More Romulan Deaths Lead to Questions of Fvillha's Policies

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IC Date: Sat Sep 17 2405

QO'NOS (INW) - In the Alliance capitol city today, four bodies were discovered in a home just minutes from the High Council Building. Planetary security officials confirmed the identities of the victims as Maiek and Latta s'Keirianh and their two infant sons. INW has confirmed that the s'Keirianhs were Romulan citizens living on Qo'noS. No additional details about the deaths are being released to the public.

With Romulan deaths on Qo'noS and Earth reported in the same week, concerns are growing amongst the Galaxy Alliance Romulan population.

"This is the Fvillhu's doing," Taev tr'Tei, a Romulan business owner based on Bolaus, announced in a public address hours after the murders on Earth were announced. "He sent us a message that we are no longer welcome on our home worlds and now he is sending death squads afer us!"

INW's attempts to reach Fvillha Mandukar'us tr'Hlaveen have gone unanswered.

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