Monster in Law: Great Expectations (RP Log)

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Roleplay Log
21 Feb 2014
Promenade - Section A [Deep Space 9]
The main concourse on the large promenade surges with motion as military personnel and civilians flow in and out of shops and through the wide walk-way. Shops line the sides of the Promenade and solicitors stand against the walls, attempting to peddle their wares. Morn's Place dominates a large section of the main concourse with a large entrance. Station security is also located in this part of the Promenade, so to give the security personnel close access to the most problematic area of the station.

It's just after Noon on Deep Space Nine, and the Promenade is busy once more with traffic as people headed for public eateries or towards the Temple. Roian Los stands idly near the entry point that leads to the Core, a nervous look on his face as he paces. He glances down the corridor idly.

Senka enters Section A. Seeing Los, he raises an eyebrow. "Lieutenant," he greets the Betazoid. "You seem apprehensive. Are you well?"

Roian chuckles, glancing to Senka "Yes and no." He says lightly "My.. mother is coming to the station today. And as usually, she's late." He says sighing "The Brooks shuttle just arrived and either she is chatting up some poor soul, or she missed it."

Senka nods. "Enjoy your visit." The explanation seems adequate to Senka as he keeps a watchful if discrete eye on Jiral.

"Oh.. you don't know my moth-" There is a warm, flamboyant sensation that floats down the corridor connecting to the Core. It's followed closely with a voice that sings out the Lieutenants name "Oh RoIaN!" which comes from a middle age, yet still very young and beautiful Betazoid woman. her curly jet black hair falls gracefully down either side of her head. Her body naturally curvy, but not overweight. Over all, very beautiful for an older woman. She smiles widly as she wraps her son in a tight hug, kissing either cheek much to the dismay of the male Betazoid.

Senka nods to the pair of you, making no move to intrude in the personal reunion scene.

Jiral leaves for Promenade - Section B.

"Mother.." Roian cries out in embarassment as he prys himself out of her clutches and sighs. Adjusting the uniform, Roian quickly attempts to pull someone into the conversation.. "Senka!" He calls out, smiling gently "May I present to you, diplomat of Betazed to Bajor, Koral Los." He says, shifting out of the way just a little.

Senka steps forward. She and Roien would probably notice him raising his mental shielding. His technique combines Vulcan and Betazoid telepathic shielding methods. Where did he learn them? "Welcome to Deep Space9, Ambassador Los. I am Lieutenant Senka, head of medical and science aboard this station." his Betazoid is flawless.

The nose of Koral Los scrunches just a little as she looks to Roian "My dear. My first time on this station since you've become a 'Bajoran' officer and you introduce me to a Vulcan?" She replies dryly. The word Bajoran is used loosely, to the point of exaggeration. Glancing to Senka, she rolls her eyes and in telepathically to Roian 'And one that speaks our language. Terrific. Now I can't make fun of him." She sighs heavily, bowing curtsy like and in Betazoid "A fine pleasure to meet a intriguing Vulcan who can speak my native tongue." She says, stepping forward and kisses both of his cheeks; a Betazoid custom.

Roian sighs, his hands coming to pinch his eyes. This was going to be a long.. long week for him.

Senka is quite aware of the formal custom among the great houses, though he's never experienced it. Flash of his telepathic barriers momentarily strengthening even more to repell the increased telepathic intimacy that comes with the brief physical contact. "I am somewhat familiar with your language and customs, Ambassador. That is correct." you are both aware that he fully picked up the woman's telepathic broadcast.

Remi arrives from Promenade - Section B.

Senka stands there, hands folded behind his back, clearly in conversation with a dignified-looking Betazoid woman who's standing opposite him next to Roien.

"OH marvelous, marvelous!" She says in a somewhat forced empathic tone, hands clasping together as she looks to Roian "The Vulcan is also fimiliar with our customs, how absolutely divine." She adds, smiling broadly before looking to the Vulcan "Well then, my dear Vulcan. How about dinner at your quarters tonight, say oh about 19 hundred hours? Yes, I think that will do splendidly." She says in a wonderful tone as she turns to look towards Hurn, a tall gray looking male humaniodish person "Hurn, take my bags to well, whereever my son sleeps. And find me a beautiful dress to accentuate the night with." She calls out, shooing him with her hands before looking at the Vulcan. She idly twirls a piece of hair "The Vulcan.. I mean, Senka and I have a date tonight."

Remi approaches from her store a skip in her step as she sees Roian, but slows as she sees a woman beside him. Her eyes widen slightly as she stops beside Senka, brushing her hair from her eyes and smiling politely, "Good afternoon." She announces with the start of a grin forming on her lips, 'It that- My ...' She communicates to Roian as her teeth show with her grin. She says nothing further aloud but bows her head gently to the older woman.

Roian sighs even more at the forced dinner arrangements by his mother. Then he sees Remi and he goes slightly pale. With his mother in a such a mood, the introductions could go in either direction.

Senka replies to the ambassador. "That will not be possible for several reasons, Ambassador. Firstly, my quartersa re currently being used by a Starfleet flag officer who is a guest of this station. Secondly, I am not a suitably ranked officer to serve as your official Starfleet liason. The station's commander is Captain Adam CCross. If you desire to hold a diplomatic dinner, he would be your most logical first invitee." His Betazoid remains flawless and you sense he's telling the truth, at least as far as what he's chosen to say actually goes.

Not skipping a beat, Koral Los waves a hand "Fine, I'll kick my son out of his quarters for the night. I'm sure he has somewhere else he can sleep" She says dismissively, adding "Oh, my dear.. dear Senka. You are suitable just the way you are." She calls out warmly, flashing him a affectionate smile "I'm just interested in dinner with you, and you alone." She adds. Her hand comes to her chest as she cries out "My dear, what in the DEITIES did you do to your hair." She says as the attention is diverted to Remi suddenly "No no no. It just simply won't do at all!" She cries out, as she begins to glance over the various hair colors with her hands. A glance to Roian "By the way, who is this attractive Betazoid with this ghastly hair color?" She asks.

Remi curtseys slightly as her skirt billows out, "Ma'am, my name is Remi Saatchi, daughter of the tenth house of Betazed. It's a pleasure to meet you." She answers verbally with a polite smile, she'd already heard every comment one could think of when it came to her hair and from the woman she presummed to be her Imzadi's mother she would take it with a pinch of salt.

Roian looks like a person ready to run. His mother was attempting to sway a Vulcan in to dinner and now he just insulted his Imzadi's hair style. He closes his eyes, attempting to center himself before smiling broadly. "Mother, this is my girlfriend.. my Imzadi." He says softly after Remi introduces herself. "Remi, this is my mother, Diplomat Koral Los." He says calmly

Koral looks back to Senka, giving him a sadden look "Your dumping me over work? A true shame that is." She says in complete saddness "And here I thought I'd finally given a Vulcan a try." She adds lightly, shrugging "Now who am I to go with in whatever dress Hurn picks out." A pause "Actually, I can not believe I just sent Hurn to pick out a dress. That guy doesn't know fashion from trash." A sigh, then a glance back to Remi "A daughter of a house!" A glance to Roian "Your dating a daughter of a house? It's about time you gave up those childish fantasies of dating Bajoran woman and finally found a Proper Betazoid.. Even if she has ghastly hair." a look to Remi "We have GOT to work on this hair coloring."

Senka turns to head off. "If you will excuse me, Ambassador." He nods to Remi and Roien Los.

Saunders arrives from Inner Corridor - Section A.
The door leading to Habitat Ring slides closed.

Senka, Remi and Roian stand nearby the entry point to the Core. A female Betazoid stands with them - A middle age, yet still very young and beautiful Betazoid woman. her curly jet black hair falls gracefully down either side of her head. Her body naturally curvy, but not overweight. Over all, very beautiful for an older woman. She wears a outstanding glittery dark blue dress that cuts just at the ankles.

Remi shifts slightly toward Roian and laces her fingers with his as their hands brush together giving his hand a reassuring squeeze, 'It's fine, it's only hair. I've heard far, far worse.' Her eye graze her loves face with a smile that doesn't seem to fade. Senka couldn't seem to keep his mind off the Captain's wife that was becoming more and more apparently just as he shut it down. She would of liked to been a bug on the wall during that date, seeing Senka be doted on in the most illogical manner brought her joy. She never laughed aloud although she wanted to. "I am sure you can help me find a more suitable style that isn't so difficult on the eyes, I am also a designer so if you would like some help in something to accentuate your perpetuating beauty." She answers positive lifting her hand from Koral's top to bottom. "I have so much to learn from you." Senka quietly exits.

Saunders notices Senka, Remi, and Los standing near the core entrance, as well as another woman.

Koral looks back to Senka "Oh my dear Vulcan, you are most excused. But rest assured, I will have my dinner with you. I'm on this station all week long." She says, her finger twirling a piece of the hair affectionately. Yes, Koral Los seems intent on having that dinner with Senka. She waves bye to the Vulcan before bringing up her hand to her lips and blows a kiss. A grin is given before she looks back to Remi and Roian. "Oh, I think the pinks are absolutely outstanding of a color, just this blue clashes with it." She says smiling as she glances to Roian "And she designer!? I think the deities have finally heard my cries for help. This is such wonderful news." A glance to Remi "So, whose the Betazoid flag officer that cropped up in that poor Vulcan's mind?"

Senka taps open his commplant. At the reply, he says, "Captain, Senka here. Your presence is requested on the Promenade, Section A. The Betazed diplomatic representative to Bajor is aboard station." He adds, "Lieutenant Los's mother. I believe an introduction would be appropriate."

Senka leaves for Promenade - Section B.

Roian smiles to Remi, giving her hand a gentle squeeze back. With the acceptance by his mother, and Remi being next to him, he calms down quickly as he listens to the two woman talk; thankful that they, at least for now, get along.

Saunders waves to the group before he heads for the habitat ring door.

The door leading to Habitat Ring slides open.
Saunders leaves for Inner Corridor - Section A.
The door leading to Habitat Ring slides closed.

Senka taps open his commplant. At the reply, he says, "Captain, Senka here. Your presence is requested on the Promenade, Section A. The Betazed diplomatic representative to Bajor is aboard station." He adds, "Lieutenant Los's mother. I believe an introduction would be appropriate."

Senka says, "Thank you, Sir. Senka out."

The door leading to Core slides open.

Cross arrives from Central Core - Ring Access Level.
The door leading to Core slides closed.

Senka, Remi, Roien Los, and a very beautiful middle aged and dignified Betazoid woman are all chatting on the promenade. Senka's expression is, if anything, more neutral than usual.

Cross steps out into the promenade and towards the significant group that seems to have formed. He steps up and nods politely to those present and waits for an introduction."

Remi's eyes widen slightly at her comment, "I do agree, it is in dire need of attention. It was a statement made suring my time in the fashion department of University. I have been looking forward to a change." She interjects before Senka summons the Captain, "There are many female Betazoids of the station, most of which are within the medical department." She answers in relation to the question regarding Senka's flash thoughts. She wets her lips and smiles again exposing her teeth, she squeezes Roian's hand once more and kisses his cheek, 'Please remember to breath ... I know Senka's a Doctor but I don't think it would go down well. It's going to be fine, Cross is a fully grown man who's married to a Betazoid.'

"Oh mister Vulcan, you really.. don't have to do that." Koral says dismissively, a wave of her hand being given "No need to bring the commanding officer of this fine station down to greet little old me." She says off handedly, still giving the Vulcan a very warm little smile. However, as the Captain crosses the station, her arms fling open wildly "Captain Cross!" She says, as she places either hand on his arms and kisses either cheek lightly before stepping back "It is an absolute pleasure to meet the stations commanding officer." The words absolute and pleasure carry more of a flamboyant weight as she says it, her eyes glancing the man once over. "Captain, I insist on one thing while I am here. Please order your dear doctor Senka to have dinner with me." She asks sweetly.

Roian is glad to have Remi by his side, his hand squeezing hers as he is really unsure how his mother will react with the commanding officer of the station. A smile is given to her as the Captain appears, then watches the scene unfold. 'I guess.. that could've gone worse.' He says telepathically, a hint of a chuckle given

Senka smoothly steps in. "The captain," he says with the utmost blandness, "May make for a much more suitable dining companion vis-a-vis a formal dinner affair. I have numerous medical and scientific duties that are pressing, Ambassador, and being a mere lieutenant, you would not find my rank sufficient to the occasion." Senka is now speaking in Standard, his tone polite and diplomatic.

Senka adds, "Captain Adam Cross, Ambassador Koral Los of Betazed."

"I think it's a wonderful idea," Cross says, beaming at the introduction and the overly-friendly kiss. "Lieutenant Senka is our Chief Science and Medical Officer. He's got a lot of very interesting stories about... medical things. I'm sure your dinner with him will be... very... memorable."

Koral's eyes seem to light up even more, a sensation of glee, bliss and satisfaction waff off the older Betazoid. "Oh Captain, that is absolutely wonderful!" She calls out, smiling broadly. a glance to Senka "You hear that my dear Vulcan friend, Captain's orders." A wink is given as she twirls her hair again. "Oh, and I must say Captain this station is absolutely marvelous. Although, the flight attendent and pilots of the Brooks were idiots." A exasperated sigh is given "They nearly got us killed on that last turn prior to landing! I was late getting here because of them." A shake of her head is given.

"Perhaps," Senka says smoothly to Cross, "given the ambassador's rank and position, Sir, a dinner with the entire senior staff in dress uniform would be a more appropriate arrangement. We could utilize the officers' wardroom." Senka's mental shielding is now fully in place, no telepathic leakage coming to any of the Betazoids. His tone is mild and quite polite, suggesting an officer who's just trying to make the best arrangements possible on behalf of a guest.

Captain Cross smiles gently and nods to Senka. "Absolutely, if that is what the reprsentative would like. It seems to me, however, that a woman of her intellect and beauty would no doubt be more enticed by an intimate one-on-one dinner with meaningful and intelligent conversation. You should be honored, Lieutenant Senka."

Remi holds in her urge to snort and keeps her eyes on Roian, 'It's like pass the buck and no one wants to touch her ... that's not particularly professional.' Remi finally speaks up, "Surely a woman of such beauty requires as many eyes on her as possible? And I will personally ensure she resembles the picture of Imza that she radiates." Her brows raise to the Captain forced to send him a telepathic impression, 'Come now Captain, keep up the image. I know this may not be easy but appease her for now.'

Koral glances between Senka and Cross. A soft sigh is given "No need Captain. I can tell when a man is not interested in dear old me." She says with a hint of a pout. she throws her hands up, shrugging "But the dinner with Senior staff does sound nice, abliet not needed." She says still smiling. Hurn finally shows back up "Well it's about time!" Koral calls out, shaking her head "Did you find my sons quarters?" Hurn nods "Good.. good." A glance to Remi and Roian "Remi, a divine pleasure. I am thankful that the deities brought you two together. I hope to see you later. And thank-you my dear for such kind words." She says warmly. She then turns and follows Hurn, a sadden feeling comes off her from the rejection. Her arm interlinks wtih Hurns "I got turned down by a Vulcan. Which, is really no surprise. they're so.. emotionless."

"Good day, Ambassador. I wish you a pleasant visit aboard station," Senka says as she walks away, speaking flawless Betazoid.

Cross looks to Senka and just shakes his head before he starts to turn back to the central core. "I'll be in my office."

A pause is given in mid step by Koral "You know what Captain. I've changed my mind. The Senior staff dinner sounds marvelous. Set me next to the Vulcan." With that, Hurn and Koral leave.

Senka says gravely, "I shall coordinate cadering with Station Services. Please excuse me for now."

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