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Welcome to the New Player Guide!


First Things First

If you haven't already, please check the various links under Getting Started, and in-game check out the News files. There is a treasure trove of information there on multiple subjects, some of which you won't find on the wiki.

There are also a number of mailing lists that you can and should join. The mailers contain all sorts of useful information both historically and on an ongoing basis. These mailers apply to everyone, no matter which faction or organization they belong too:

  • @subscribe *admin.public-announcements
  • @subscribe *Code/Core-Changes
  • @subscribe *public.discussion.general
  • @subscribe *rp.ic-advertisements
  • @subscribe *rp.ic-notices
  • @subscribe *rp.intergalactic-newswire
  • @subscribe *
  • @subscribe *rp.ooc-personal_logs
  • @subscribe *rp.planetary-news-network
  • @subscribe *
  • @subscribe *ds9.public-announcements-and-discussion

And while not informative, it can certainly be humorous:

  • @subscribe *humor-and-quoted-out-of-context

Some of the above have a lot of information on them. We encourage people to read them as the historical information still has bearing on situations today. If you so choose however, you can @skip <*mailer-name> to go to the end. Then as new messages come in, you will be notified when you log in each day. The easiest way to read the above is through the @nn command once you have subscribed.

There are also a few real-time public conversation channels open for all players to contribute to. You don't need to add them all, just the ones that interest you. To add a channel:

  • addcom alias=channel

So for example, to add the Gaming channel (Note: channel names are case-sensitive):

  • addcom gm=Gaming

A full list of available channels is available here: Channels. In-game help is also available on the channels, simply type '?channels' at the command line.

Organization Specific Items

In addition to the above there are also mailers and channels specific to the organization you choose.

Galaxy Alliance members:

  • @subscribe *galaxy-alliance.announcements
  • @subscribe *galaxy-alliance.discussion
  • addcom ga=GalaxyAlliance

Democratic Republic of Bajor members:

  • @subscribe *drb.announcements
  • @subscribe *drb.ooc-discussion
  • addcom drb=DRB

Romulan Star Empire members:

  • @subscribe *rse.public.discussion
  • @subscribe *rse.announcements
  • addcom rse=RSE

Independents members:

  • addcom ind=Independents

Beeraxi Confederation members:

  • @subscribe *beeraxi-confederacy.announcements
  • addcom brx=Beerax

If you are involved in trade in the game:

  • @subscribe *public.economy-news
  • addcom ec=EconomyChat

If you are a civilian of any type:

  • addcom civ=Civilians

Those interested in the underground (Note: you will need to @request to gain access to this mailer):

  • @subscribe *rp.underworld

If you are looking for work outside one of the major organizations, see the Employment page and:

  • addcom rec=Recruiting

This list is by no means comprehensive, to see those that are available to you to @subscribe to, simply type @unsubscribed in-game.

If you have any issues adding a mailer or channel and you feel you should be able to (it fits your Org), please submit a Ticket (@request)

Some of the Organizations also have their own additional guide, for example Starfleet, they have the Starfleet New Player Guide

Occupation and Skills

Once you have gone through Character Generation, come up with a Biography, decided on your Organization of choice, and in some cases, even after playing for awhile, you can work on your Skills. The skill system in WNO is currently based on the Palladium system. It is suggested you familiarize yourself with the system, at least to a basic degree before you set your skills. Once your skills and occupation are set, they can't be undone or changed.

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