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Muireann "Miri" Kina
Rank: Mistress Tinkerer
Lieutenant (Ret.)
2410 SF O-3.png
Affiliation: Galaxy Alliance (Brass Dragon Shipping & Manufacturing)
Race: Half-Terran / Half-Orion
Gender: Female
Spouses: Illianu Coiseos Kina
Undisclosed wife
Undisclosed husband
Children: Odhran Kina (b. 2431)
Seoidin Kina (b. 2438)
Mother: Ashai Kina
Father: Unknown Terran

Muireann Kina is the manager of Brass Dragon Shipping & Manufacturing, and shop owner of Thingamajig Miscellany, a quite random shop on Deep Space 9, Spacedock and Frontier Station. She is heavily into Steampunk and has patterned Brass Dragon after the concept.

Mrs. Kina is also formerly was an officer of Starfleet, and a spokesmodel for PlayAdmiral, however her status in PlayAdmiral since joining Starfleet proper is still unknown. She is married to Illianu Kina, as well as two other undisclosed persons, and has two children, Odhran Kina and Seoidin Kina. She maintains a public polyamorous lifestyle.



First impressions go to her deep olive skin color, then to the natural beauty those of her race generally portray. Silvery grey eyes contrast her green skin, peering out from a soft heart-shaped face. Her nose is slender, sloping perfectly from beneath her black eyebrows. Her lips are full, and generally painted black. Her hair is tied back in a loose braid, falling to her waist and escaping in wisps framing her face. Her size petite and she wears her curves well for her youthful age.

Civilian Attire

The first thing noticed about her attire is a pair of old-time aviation goggles sitting off-center on top of her head, framed by brass and set by a deep mahogany leather. A two-tone jacket and corset combo covers her torso, or at least enough of it to be modest (for an Orion). The deeper of the shades match perfectly with the headpiece, a rich striped leather, holding her 'girls' just so, and curving downward from her bust towards the small of her back. A lighter shade of brown covers the lower half of the corset, the contrasting tones giving the impression that this full corset is just a partial. The jacket portion of the combo shares the same dark, striped pattern of the upper half of the corset, attaching to her upper garment by straps, but leaving the arms completely covered. While it looks like the top maybe came with an under shirt, this girl has elected not to wear it.

As for her lower-half, it consists of the matching chocolate tones, but this time in full thick leather as it sits tightly against her hips as a, perhaps, too-short skirt. While the standard hem lines appear, they're accented by brass rivets and large buttons, giving the impression of a rather mechanical nature to them. On the left side, a few straps are in place that appear to be made for a nonexistent weapon, but perhaps she hasn't had need of one. Additional straps are in place to hold up the sheer mahogany hosiery, much akin to a garter belt. Thick boots sharing the same color palate, like those for hiking yet made with unordinarily high heels for the style, are tied up with black laces through the brass rings, wrapping themselves up to just under her knees.


Muireann "Miri" Kina was born as an Alliance citizen in London on Earth in late 2405, born to the Orion Starfleet officer Ashai Kina while the woman was on Earth for personal business. She was born a week early, but was a very healthy girl. While her father has never been declared in any legal paperwork and no DNA testing has been started, on request of Miri's mother, it has been confirmed that he was of Terran origin.

She was raised primarily on Spacedock and Earth, but has spent some time with her mother's adopted family on Delta IV and on Kina's ship assignments, particularly as of late as the rules regarding families on starships has changed. Throughout her youth, she's spent it in the most prestigious educational institutions, presumably more than her mother's Starfleet wages could afford, even with the money her mother had saved from her time in the Merchant and Supply Service in her early career. Coupled with the lavish gifts the youth would see on a regular basis, it's rumored her father isn't completely out of the picture despite the lack of declaration, or that she or her mother had a sugar daddy based on their species background.

Her grades have been top notch throughout school, with much of her interest moving towards mechanical engineering. Even more specifically, she enjoys seeing how to make ancient Terran mechanics work to make 25th century technology, or at least as much as the limitations will allow. She always has given herself enough time to complete homework just to ensure that she can get the remainder of the evening guilt-free as her youth explores the benefits of being of an "exotic" race.

As for what the girl plans to do with her life from the days of her youth, she has no direction other than away from Starfleet. Despite her engineering interests, too much exposure to the military group growing up disillusioned the woman from participating in it in her adult life.

Common Knowledge

Info in this section may be known by those around her and can be utilized IC.

  • Former PlayAdmiral spokesmodel. It's likely she'll return to the work again, but in the meantime, it's presumed at least half of the known galaxy has already seen her naked.
  • Married to Illianu Coiseos Kina and two other undisclosed lovers, and she is also known to be polyamorous.
  • Steampunk inspired, she's a known tinkerer and tends to create many of the clocks and clockworks available at Thingamajig Miscellany.
  • Her godfather is Vice Admiral Xanathos. She sometimes uses this to attempt to sway things in her favor. (From others, or him.)

Starfleet Service Record

  • 2410 SF O-1.png 106306.12 - Apr 2429 - Completed Officer Training School and commissioned an Ensign (O-1).
  • 2410 SF O-1.png 106306.12 - Apr 2429 - Assigned to USS Laibok (NCC-90213) under CDR Riley.
  • 2410 SF O-1.png 106647.15 - Aug 2429 - Named Acting Second for Engineering on the USS Laibok.
  • 2410 SF O-1.png 106661.12 - Aug 2429 - Awarded Unit Commendation Medal for participation in Beta Zeta rescue efforts.
  • 2410 SF O-2.png 106698.67 - Sep 2429 - Promoted to Lieutenant (Junior Grade) (O-2).
  • 2410 SF O-2.png 106792.96 - Oct 2429 - Named Chief Engineering Officer on the USS Laibok.
  • 2410 SF O-3.png 108173.93 - Mar 2431 - Promoted to Lieutenant (O-3).
  • 2410 SF O-3.png 108960.87 - Dec 2431 - Named Chief Engineering Officer on the USS Lacrimosa.
  • 2410 SF O-3.png 109767.06 - Oct 2432 - Named Chief Engineering Officer on the USS Nereus.
  • 2410 SF O-3.png 110822.52 - Oct 2433 - Retired from Starfleet with an Honorable Discharge.

Starfleet Awards/Ribbons

Purple-heart.png Space-medal.png Starfleet-unit-commendation-ribbon.png
Starfleet-unit-excellence-ribbon.png Good-conduct-medal.png Border-patrol-service-ribbon.png
Row 1 Purple Heart Space Medal Starfleet Unit Commendation Ribbon
Row 2 Starfleet Unit Excellence Ribbon Good Conduct Medal Border Patrol Service Ribbon

  • Letter of Commendation
  • Letter of Distinction
  • Commplant/Computer Certification
  • Engineering Repair Certification
  • Engineering System Certification
  • Scanner Certification
  • Staff Corps Officer
  • DISCHARGED: Honorable

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