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Nirani Fenn
Rank: Lieutenant-Commander
Bajoran Defense Force Navy
Title: Adjutant, Office of Interplanetary Affairs for the Defense Force
Race: Bajoran
Gender: Female
Affiliation: Democratic Republic of Bajor (Navy)



Born on July 25th 2373, four years after the Bajoran Wormhole was discovered, Nirani Fenn was a precocious child, who constantly asked questions, as soon as she was able to speak. (Why does it do that? How does it work? What kind of fuel does it need?)When her fine motor skills had developed, her parents, Nirani Jash, who worked as a shuttle pilot between Bajor and Terok Nor, and Nirani Selene who taught in the local temple, were continually tripping over parts of things left around by their only child. Components of machinery that had inexplicably been removed from devices around the home would be subject to the attentions of a young girl who voraciously felt the need to explore all things mechanical, internally. The most embarrassing occasion was when dining at the home of a respected Bajoran Elder, the adults entered the lounge to find a blue eyed little four year old cherub arranging the insides of a priceless antique timepiece on a coffee table in order of cog sizes. Needless to say, the Nirani family were not asked to return.

She had a relatively sheltered upbringing, in a small house that looked over the green waves of the ocean below the impressive cliffs at Undalar. As a youth she enjoyed long and sometimes arduous cliff walks, and when away from home always had a hankering to breathe the sea air, and feel the wind on her face. As a result she was always slender and fit.

Her family were very spiritual and leaned on their beliefs in the prophets, although being rather more scientifically minded than her parents, Fenn had a healthy scepticism, even at a very young age. Not that this was something she made obvious, for fear of upsetting her family. However it was always a source of consternation to her that when the Breen attacked Bajor when she was 8 years old, her Father was killed and she somehow felt that she had in some way disappointed him, by always questioning his beliefs. Her mother and she managed to escape the attack, but after that through her teenage years she felt a yearning to somehow make him proud of her.

Her mother's brother who was a Star Fleet officer, on DS9 would visit often and she developed a rather special friendship with him, perhaps in lieu of a father figure and became more and more convinced that her studies should lead to a commission there. It was not hard to work out what her specialism would be at college... Engineering was the obvious choice. However, she was held back a little by her mother who did not want her to leave Bajor, especially in view of all the troubles that were occurring in her late teenage years. She worked hard and did well in her engineering studies but was constantly torn, seeking her mother's approval. This was probably why she did not get to the Academy as quickly as she might have and in 2396 was still training, with the rank of Midshipman, First Class. But then when her mother passed away suddenly in 2392, Fenn realised that she was able to pursue her dream of travelling on a star ship unhindered. She hopes to be posted to a star ship and to extend her experience there, and longs for a little ship of her own to take apart... *ahem* .. fly.

It was working aboard the USS Defiant as an Ensign and then as a Lieutenant, that she realised how much her passion for ships ruled her life. Whether she realised it or not, it became clear that tinkering with machinery was her forte, and not necessarily dealing with people. In fact her best friend in all that time had been an android, which makes the observer wonder if she wasn't placed somewhere a little along the Asberger's spectrum. Her view on life was very black and white, very literal and revolved mainly around the ships she cared for. Various handsome young men would ask her on dates, and yet she didn't really know how to relate to them, retreating to the relative safety of the Warp Core or a Jeffries tube, when such advances were voiced. It was only those who shared her engineering interests that became closer friends, and were invested with some semblance of her trust.

Then in 2405, Bajor became independent. Nirani made the difficult decision to give up her Star Fleet post on the USS Defiant and instead travelled to Bajor to be inducted into the Bajoran Defence Force. However the move prompted a further promotion to Lieutenant Commander, and the post of Chief Engineer on the SBR Kongo MTIN-1710 under the command of Kainon Essa. A new chapter of her life begins.

Service Record

  • Y-c1.png *****: Accepted into Starfleet Academy, first year.
  • Y-c2.png *****: Starfleet Academy, second year.
  • Y-c3.png *****: Starfleet Academy, third year.
  • Y-c4.png *****: Starfleet Academy, fourth year.
  • Y-blank1.png *****: Graduates as Midshipman, transfers to USS Shutsugun.
  • Y-blank1.png2397 - (Stardate 75864.35) Re-assigned with the crew of the USS Shutsugun to Deep Space 9, awaiting further duty assignment.
  • Y-o1.png *****: Promoted to Ensign.
  • Y-o1.png *****: Re-assigned to USS Defiant
  • Y-o2.png 2402 : Promoted to Lieutenant Jg
  • Y-o3.png 2403 : Promoted to Lieutenant
  • BDFN-O-3.png 2405 : Transfers from Starfleet and is inducted into the Bajoran Defense Force
  • BDFN-O-4.png 2405 : Promoted to Lieutenant-Commander
  • BDFN-O-4.png 2405 : Posted as Chief of Engineering to SBR Kongo MTIN-1710 Under then-Commander Kainon Essa
  • BDFN-O-4.png 2406 : Transferred to Deep Space 9 as Chief Engineer
  • BDFN-O-4.png 2406 : Relieved of duty aboard Deep Space 9
  • BDFN-O-4.png 2406 : Transferred to SBR Waverley MTIN-9811
  • BDFN-O-4.png 2406 : Transferred to SBR Faikaru MTIN-9850
  • BDFN-O-4.png 2408 : Transferred to SBR Fearless MTIN-4305
  • BDFN-O-4.png 2408 : SBR Fearless destroyed in action. All hands recovered.
  • BDFN-O-4.png 2408 : Transferred to SBR Ahwahnee MTIN-2048
  • BDFN-O-4.png 2409 : SBR Ahwahnee suffers major damage to warp systems and is recalled.
  • BDFN-O-4.png 2409 : Transferred to SBR Faikaru MTIN-9850 under command of Commander Elric
  • BDFN-O-4.png 2411 : Appointed Adjutant to the Office of Interplanetary Affairs for the Defense Force

Medals (Starfleet)

  • 20. Space Medal

Awards/Citations (Starfleet)

  • Unrestricted Line Officer
  • Commplant/Computer Certification
  • Engineering System Certification
  • Engineering Repair Certification
  • Weapons Certification
  • Communications Certification
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