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The OOC Game Administration handles multiple areas of the Where No One Has Gone Before behind the scenes. Each administrator has specific responsibilities on the game, ranging from Wizards, creating and maintaining the game's code, to Royals, also known as Q, handling the needs of the individual orgs, player assistance and plot storytelling.


Administration Organization

The administration is set up into two areas, the Royal Council and the Wizard Council. In many ways, the administration of the game is equal between each council. However, due to innate realities of code, there are things that will require a Wizard's touch, so do not be alarmed if your request must be escalated. More information regarding the initial elevation in 2009 can be found at 616 on *ann in-game.

    Royal Council ---------- Wizard Council

Administration Members

Wizard Council

Name Rank Responsibilities
Cochrane Ensign Bearer Archwizard
Randal Head Codewizard Head Codewizard
Armstrong Wizard All-Purpose Wizard (DRB/IND/RSE/CU/All other duties as assigned)
Collins Wizard Wizard Emeritus
Daystrom Wizard Admin Support
Jackson Wizard Admin Support

Retired Wizards

The administration would like to acknowledge and show gratitude for the contributions and efforts of the following retired wizards on the game:

  • Galileo (RSE)
  • Nimbus (Code)
  • Grig (Code)
  • Nelson (SF, GA, IND)
  • Kepler (Code)
  • Newton (Code)
  • Hawking (SF, RSE, Code)
  • Sloane (IND, CU)
  • Synergy (RP)
  • Washu (Code)
  • Pythagoras (RSE, SF)
  • Bowman (IND, FEW)

Royal Council

Name Rank Responsibilities
Anthony Q Player Support and causing havoc
Behr Q Player Support, Plots, Starfleet and Bajorans
Clarke* Q Player Support
Doyle Q Player Support
Gabaldon Q Player Support
Jordan Q Athletic Support
L'Engle Q Player Support, GuideRoyal, TPs, Starfleet
Wilde Q General Player Support, All Things Civilian
  • denotes longest-serving Royal still active (Clarke with 14+ years of service).

Retired Royals

The administration would like to acknowledge and show gratitude for the contributions and efforts of the following retired and on-leave royals on the game:

Asimov, Hamilton, Moxy, Nix, Poe, Reaves, Rowling, Taylor, Templar, Vonnegut, and Wrede.

Administration Policies

The administration policies apply to both Wizards and Royals, and members of the Administration are bound to keep these rules as sacred during their duties. Should any issues be noted, please do not hesitate to @send *admin in-game, or email outside of the game using the admin alias to notify us of the incident.

Wizard Ethics

"Wizards on a MOO have a considerable amount of power. With that power comes the responsibility to use it wisely, for the actions of an administrator reflect not only on himself, but on the MOO as a whole. Because a Wizard is in a position of power, he or she should attempt to set a positive example in all dealings, whether in-character (IC) or out-of-character (OOC), Common sense will usually suggest a decent solution to a given problem; there are, however, some situations where the ethical and "correct" thing to do is not immediately obvious."
- (Paraphrased from Amberyl's Wizard Lecture)

The Wizard Code of Ethics

The Can'ts:

  1. Wizards will not disrespect the player's right to privacy.
  2. Wizards will not use the @summon or @move command to teleport a player without prior consent from the player.
  3. Wizards will not use the @join or @move command to teleport themselves in a room in where IC play is occurring.
  4. Wizards will not misuse the power to see private information, such as sites, or email addresses.
  5. Wizards will not 'port' or copy code that is not their own.
  6. Wizards will not modify or destroy descriptions, objects, verbs, and other miscellaneous $things that are not considered public property.
  7. Wizards will not allow regular players to have Wizard powers.

The Cans:

  1. With the most notable exception of #4 and #7, at any time, on behalf of multiple player complaints, will the above be circumvented to take corrective action against a player in gross violation of the player etiquette policy.
  2. Wizards have the right to remove or modify objects which may be considered illegal for IC play.

All of the above are subject to interpretation based on case-by-case predicaments. Obviously, in cases where players may be inadherent to the etiquette policy, wizards will carry out swift justice in accordance with the above code. As stated in the preamble, common sense prevails in our judgement of issue that arise in the course of this game's existence.

Request Handling

In an effort to expedite request processing, the Administration of this game has set up a ticket system by way of @request to be used when making a request for something your character cannot obtain or accomplish via IC means. This might include information, items, or physical changes to the MOO itself.

The ticket will automatically be created in your org's ticket queue. It is good general practice to always allow the administration to change the queue if a new one is required. However, if you know for sure that a request must go to another queue, such as a Starfleet Commanding Officer putting in a promotion request for his BDF crew persons, an Org Mailer may be used. (See below)

Always submit a ticket, even if you think your request is small. Do not page the administration unless your request is urgent, such as in the case of active abuse of the IC grid by a player. This prevents miscommunication and delays in fulfilling requests.

For more information on how to use this system, please see: Ticket System

Org Mailers

The following is the list of Org mailers to use if you wish to forward into a direct queue:

Organization Name and Alias of Mailer
Galaxy Alliance *galaxy-alliance.requests (*ga-r)
Starfleet *starfleet.requests (*sf-r)
Democratic Republic of Bajor *drb.requests (*drb-r)
Independents *independents.requests (*ind-r)
Cardassian Union *cardassian.requests (*cu-r)
Romulan Star Empire *rse.requests (*rse-r)

In addition, we have other request mailers for more specific needs:

Type Name and Alias of Mailer
Tinyplot Ideas and Requests *rp.tinyplot-submissions (*tp-ideas)
Foreground Events Workshop *admin.foreground-events-workshop.submissions (*fews)
Last Will and Testiments *admin.last-will-and-testiments (*wills)
Planetary Real Estate *century-25.real-estate (*real-estate)
Code Requests *code.requests (*code-r)

Requests should NEVER be directed to a specific Wizard or Royal, as the administration work as a team and may cover for one another if a problem can be handled in a more efficient and timely manner.

Requests for additions or changes to ships should be handled in an IC matter by contacting a character who would be able to answer those questions.

Bug notifications or problems with pieces of the game, including ships, PADDs, cargo consoles, etc. should be sent using @bug.

Static room and help file typos can be sent via @typo.

Ideas for improvements can be sent via @idea.

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