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Roleplay Log
06 Mar 2014
Quarters A101 [Deep Space 9]
Simple appointments dress these quarters, austere yet comfortable enough for a traveler's extended stay. The main room and living quarters is furnished with a sectional sofa of icy silver with a matching recliner, and a glass coffee table nestled within. To the right is a small eating alcove with table and chairs and a food replicator. In the back left corner is a work desk with a small computer terminal. To the left a door leads into the sleeping quarters where a comfortable queen-sized bed and sonic shower reside.


Pryus-Talbot taps a control by Out and it opens.
The door leading to Out slides open.
Zeno arrives from Habitat Ring - Section A1.
The door leading to Out slides closed.

Pryus-Talbot is sat in a corner of the room, dressed out of uniform and staring out into space. "I am so sorry you've got to deal with this mess because of me."

Zeno shrugs. "To be perfectly honest, it isn't all THAT much trouble, and I don't exactly blame you." He grimaces. "The heart wants what the heart wants, no matter what the /head/ is thinking. It's even worse when you're... on a rebound."

Pryus-Talbot slowly turns to him and sighs softly, "What exactly is it you've been told? I'd like to know what the words are from on high."

"Just that both you and Cross were removed from your positions pending an investigation of a violation of General Order 32." He pauses for a moment, and seems profoundly embarrassed. "Did I guess wrong?"

Pryus-Talbot's hands move to cover her face as she nods gently, "I guess it depends on how much of your mind goes wondering when you're told about the violation." She answers, her words muffled slightly by her hands. "I didn't sleep with him ... I can't even begin to consider what his wife feels." Her palms slide down under her chin to settle on her neck. "I should have never stayed here."

"Could you really have left?" Zeno asks.

Pryus-Talbot nods, "Yes, I wanted to go back to the Academy. I had packed my things, I thought it would have been the best thing to do." She explains as she looks him over, "I'm not going to try and seduce you Karalos, you can sit down. I'm not a She-Beast."

Zeno snorts. "I've been warned against fraternization by the interim station commander regardless," He replies, "And to be perfectly honest, I can't remember the last time I was interested in someone."

Pryus-Talbot scoffs, "So it seems like I'm alone. I passed Admiral Starr on the way to my psychological evaluation with Xara Lokoi, he thinks I'm some kind of man eating pip collecting She-Beast." She sighs and rests her head back against the sofa. "It took me 6 years to realise Ben was flirting with me and by that time he was proposing to me..."

Zeno blinks. "That.. that's a pretty impressive level of obliviousness for a telepath," he admits.

Pryus-Talbot laughs slightly, "I'm only empathic when it comes to reading over species and I was more interested in gaining merit than socialising."

"I see. So aside from general mortification, loneliness, and a bit of a complex, how are you feeling?" Zeno asks.

"Like I want to lock myself in here and tell Commodore Cei it was all me. That I made him do whatever it is he told them, I have nothing to lose. I can't lose anything else, I'm already planning on resigning when it's all over."

Zeno winces. "That... is definitely a bad move for you, but I'm having trouble thinking of a good one. Staying here is likely not an option, and unless you get a transfer with this incident redacted, the stigma of it will follow."

Pryus-Talbot nods and closes her eyes, "Oh yes, I'm more than aware of that." She sighs. "He has a wife and a command position, the is so much he has to lose."

Zeno has a long moment of silence. "Why him?"

Pryus-Talbot's eyes lock onto Zeno, "It wasn't planned ... it just happened." She pauses, "It was a moment of weakness."

"Ah. All the more confusing, why you?" He then coughs, and looks embarrassed again. "Not that you're not attractive, but there are many points that should have kept Cross professional regarding you."

Pryus-Talbot laughs a little, "I'll take that as a compliment, but I don't really want to talk about Adam's actions. It isn't fair on him. He did warn me, but when you're so tired and lonely that you just want someone to take you in those lines just blurr ..." Her tone is quiet and honest. "I never meant for this to happen."

"It takes a fouler person than you to mean for something like this to happen," Zeno points out.

"Can you write that on a board and stick it on my door please? That way people might not stop and stare as they whisper and speculate." Kailyn answers.

Zeno says, "I could, but I doubt it would help very much," Zeno replies. "They have no clue what you've suffered or been through. Nor do I myself fully understand the scope of what you have gone through, but even with this, I feel like you deserve sympathy more than scorn.""

Pryus-Talbot sighs again, "Luckily Xara seemed to understand that, I have no idea what is going on. All I can do is brace for impact."

"Maybe build a couch fort?" He suggests. "Sorry. It was the most ludicrous thing I could think of that wouldn't actually get you in trouble."

Pryus-Talbot relucatantly laughs, "Thank you, for coming to see me. It's nice to know I have some friends left here."

Zeno shrugs. "Actually, I think my quarters are to the right."

"Yea, sorry if I've been keeping you awake with my rowdy orgies ... I should be more considerate to my neighbours." She attempts to joke running her hand over her hair.

"Seeing as I'm two doors down, I'd have had plenty of insulation from the sound, even if that were true."

Pryus-Talbot smiles as much as she doesn't want to. "I don't think I'll be leaving here much."

"Right. Well. Maybe you should have seduced his wife too?" He grimaces. "Sorry. That was incredibly bad."

Pryus-Talbot laughs and shakes her head gently, "I think I would have been killed."

"Yeah, I suppose. Well, I guess. I know even less about Cross's wife than I do about Cross himself, for all that he was my CO."

"Other than he likes dark haired betazoids?" She quickly answers, "That was inappropriate."

"I suppose that would have left me out of the running, since I couldn't possibly be farther from that."

Pryus-Talbot laughs a little, "You've helped me through a lot of ... this and I appreciate it. Really I do but you shouldn't stay here too much longer, I don't want you drawn into this."

Zeno shrugs. "I doubt I would get into trouble even if something /did/ happen, except for the fact that you're under investigation."

"Maybe I can put this time to good use, I could write a book. Completely fictitious of course, the diary of a man eatting Starfleet officer." She quips, "I'm sure it would be a best seller."

"Probably. Especially if it was particularly salacious. I'm sure you've seen Page Six."

Pryus-Talbot groans, "Oh no ... there isn't something there already is there?" Her hands cover her face again.

Zeno blinks. "What? No!" He replies. "I meant that as an illustration that salacious stories sell."

Pryus-Talbot gives a relieved sigh, "That's good ..."

Zeno nods. "Well, I'd better be going. Though not for the reasons you suggested."

Pryus-Talbot furrows a brow and nods understandingly, "Thank you," She says getting to her feet and approaching him.

Zeno stands as well. "I don't think we'll be practicing pankretion any time soon."

Pryus-Talbot raises her brows as she gives him a light hug before stepping back and distancing herself. "Maybe another time ..."

Zeno nods. "Given that a lot of grappling is involved, I just know someone would come it at the wrong moment."

Pryus-Talbot laughs softly and lets a hand run over her hair again, "Yes, I don't think I'll be boxing for a while with a partner."

"Right. Just remember, you still have friends." And with that, he exits.

The door leading to Out slides open.
Zeno leaves for Habitat Ring - Section A1.

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