New Friends and Counselling (RP Log)

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Roleplay Log
10 Feb 2013

Getting up from the card table, Ava gives a hearty pat on the back and a wide smile to the dealer, and then wanders over to the bar. A small credit chip is placed in front of her as she requests this mystical non-Bajoran thing called a "hot cocoa with whip cream" from the ugly grey thing behind the bar named Morn. Taking a sip of the drink, she turns to gaze back at the gamers about Morn's Place.

Roberts walks into the bar and looks around. Not looking for anyone in particular, though she does gravitate towards the particularly stunning bajoran at the bar. Smiling as she apporches her, she says, "Hello there. I don't believe we've met. My name's Alexa." She extends her hand in customary greeting. Looking toward the bar tender, she requests a bajoran wine.

"Ava, Ava Kiona, Counselor on Deep Space 9," the Bajoran woman replies, taking the other woman's hand and gently shaking it. "Are you coming through Deep Space 9? Or recently assigned here?" she asks, as she picks up her drink and holds the warm cocoa between her hands. The petite woman's back gently rests against the bar.

Fixing her hair quickly, Alexa answers, "I'm assigned to the Entropy as an Operations Officer, I was just here to see my fiance." She pulls up her sleeve to reveal an ornate betrothal bracelet covered in bajoran markings.

Ava smiles softly as she looks over the bracelet. "Congratulations," she replies to the other woman, her eyes looking briefly at her own red-glinting engagement ring. "By the etchings, I assume your fiance is Bajoran?" Gently, she takes another sip of her hot cocoa, savoring the taste for a moment before clutching it between her hands again.

Roberts nods her head and smiles, letting the gold sparkle in the light. "That's right miss. And what a woman she is as well." A blush creeps across her lips as she says this. "And your fiance?" She asks with curiosity.

There is no flinch at the mention of Alexa's fiance being a women, and Ava smiles softly. However, at Roberts' question, the counselor first gives a look of surprise at the mention, then gazes back down to her ring again. Oh, yes. "Trill, actually," she admits, but she leaves that line of the conversation trailing off, looking back up towards Alexa.

Alexa notices that something is up with her reaction, sensing that Ava is uncomfortable at the question. "I've always liked Trills," she says with a soft smile. That blush never really going away, she changes the subject. "You're a counsellor, yes?"

Ava giggles softly at the comment about Trills, moving slightly to casually lean an arm against the bar, resting against the elbow. She's relatively amused. "Yes, counselor and nurse practitioner on Deep Space 9, as well as working on my medical doctorate. What work with Starfleet are you involved in, if I may inquire?"

Roberts adds quietly, "I think Bajorans are the most beautiful of races in the Galaxy." Her cheeks flushing, she changes the subject as well, "I used to be in Exploration, now I'm in Border Patrol."

Ava chuckles once, smiling. "I meant your line of work. I see you're in services-yellow?" A small motion is made towards the stripe on the other woman's uniform. "Although I do hear border patrol is fun. There's a few Bajoran navy personnel who assist in border patrol locally on occasion."

Roberts blushes. "Aaaah, Operations in that case. Though I'm also training in Helm as well." She sits back and takes a sip of wine. "You know...bajoran food and drink is just so much better. Myself and Brieth shared a traditional breakfast this morning."

So that's who the fiance is! A look of surprise and understanding comes over Ava as she gives Roberts a nod. "Good luck with your training then," the counselor says, nodding gently. After taking another sip of her hot cocoa, she smiles, replying, "It depends on the dish for myself. I've learned to rather branch out since I came aboard Deep Space 9. Our mixed crew has introduced me to a lot of new food and drink." She raises her glass as a mock-toast and takes another sip. Sensing the surprise, Alexa quirks an eyebrow. "Is something the matter miss?" She doesn't dwell too long on it, though. "Thank you, and yes, I do love the foods of other cultures. I am extremely fond of Earth culture, actually." Ava laughs softly. "No, nothing's the matter. I'm just pleasantly surprised to hear its Lieutenant Vannor. Assuming it is Lieutenant Vannor and not another Brieth." Taking another sip of her half-completed cocoa, she sets the mug down and leans against her elbow again.

Roberts smiles ever so softly, flushing pink. "Yup, that's her. Though I'm curious where the surprise comes from." She leans on the bar, casually sipping her wine as she listens to the Bajoran woman.

"It's a pleasant surprise because I hadn't heard it prior to today. Of course, I don't run across her much in my day to day duties," Ava admits, giving a smile again towards Alexa.

Roberts nods her head. "I see. Thank you all the same." She pauses to gether her thoughts. "I'm working really hard on our wedding, as it happens." She says with a beaming smile.

Ava gives an understanding nod. "Do you have a date set yet?" the woman asks, inquisitively, smiling back at the other.

Roberts shakes her head and lets out a sign. "Unfortunately not. I'm still working on that one, sadly."

Ava smiles. "Same here. No date just yet. We're waiting for our officiant to be available," she admits. "It's a special request officiant, although it's going to be a small ceremony, so the rest of the planning is simple." Picking up the cocoa, she takes another sip, then places it back down. "The only tough part aside from the officiant is finding the time to take off to go on our honeymoon. Likely a trip to Beerax for touristy fun, and then our vacation home on Risa."

Roberts beams and considers the words for a moment. "You know, I hadn't thought of might be a nice place." She grins. "I do have my eyes on a nice beach side house on Risa that I'm looking to buy soon."

"Careful, they're expensive to buy and upkeep. I only manage to have one because my fiance is the credits-maker between us. I still don't know how we managed to get one with the ammenities we have." Ava takes another sip, finishing off the hot cocoa and moving it closer towards the inner bar for the 'tender to retrieve. "I wouldn't be able to afford it on military pay."

"Yeah, that may be a problem." She sighs slightly, though she still looks quite happy. "I did see that there was some property going in Duchy d'Ambrose, so that might be a possiblity."

"Beerax?" Ava inquires curiously. "While it might be nice to visit, I'd be a little worried about their recent happenings to actually stay there for an extended period." But she's not worried, continuing to lean gently on the bar.

A faint smiles appears upon her lips. "Maybe you're right," Alexa says. She settles down her now empty glass. "I would probably wait for everything to settle down first, anyway." She thinks for a moment, "So, Counsellor?"

Ava chuckles softly. "You have time," she tells the Starfleet Ensign, giving her an affirming nod. At Alexa's start of her next inquiry, the Bajoran replies curiously, "Yes?"

Roberts smiles a bit. "Would you be willin to offer me counselling? It is something Starfleet Medical have suggested I get." She twirls her hair around her finger as she says this in a hushed voice.

"The problem with that," Ava replies, keeping her tone hushed as well (not that it helps while sitting at the bar with tons of people around), "is that this isn't your assignment, and if Starfleet medical is insisting you partake in it, you might want to work with your own ship's counselor." She gives a sad nod. "It would also ensure that you can keep up with your regular appointments, as you may be out to space for weeks, months at a time, or at port at another station. I don't think I could meet Starfleet's requirements of regular counseling for you."

Nodding her head, Alexa says, "I didn't mean in an official capacity, just a friend I can talk to and get a load off on if need be." She smiles softly. "I feel comfortable around you, Ava, I wouldn't mind telling you my darkest secrets." She laughs a little bit at the last few words.

"If Starfleet is recommending it, it would have to be in an official capacity," Ava admits, giving a bit of a shrug. "I'd love to help you otherwise, and if Starfleet does allow for you to get counseling from me, I can work with you. However, so long as it's Starfleet recommended or required, I have to play it by the book and report back to them on your progress."

"And just the small thing, it was reccomended in an unoffical capacity. They just wanted me to find someone I could talk to." She smiles a bit, leaning on the bar to get a good look at Ava.

"I can't agree to it yet, but I can contact Starfleet Medical to see if I am able to take you on. However, I do recommend you look to the counselor aboard your ship, as he or she might be better suited for regular sessions and more specialized to the needs of border patrol." Ava slowly nods, turning her seat slightly to put both arms on the bar top. "I am not trying to blow you off, just know that there's structure to all this when Starfleet or the Defense Force personnel are involved and I want you and I to both have our bases covered."

Roberts's eyes sparkle a litle bit. "I think you just don't want to be friends." She grins a bit and is obviously teasing her. "Of course, we can always talk in a nonoffical capacity, can't we?"

"Friends and patients are way different," Ava says with a laugh. "But since you mentioned Starfleet is recommending it, that's why I have to play it safe, because Starfleet has requirements for these things." She smiles softly. "I can be your friend, all the same."

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