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Garret Moon
Character Overview
Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade 2410 SF O-2.png
Title: Science Officer,
USS ShiKahr (NCC-73402)
Status: Active
Race: Terran
Biographical Information
Date of Birth: January 2nd, 2423 (22)
Place of Birth: Spacedock
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Starfleet
Starfleet Border Patrol
Parents: Alden Moon
Heidy Moon
Siblings: Phoebe Moon
Spouse: N/A
Children: N/A
OOC Information
Played By: Daniel


Garret Moon

Lieutenant Junior Grade Garret Moon is a member of the Starfleet, specializing in Science fields, most prominently Quantum Mechanics. Garret is currently serving as a Science Officer aboard the USS ShiKahr (NCC-73402) under the command of Commander Zye La'Vash.


Garret Moon was born on Spacedock in 2423, as the first child in his family. His family was a rather well off family and had high standards. Garret's childhood was tough, his parents, Alden and Heidy wanted a daughter instead of a son, Garret always felt disowned as a child and all the way to his adulthood. Garret always studied hard in school and was a very good student, never missing classes and always doing homework on time, he constantly tried to impress his parents and make them be proud of him, but they never did, they always just ignored Garret and never felt proud or happy with Garret. Garret always liked Engineering and Science studies, which he was very good at, even earning a diploma for a good presentation about black holes.

Garret's parents never said anything good to him, which eventually lead to him starting to drink at an early age and soon enough becoming quite addicted to drinking his problems away, as little as it helped. After a long night of partying Garret was tired, but he had to attend school anyway, he fell asleep in a Science lesson, that day, they were dissecting rats, someone had thought that it would be funny if they opened up a rat and placed it in front of sleeping Garret, he eventually woke up, seeing the rat in front of his eyes feaked him out and he fell over, leading to an injury on his right cheek, ever since that day, rats would stir up nightmares and immense fear for Garret, leaving him afraid of even alive rats.

When Garret was 16 years old, his sister was born, Phoebe Moon. Garret cared for his sister and loved her very dearly, he finally had a family member that also loved him to no extent. Garret always talked to his sister after school, even if she did not understand him as much as he would have liked, but it did not stop Garret. He always shared his experiences with his sister and loved talking to her when she grew older.

Garret always thought that he should do his best to be an example to his little sister and he new that drinking was bad and if his sister saw it, it would influence her badly and the thought that she would disown Garret as well terrified him. Garret finally manned up and threw out all of his alcohol and began to stop drinking, he has not drunk ever since that day, being a great example to his little sister.

Garret joined the Starfleet Academy after finishing his school, Garret was happy to finally get away from his parents, he left to live in the dormitories of the academy, meeting his best friend in his first year, Cole Grinns. Garret studied and always hung out with him, he was a true friend to Garret and Garret was a true friend to Cole, they always backed each other up and helped each other out if any of them got into any trouble or anything similar.

Most memorable experience for Garret and Cole was saving some civilians from burning civilian quarters, they were walking to Cole's quarters to have dinner, since Cole had invited Garret to dinner with his family, but on the way there, they spotted smoke coming from one of the quarters, they went to investigate and soon enough heard a call for help and the sound of burning. They then decided that they needed to act immediately, they both together managed to force the unresponsive door open and rush inside, rescuing the residents within, Cole then grabbed a fire extinguisher and rushed in to extinguish the flames within, but suddenly an explosion knocked Cole out, therefore Garret quickly managed to duck to the ground and get inside just long enough to pull Cole out, extinguishing the fire himself, Garret quickly rushed Cole to the medical staff and everything turned out well for Garret and Cole.

Garret finished his studies in the Starfleet Academy in the year 2445, finishing with a major in Science and a Minor in Engineering.

Personal File

Service Record

Stardate Rank Entry RP Log
122194.52 (MAR 2445) 2410 SF O-2.png Assigned to the USS ShiKahr (NCC-73402) as a Science Officer.






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