking a loud, I have no doubt it will be heart-warming." Her words are nothing but honest and sincere.

"Well, it better be traditional Betazed wedding, my dear." She says flatly "Don't let my son talk you in to a Bajoran" She says dismissively with a wave of her hand. A fond smile crosses Koral's face "Well, be careful. Our family is very well known for twins. I have a twin sister on Betazed, I had twins and Ria has had twin boys." She tells her lightly, smiling as she drinks more of the Betazed Mud.

Remi smiles faintly, "I think he'll only be too happy to follow tradition now, given I am of the house of perseverance." She grins slightly as she bows her head. "Oh I have heard about all the twins, I'm sure we'll have no problems there."

Koral laughs "Oh, Roian and Ria were terrors growing up! They both had to be fed at the same time, fought over baths and even had their teeth coming in at the same time." She shakes her head "Nightmare children they were." She grins "Yet, I sense good in you my dear. I think you'll make an excellent mother." She adds, standing "And now I must go. It was a pleasure talking to you Remi."

Remi simply nods through Koral's horror stories, as she stands with Koral and makes the decision to move in for a gently embrace followed by a kiss on the cheek. "I'm glad you're here. It's been lovely having you stay and a pleasure spending time with you this evening Koral."

Koral embraces Remi back, kissing her cheek gently "And it was a pleasure spending time with you, my dear." She says still smiling "Welcome to the family." She adds

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