No Scar Please (RP Log)

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Roleplay Log
Characters: Astor-Cross
Location: Infirmary, Deep Space 9
September 5th 2012
Surgical Suite - Station Infirmary Deep Space 9
<< Yellow Alert >>
A single surgical bed sits in the middle of this small room, heavy medical equipment sitting to the side for easy access use. A replicator is placed in the bulkhead for the :replication of medical supplies and small equipment.
You see Medical Replicator, Biobed1 (Kainon), LMH, and SDS Standard EVA Suit (67386) here.
Ensign Law is here.
Obvious exits:
[ Infirmary <o> ]

Even though it doesn't say so, there is a station situated off to the side and out of the way of the surgery area of this room. And sitting at that station is a very tired Dr. Cross. She is going over reports, charts and her eyes keep darting back to the man laying on the biobed. Unfortunately, there is no coffee close at hand.

Law steps into the infirmary, taking a quick look around. He looks a little worse for the wear, with a black and and a bruised up chin. All in a day's work apparently. He stops one of the medical staff, asking a quick question and then nodding at the response. He steps into the surgical suite, calling out, "Doctor Cross?"

Astor-Cross blinks a few times as she looks toward the door, "I'm back here Ensign." She glances at Kainon again and then gets a good look at the other man, "Are you ok? Have you been checked out?"

Law shakes his head, "Not yet, Doctor." He approaches the Doctor with a frown, "Serves me right, going drinking on Cardassia Prime... They didn't even validate my parking."

Astor-Cross chuckles, probably for the first time in a long time. "There are better places to go drinking you know... that will validate." She stands up, holds on to the side of the station for a minute and then says, "Let me take a look and see what we've got going on here." Taking her scanner from the station top she runs is slowly over the man and asks softly, "No one has told me anything about what went on. Obviously you got Essa but was anyone else hurt?"

Law rolls his eyes, and makes a fake attempt at whining, "Oh, I know, but none of them have the selection of alcohol and the number of neck ridges I find attractive in the same location." His voice drops a bit, a little more serious now, "Lets just say I got Commodore Kainon out. The less you know about what I had to do to do it, probably for the better." He then looks up towards Astor-Cross, shaking his head, "I'm sorry, Doctor. It's a heap of potential trouble that I'd rather not involve you in..."

Astor-Cross nods slowly, "Just tell me this, was Adam hurt in anyway? I've not seen him since Essa was brought in so I don't know." Finishing the scan she takes out a suture kit and says, "Have a seat. Let me take care of these wounds on your face. I promise not to leave a scar, unless you want me to."

Law nods his head, "Commander Cross is fine. He was not directly present." He takes the seat offered to him, glaring at the autosuture with trepidation, "Uh, no. That whole thing about chicks digging scars... Total bollocks. I rather start a story with: I woulda had a scar here if not for our awesome Doctor on Deep Space 9..."

Astor-Cross laughs again and nods, "No scar it is then." She carefully works on suturing the worst of the injuries, "There are a few here that I will just let heal naturally. They won't leave a scar, and if it does, it will be a very small almost unnoticeable one." She then says, "Tell me exactly what condition Essa was in when you found him. I'd like to know how to treat the inner and mental injuries and knowing my best friend as I do, he won't tell me a thing. He'll just insist he is fine and tell me not to worry."

Law looks down towards the mentioned injuries, "Oh yeah, that one... I had the drop on him too. How embarrassing." He begins a low and growling string of curse words in Bajoran, calming down a moment later and then replying, "He was put through the wringer by the Madrasad. They drugged him, I know that much. He called me a name I didn't recognize... Er, then a few that I did, but I don't think he knew that. But the Cardassians treat torturers the way we treat master chefs. I can only imagine what they did to him... I'd specifically suggest running a tox screening for mind-altering drugs. I hear they're a favorite. Beyond that, I can't say."

Astor-Cross nods as she finishes up the last of the injuries, "I have run one but will be running another." Putting the suture kit away she smiles softly and says, "All done." And then she adds, "Thank you for what you did to rescue my friend." She looks over at the Bajoran on the bed and says, "He and I have been through a lot together. I would have been very angry if we had lost him."

Law stands from the seat, looking down towards where his injuries were only a moment ago thanks to the miracle of modern technology. He looks back up to the doctor, shaking his head, "Don't mention it, Doctor Cross. It was all in a day's work."

Astor-Cross smiles again and shakes her head, "No, it was above and beyond the call of duty Ensign and I know many people thank you for what you did, even if they don't say it out loud." She looks at her suture work and says, "Just be careful for the next day or so. If you start to notice any swelling or you start to feel bad or something come back and have myself or one of the nurses look you over."

Law grunts, "Well, like I said, please don't mention it." He looks down at the work himself, then nods his head, "Alright, Doctor. I'll take it easy as best I can. Am I on limited duty or anything like that?"

Astor-Cross shakes her head, "No need, unless this is something you aren't telling me. Just keep your injuries clean and come back if there are any problems."

Law shakes his head, "Not at all. I'll take easy for the next few days, keep them clean and come back if there's any swelling or if it burns when I..." He stops himself quickly, shaking his head, "Nevermind. Thank you again, Doctor. Have a good one." With that, Clayton turns and begins walking for the door.

Astor-Cross frowns, "Wait Ensign..finish what you were going to say."

Law waves a hand and shakes his head with a healthy grin, "Just kidding, Doctor. Nothing burns when I anything. I'm completely intact now."

Astor-Cross laughs and nods, "Ok. But if it does, come back ok?" She grins and waves off the young man, "Better get back to work before you get in trouble."

Law nods and waves again as he heads out the door, "Thanks. Will do, Doctor Cross!"

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