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Roleplay Log
01 August 2014

[Commplant] Channel now open. Linked to Ensign Starfall.

You say, "Vrillak"

[Commplant] "Mister Vrillak." Starfall says with a stern voice. "Please can you meet me at your shop." The tone of his voice implies it is more of a command than a request.

"I'm sure I can, Ensign." He sounds relaxed. "I recommend the Ktabban wears. I'll be along shortly."

Vrillak's Finest Clothiers [Deep Space 9]
The spacious interior of the shop is lit by soft, subdued lighting. Display cases containing ready-made wears run the length of the shop, creating a series of long, narrow aisles. Fitting rooms are located in the rear of the shop along with the tailor's workspace where custom items are made and alterations done. A pair of comfortable-looking chairs sit near the front counter which features a register and credit scanner. When the proprietor isn't making clothing items, he is usually to be found here, talking to potential customers and showing them samples of various materials.

The Cardassian is working over a dress, trimming fabric out of it. He sets one laser tool down and reaches for another. It's obviously delicate finework.

Starfall approaches the shop accompanied by two security officers who are both armed. As they arrive outside, he instructs them to remain outside before stepping in.

Vrillak notes the two armed guards outside his shop as the doors open. This junior officer obviously seems to have an issue with him, but he plays it polite. "Ensign, are you so concerned for my safety? I must say the thought is appreciated."

"I'm afraid this is not a courtesy call." Starfall replies with a stony expression on his face. "I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to accompany me to Station Security."

"For what purpose?"

Starfall says, "We have some questions for you. Now ether you can come of your own free will or I can arrest you in full view of the Promenade. I'd rather not have apublic specticle."

Tavrok arrives from Promenade - Section A.
Carey arrives from Promenade - Section A.

Two armed security guards stand outside the shop. Inside, Starfall is taking a hard line with Vrillak. Vrillak smiles. "I don't respond well to threats, Ensign. Now, I've been to your office once, and the questions got a little ridiculous. A Vulcan science officer asking me about Cardassian power relays on a Starfleet station? Now, I insist on my rights as a resident here. You tell me just what you want with me and why you think you want to arrest me, and we will talk. Otherwise, I will insist on speaking with your superiors."

Aliyah enters with her hands full of pastry boxes and stops short when she sees what's going on. She sets the boxes down on one of the tables in the seating area and sits down, watching and listening.

Starfall sighs heavily. "We can discuss that at Station Security. Now if you please?" He gestures towards the door where the two guards are waiting outside.

Vrillak sighs. "Ensign Starfall," he says patiently. "You asked me to meet you here. Now you want to go to security. You should have just asked me to come to security in the first place. Now, I really must insist you tell me what you want. This is not a Cardassian police state, and I do have some rights, even here. I insist on them."

Tavrok has only the typical Vulcan passive expression on his face. "Mr. Vrillak I assure you that your rights as a citizen are not in question. If at any time you wish to speak with a superior Officer onboard, you have but to ask. In the mean time, this is Ensign Starfalls investigation and he is acting on their behave with this request that you join him in Security. I am sure once we are there the sensitive nature of his questioning will help make clear why he changed the location on short notice."

Vrillak Looks from the stoney-faced human to the Vulcan. "If you say my rights will be observed, Ensign Tavrok, I'll trust that provisionally. Vulcans are known for their honorable conduct." He gestures to Carey. "I want her with me to insure that the niceties are observed."

Aliyah stands, her own expression unreadable, and steps forward.

"You may have a legal representative, that is all." Starfall replies firmly and guestures towards the door once again. "Now, after you."

"Oh that is undoubtedly far from all, Ensign, but come along." He leads the way out, his body posture that of a man leading others somewhere, not being conducted himself.

Station Security [Deep Space 9]
The entrance to the security area is simple but effective. Around a small bend is the passage to the brig section. Through a small corridor then a secured door is the local armor for security personnel.

Vrillak looks at Starfall and Tavrok. "Well now, we've been here before."

Starfall follows Vrillak into the security office and gestures to the empty seat in front of the desk. The two guards take up position by the door. "Have a seat."

Vrillak takes the chair.

Following the procession of personnel, Tavrok enters last and assumes a viewing position to the side of the room where he can see and be seen while speaking. "There is some concern for how some things are beginning to appear Mr. Vrillak. I assure you again that your rights as a citizen are at the forefront of Ensign Starfalls investigation. This is to help clarify previously made statements regarding the untimely and seemingly random demise of the victim."

Starfall walks around the desk and sits down opposite Vrillak, he takes a moment to look the Cardassian over before finally speaking. "Computer. Begin audio and visual recording." He pauses for a moment as the computer beeps in response. "Security Investigation Recording. Ensign Lucas James Starfall, Lead Investigator questiong Mister Talem Vrillak in connection to the murder of the to-be identified Cardassian-Bajoran male. In attendance is Lieutenant Junior Grade Tavrok." He pauses again. "Mister Vrillak, you are being interviewed under caution in relation to the aforementioned investigation. You have the right to remain silent, but anything you say or do and later rely on may be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to legal representation at any time. Please state your full name and current residence and that you have been informed of your rights."

Vrillak sighs. "Talem Vrillak. Yes I understand my rights, and I'm a resident of this station."

Starfall nods. "Knowing and understanding your rights as I have explained them to you, are you willing to answer my questions without legal representation present?"

Vrillak says, "That depends on your questions, Ensign. if I decide I want legal counsel, I' will let you know. You may proceed."

Starfall folds his hands together and places them on top of the table. "Mister Vrillak. What is your current state of employment aboard Deep Space Nine?"

Vrillak says, "I am a tailor, and I engage in trade."

Starfall says, "And how long have you been aboard the station engaging in this line of work?"

"Just over three years." He taps his foot impatiently.

Starfall says, "What did you do before that?"

Vrillak shrugs. "I've been a farmer, a salesman, a tailor ... It's been an interesting life. Now, what did you want to see me about, Ensign?"

Starfall leans back in his chair. "Quite the career changes. Have you ever had any connection to the deceased prior to the incident on the Promenade?"

Vrillak laughs. "You think because he was a Cardassian I must have known him? Really, Ensign. I made my position clear the other day that I didn't know the man."

Starfall says, "Answer the question please."

Vrillak says, "I did."

Starfall says, "Answer it again then please."

Tavrok clears his throat, "Ensign, may I?"

Vrillak says, "I do not know the Bajoran Cardassian victim. The first time I saw him was when he rampaged about the promenade."

Starfall says, "So would you say that the security feeds showing him to pause in his rampage, which was also witnessed by both myself and Leftenant Carey, upon seeing and approaching yourself is in no way a gesture of prior aquaintance?"

Vrillak sighs. "Really, Ensign, must we? Are you going to hall Crewman Williams in here because he grabbed her too? Again, I told you this the other day. Now if you really have nothing else, I'll be going."

Starfall says, "Mister Vrillak, you're under caution. Please answer the question."

Tavrok look towards Vrillak, "The order in which suspects are questioned is not the point of this questioning. Perhaps another question, have you ever had experience in dealing with the Cardassian Union?"

Vrillak leans forward, his expression still quite pleasant. "You wish a clearer answer, Ensign? Very well. Your question was, So would you say that the security feeds showing him to pause in his rampage, which was also witnessed by both myself and Leftenant Carey, upon seeing and approaching yourself is in no way a gesture of prior aquaintance? My answer. No, Ensign. First, I was not the only person the man grabbed or shouted at. At best, grabbing me was a sign of a deranged mind." He turns to Tavrok. "Experience with the Cardassian union? I was born there. I grew up there. I left it and came here. SO yes, I have some experience with the Cardassian union, being a Cardassian."

Starfall says, "And you at no time worked directly for the Cardassian Union? Just always been a farmer, salesman and tailor?"

Vrillak chuckles. "Everyone works for the Cardassian Union. When you farm, the ministry of agriculture sets your prices for foods and products and regulates who you can sell to. When you sell, you report to the ministry of finance. I'm afraid their bureaucracy is one of the most cumbersome, ensign Starfall."

"So I've heard." Starfall replies with a slight smile. He pauses for a moment before beginning his next line of questioning.

Placing his hands behind his back in true Vulcan manner, Tavrok appears to be settling into his place in the room. "Being a Cardassian is a unique point of view. Are all Cardassians received in equal manner by the Union?" Tavrok asks, his voice calm and plane.

Vrillak smiles at the Vulcan. "I called you Ensign Tavrok earlier. My apologies, but that was careless of me Lieutenant. Congratulations." He thinks about the question. "I'm not sure what you mean by observing that being a Caredassian affords one a unique point of view, unless what you mean generally is that everyone's origins plays a role in their viewpoint. Your being a Vulcan affords you perspectives I'll probably never understand." He turns to Starfall, "could I trouble you for a glass of water, Mr. Starfall?" Back to Tavrok. "When you say, received equally, I'm not sure what you mean here either Lieutenant. Is there equal protection under law? Yes there is. No one is discriminated against under law based on gender, socioeconomics, etc. I must tell you sometime about the Cardassian Bill of Fundamental Guarantees."

Starfall nods. "Of course." He glances at one of the guards who moves to pour a glass before bringing back to the table and placing it in front of Vrillak.

Tavrok raises his eyebrow at Vrillak, "There is a level of hypocrisy in Vulcan culture. I grew up in a Vulcan only community, and even in those confines it can be quite staggering how other species; to include half Vulcans are treated. I guess to specify my question further, are Cardassian's of mixed decent received the same as those who would be deemed 'pure'; for a lack of better terms."

Vrillak smiles at the seaman recruit who brings him the water. "Thank you," he says to Starfall and the recruit. Turning back to Tavrok, he thinks about that. "Ah, now I see what you mean. Xenophobia is present in every culture I'm aware of. Though I hope there is less of it in your culture, Lieutenant. A number of children of mixed heritage settled on Cardassia after the occupation of Bajor and during the time of the Union's affiliation with the Galaxy Alliance. I ncan say that they are afforded the same guarantees under law as full-blooded Cardassians, though yes, culturally they can have something of a hard time of things."

Starfall says, "Even to the point of murder?"

Vrillak shrugs. "If you're asking if I killed him, the answer is no. If you're asking if he was killed by someone else for being of mixed blood, I don't know. Though why they would kill him here is a question. It seems far fetched."

Starfall says, "Are you aware of how he died?"

Vrillak nods. "Very strange, that. I did hear of it."

Starfall says, "What was it you heard?"

Vrillak shrugs. "Oh, just that he burst into flames and rather disintegrated. As I say, very strange."

Tavrok tilts his head back while allowing the exchange of information to fully take shape in his mind.

Starfall raises an eyebrow for a moment and glances at Tavrok. "Any idea of how that might be possible?"

Vrillak asks, "Are you asking me or the lieutenant here?"

Starfall says, "You, Mister Vrillak."

Vrillak says, "I'm sure I have no idea. It's rather the sort of thing you'd expect to see in a Terran detective novel or a Cardassian riddle tale."

Starfall says, "Enlighten me, please."

Tavrok raises his eyebrow at Starfall's statement.

Vrillak raises his eyebrows. "Come now, Ensign. The mystery death that the protagonist spends the rest of the story trying to explain. See Raymond Chandler. Or Kivan Tril'hillian."

Starfall nods. "Can't say I've read something along those lines. How did you come across the nature of his death?"

Vrillak says, "Lieutenant Carey told me about it. Since he was dead, there wasn't any matter of medical confidentiality at play, and frankly, she was rather disturbed. Wouldn't you be?""

His expression blank to the point of being soulless Tavrok says, "In light of the events she could have sought out counseling. As a medical Officer she is expected to maintain a level of confidentiality with regards to all patients; living or dead."

Vrillak shrugs elegantly. "That, lieutenant, is a matter of your internal regulations and, as you'd say, logically, not my concern. Now, if there are no further questions, I'll be on my way, gentlemen."

Starfall says, "You'll be leaving when -I- say so, Mister Vrillak. Not before."

Tavrok looks to Starfall.

Vrillak says, "Then get on with your questioning, ensign."

Starfall says, "What else has Leftenant Carey divulged to you about the investigation?"

Vrillak says, "Nothing. Nor have I asked."

Starfall says, "And can you just confirm the nature of your association with Leftenant Carey?"

Vrillak says, "No, ensign. That is not your concern."

Starfall says, "Answer the question Mister Vrillak."

Vrillak says, "I did not come here for you to pick apart my personal life. Your question is irrelevant to the investigation of the man's death."

Starfall says, "Very well, as Mister Vrillak will not confirm the nature of his association with Leftenant Carey, I shall. Both are involved in a serious personal relationship."

Vrillak smiles. "See, that wasn't hard. We're engaged. next question.

"Considering recent developments the nature of your involvement does hold merit MR. Vrillak." Tavrok says while remaining expressionless and gazing at Vrillak.

Starfall says, "An answer you could have just given yourself without trying to avoid it. Are there any other questions you'd like to avoid? Perhaps your association with Colonel Ava perhaps?"

Tavrok looks at Starfall and casually reminds him, "One should take to avoid speculation."

"My association with Colonel ava? Since you seem to know so much about my ... associations, Ensign," delicate stress on the rank, "Why don't you tell me about my association with Colonel Ava. And with commander Zeno, or captain Cross." He smiles. "Feel free to lengthen the list as you like."

Starfall says, "You do have an association with these people then yes?"

Vrillak smiles. Leaning forward conspiritorially, he says, "Yes, I do. But I'll only tell you once. My association is ... that I live here."

Starfall drums the fingers of his left hand on the table. "So you only know, Colonel Ava for example, by living here?' Starfall coughs, "Sorry I mean, do you actually know her or just know -of- her?"

"Lieutenant," Vrillak turns to the Vulcan. "Your logic is probably better than mine, but we are getting far afield. I would ask that you instruct the ensign to either explain the relevance of these questions or ask more relevant ones, or let me go. WHat in the seven telarite heavens does Colonel Ava have, logically, to do with this?" His gaze remains on Tavrok. Vrillak stands up.

"SIT. Down." Starfall says, rather loudly as one of the guards moves to stand in front of the door.

Tavrok looks at Starfall, "I'm afraid he is right Ensign. Unless we are to charge him, detaining him this long could be considered interrogation. You need to either wrap up this line of questioning, or place him under arrest and summon his legal counsel." Tavroks tone and expression is crisp and sharp.

Vrillak remains standing. He makes no agressive moves, but remains where he is.

"I am allowed to hold an individual for tweleve hours for questioning before needing to press charges." Starfall replies in a calm voice as he looks at Tevrok and then back to to Vrillak. "Now sit your arse down."

"Make that a request, and I'll consider it, Ensign. Otherwise, I'll stand."

Tavrok looks at Starfall.

Starfall simply stares at Vrillak. "Computer note Mister Vrillak's refuse to answer the question regarding personal correspondence with Lieutenant Colonel Ava. Interview session on hold pending further enquiries." The computer beeps in acknowledgement. "No doubt I shouldn't have to tell you to stick around the station. You may leave."

Vrillak smiles. "No doubt, ensign. A good day to you." He offers Tavrok a Vulcan salute and turns to go.

Tavrok nods to Vrillak and waits.

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