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Roleplay Log
28 September 2016
Officers' Wardroom [USS Equinox NCC-73020]
<< Yellow Alert >>
Nested in the most aft portion of the starboard side of deck two is a relatively small room reserved for the ship's officers. Rectangular in shape, the room contains just two two-person tables. The center of the room is dominated by four couches that face each other, two on either side. Between both sets of couches is a large square coffee table. Built into the wall is a small bank of twin replicators, while the starboard bulkhead contains a row of four rectangular viewports.

Saisha sits on the couch closest to the windows that look out into space. A cup of something steaming sits on a small table on her right, and her eyes are on a large paper book.

Jev strides in, looking impassive, knowing exactly what he needs. He heads straight to the twin replicators, "Raktajino" he orders immediately from one, as he uses the other to replicate some needed supplies.

Saisha looks up briefly, and then goes back to her book, heaving a sigh.

After acquiring some essentials, Darian turns back to the original replicator he approached and removes his beverage. He glances to the side when he hears the familiar sigh. "Doctor." he says simply, acknowledging her presence. He walks over to a chair and himself has a seat and sips at his mug.

Offering a nod, Saisha doesn't look up from her book. She turns the page as she picks up her mug, taking a quick sip before setting it down again.

Jev slurps at his mug and fiddles with his own PADD, accessing some ship data and rapidly reading through.

Squashing herself into the couch, best as she can, Saisha shifts the book on her knees. A picture falls out of one end of the book, fluttering to the floor. She doesn't notice, she turns another page and keeps reading. The picture is of a blonde haired toddler, smiling at the camera, her hands folded in her lap.

Catching a flutter of motion out of the corner of his eye, Darian's head moves to observe the fallen picture. He lifts his mug, "Dropped something." he says before taking a sip and getting back to his own reading.

Saisha frowns, and leans toward the floor, snagging the picture between two fingers and putting it back inside her book. She turns the page and continues to read.

"Ha!" Darian chortles at something on his PADD. He takes another slurping sip of his mug, then places it down on the table.

Saisha peeks over the top of her book before she pays attention to the words on the page again. She reaches down in a tote and pulls out a throw, pulling it over her legs.

"How's Alden doing?" Darian asks off-handedly as he shuts down his device and reaches for another sip from his mug.

"He's fine, I'll tell him that you asked after him." Saisha replies, turning another page.

Lifting his mug for another sip, Jev peeks over the rim, "Is he?" he asks. A small shrug, "He seems a bit tense to me recently." he puts the mug to his lips there and takes his sip.

"He's doing fine. He had his physical yesterday afternoon and we spoke." Saisha murmurs, gazing up briefly from her book to make eye contact with Jev, before she looks back down at her page.

Jev nods, "Yes - well I suppose you would know better than I, afterall." he takes another sip, keeping eyes on Saisha.

"I'm sure he'll appreciate your worry, I'll let him know you asked after him." Saisha responds, offering a brief smile before she breaks eye contact and goes back to her book.

Jev nods at that. Watches the woman read some more. "And how is your daughter doing? I know you had the opportunity to visit her when we were out there."

Saisha replies quietly. She clenches her jaw a bit until she can take a breath that doesn't shudder with emotion. She picks up her mug and takes a small sip. "Thank you for asking." She adds belatedly.

"She's doing well, enjoying being spoiled near to death by her Aunts and Gramma." Saisha replies quietly. She clenches her jaw a bit until she can take a breath that doesn't shudder with emotion. She picks up her mug and takes a small sip. "Thank you for asking." She adds belatedly.

Jev reaches for his mug, "That's good to hear." and before taking his next sip, "And how are you doing?" still watching her over the rim of his cup.

Saisha shrugs a shoulder, her eyes still on her book. She looks up briefly and then murmurs. "I'm doing fine, thank you for asking, and yourself?"

After setting his mug back down, "Pretty fair." he responds.

"Good." Saisha responds, gazing back down to her book. "Keeping busy?" She asks, turning a page and continuing to read.

"This is as busy as it gets recently," Darian replies, motioning around the wardroom. "Aside from the daily ritual of diagnostics and upkeep."

"I'm sure something will break or malfunction soon, if not us then someone who might need assistance. Seems to be a trend." Saisha replies, shifting under her knitted throw.

"The mark of a /good/ engineer," Darian begins, "is in things /not/ malfunctioning or breaking." He lifts his mug again for another sip, "I'm pretty content to have it this way."

"I'm glad that you are content then, that is what is important." Saisha says, offering Jev a smile.

Jev nods, grinning himself. He takes another sip, sounds like the last one given the frailty of the slurp, and sets his mug down. "Are you done being mad at me?" he asks with a mirthful look.

"I haven't been mad at you." Saisha replies, gazing at Jev for a moment before she closes her book. "Frustrated maybe."

Jev nods and limply points for the briefest of moments in a small gesture, "Ok. So are you done with that, or do you need more time?"

"I never needed time. I just need you to stop treating me like I pissed in your cereal." Saisha responds, rolling her eyes.

Jev lifts his head and gives a good hearty laugh at that. Shakes his head grinning, "Ok, Saisha. Whatever you say." chuckling, "consider it done." he smiles

"Well continue to be condescending and dismissing how I feel, that's a surefire way to keep friends." Saisha quietly replies under her breath, reopening her book. She starts to read again, occasionally reaching out to take a sip of her mug as she turns pages.

Jev shakes his head still smiling, "Okay Saisha. I'll let you feel however you choose." he gets up and crosses the floor to the replicator, ordering another beverage. Water this time.

"Thank you so much." Saisha replies, a smile on her face. "I'm not sure what I would do if you weren't around to let me feel whatever I wanted." She goes back to her book and tries to scrunch back into the couch again.

"Don't mention it." Jev sits and sips at his water, "How did you and Alden meet?" he asks.

"We served on the same ship." Comes the clipped reply as Saisha continues to read, her eyes moving as she turns the page.

"Nice. Love at first sight?" Jev asks.

"No, not love at first sight." She replies, sighing. "Took a bit."

Jev watches Saisha attentively listening.

Saisha looks over the top of her book and catches Jev looking at her. "Hmm?"

Jev says, "I'd like to hear the story if you're willing to tell it."

"Uhm.. we started talking, it was slow, and then ..well it kind of came out of nowhere, I wasn't expecting it." Saisha says, her cheeks flushing pink. "He took me to see the dolphins on the Agamemnon, and we went swimming there."

Jev smiles, "That must've been fun. What was special about him that led to an initial attraction?" a beat, "Aside from his downright sexy masculinity."

"He treated me, and still does treat me differently from just about anyone else I ever met." Saisha replies, not looking away from her book.

"Good story." Jev says before sipping at his water.

"I don't feel like going into a detailed account with you. You're not a nice person." Saisha's chin comes up and she looks at Jev. "Whatever the reason is that you're acting like this? It doesn't have anything to do with me and I don't appreciate it. If you're mad at something, go be rude to them."

"All I said was 'good story' - because it /is/ a good story." Jev says, putting his glass of water down, not affected by the accusation, and then simply continues the conversation, "Between school and working with my dad and then the Academy, I haven't had the opportunity for a stable relationship. A couple girlfriends here and there but nothing serious."

Saisha takes a deep breath and she goes back to her book. "I never had a relationship before Alden." She simply says, scooting down until her knees are in front of her face.

"All you need is one." Jev offers. He takes another sip of his water. Glances at his PADD and sets it aside again. "I didn't travel much but I worked and schooled a lot. Being in Starfleet has actually been a less rigorous schedule. I'm used to constant motion."

"If you like to travel, we'll eventually, hopefully, be able to stop and see some things while we patrol." Saisha replies, wrinkling her nose slightly.

Jev says, "That would be nice. The Gowron used to make frequent stops for a day's leave."

Saisha nods absently and shrugs. "I imagine a lot of the reason we haven't been able to stop is because of this...war..or whatever this is."

Jev crosses his right knee over his left, "Remember that recruitment poster about 10 years ago with the fleeters frollicking on the beach, 'See the galaxy!' it said?" grinning

"I think I saw something like that, but I was going to join even if I would have ended up on a desk." Saisha says, chuckling softly.

Jev smiles anew and says, "Well, they weren't lying. Less than a year in and I've seen plenty." He stands and reclaims his glass of water before heading out, "Thanks for chatting, Doctor."

Saisha gazes back down at her book, waving distractedly as she nods. "Have a good evening."

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