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The Occupational Character Class, or OCC, is the permanent job selection for your character over the course of its lifetime. A civilian lawyer might get "Academic". For military officers, that will often be jobs like "Starfleet Officer".

Each OCC grants the character certain hard coded skills that accompany the occupation. It also grants a specific number of skills, as appropriate for the occupation.

When selecting your OCC, please select one that best matches your character's concept in the biography. Do not choose an OCC simply because it has more skill slots, or grants more 'underworld' skills not already outlined in your biography. If you want Ms. Doe, Preschool teacher on DS9, to have Computer Cracking and Electronic Countermeasures, please make sure that the biography supports it before selecting an OCC or associated skills.


Occupations by Org

Galaxy Alliance

Total OCCs: 12


Total OCCs: 2

Democratic Republic of Bajor

Total OCCs: 15

Rihannsu Star Empire

Total OCCs: 3

Beeraxi Confederation

Total OCCs: 12


Total OCCs: 12

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