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Nherryh Trasera, M.D.
Affiliation: Beeraxi Confederation
(Ambrosia Incorporated)
Occupation: Medical Doctor
Race: Betazoid
Gender: Female
Spouse: Duke Trex Trasera
Issue: Lady Ambrosia Trasera (Born 2391)
Sir Gwydion Trasera (Born 2397)
Lady Eilonwy Trasera (Born 2397)

The Kingdom of Eden
Rank: Duchess
Style: Her Grace
Title: The Royal Physician to the Crown
Function: Chief Medical Officer, Ambrosia Inc.

Her Grace the Duchess Nherryh Trasera of the Beeraxi Kingdom of Eden is a Medical Doctor and Senior Executive with Ambrosia Incorporated. For her dedication during the Alliance Civil War, she is a rare civilian recipient of the Starfleet Citation for Conspicuous Gallantry. As of 2401, she is considered to be one of the Galaxy's Richest People.



Born on Betazed, Nherryh Trasera is the only child of moderately affluent parents; despite having no siblings herself, she nevertheless grew up surrounded by a sprawling and somewhat rambunctious extended family. Her childhood was unremarkable, her adolescence equally so, and by the time she was in her teens it was obvious that while she was higly intelligent, she was also easily distracted and if not precicely unmotivated, certainly indecisive. After establishing a pattern of interest in one subject long enough to become passingly proficient in it before moving on to the next thing that caught her interest, Nherryh's mother decided enough was enough. An advertisment for job on Eden Post caught her eye, and before Nherryh knew what was happening, she was being shipped off-planet.

Nherryh and Eden Post were an amazing fit; after an initial adjustment period in which she was shuttled from division to division, she found her home in the sciences. Under the watchful and nervous eye of Sir Trex Schad, upon whom she had an inappropriate and nigh incurable crush, she flourished. Working with Mirobia Station's Doctor L'valrus, Nherryh found her true calling in the medical field, and after a year aboard Eden (though she was still technically only a nurse), she was given a promotion to its Chief Medical Officer. She continued her studies, as well as her pursuit of Trex: what started as attraction blossomed into true friendship and a solid working partnership.

When Trex was called to Qo'nos by Captain Moriah Seryl, Nherryh took the opportunity to finish medical school, putting in a year of residency to go with her years of distance learning. Once a full doctor, she joined Trex on Qo'nos. It was here that their feelings for each other were revealed, and in the year of 2386 they were married in a ceremony onboard the CCV SinDome, docked at Starbase 902. In July of that year, only a few short months after their wedding, Starfleet exploded into a messy civil war. Trex re-enlisted in Starfleet, and sent Nherryh home to Eden Post under guard. Rather than be left behind, Nherryh tricked her guards and slipped their leash; she made it all the way to Station Alcatraz on her own, and though she didn't enlist in Starfleet, she still served as a nurse during the war. She recieved one commendation post-war.

Though Eden Post itself was destroyed during the war, the kingdom continues to rebuild; both she and Trex recieved promotions once they returned, though it's been said that their ranks were changed only to reflect what they already should have been. Peace has been good to Nherryh: in November of 2391, she and her husband welcomed their first daughter, the Lady Ambrosia Trasera, to the Kingdom of Eden. She is once again Chief Medical Officer, though this time of Mirobia Station.

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