New Beeraxi Governor Takes Office

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BEERAX (INW) - After three days of record-setting intense deliberation, the elected representatives of the Beeraxi people have reached a decision regarding a new governor to lead the planet. Yunil Irishavi, who currently serves as the representative of one of the nation-states on Beerax, has been selected to replace the governor.

Irishavi, who lives in the Gnori Valley on Beerax, is a respected statesmen among his people. However, in recent months, he has been noted for being more reserved about the involvement of the Alliance and especially Starfleet in Beeraxi affairs. He has harshly criticized the internal tariffs imposed by the Alliance that have affected planets like Beerax and Bajor.

This is the first time in Beeraxi history when, upon the resignation or death of the incumbent, the Lieutenant Governor has not been selected to replace the outgoing official. Moreover, Beeraxi law gives the governor of the people the right to select his or her own Lieutenant Governor. Neither he nor his office were available for comment.

Governor Irishavi released the following statement moments after he was sworn into office. "The next few days will be difficult at best as we transition to new leadership and new government on this world. Rest assured, I intend to bring a peaceful era of prosperity to Beerax, and I intend to work alongside the existing government to ensure that the transition is as smooth as it can be."

His first official act was to formally recall the national representatives into session. During this time of the year, the representatives are typically on a four-month hiatus. However, they had all been recalled for an emergency session upon the former governor's resignation. The first-ever formal summer session will begin later today.

Beerax has been a planet in turmoil. Surprisingly, protests and riots today were reported to be at the lowest in months as citizens turn their attention, watching carefully for the next steps of the new governor.

Tue Jun 18 01:58:12 2402 Alliance Standard Time

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