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Olivia Harlow Locke
Affiliation: Locke Security and Shipping
Title: Founder
Race: Betazoid
Age: 27 (October 13)
Gender: Female
Marital Status : Single

Olivia Harlow Locke is the founder of Locke Security and Shipping and a Director of Corporate Security with the Janet Laurels Galactic Living, Incorporated.


In recent days, Olivia has found herself moving up in the world, signing a contract with the Galactic Living Inc. She has been named Director of Corporate Security and her parents are happy that she is a little bit closer to home, while still keeping herself safe.

She has been working hard and is staring a side business of her own, thus Locke Security and Shipping was born and she invested in her own ship and is slowly building a small fleet and a crew.

Roleplay Hooks

  • Olivia is a pugilist. She has studied several forms of martial arts, boxing and wrestling. She has been in a few tournaments and have even won one or two. She doesn't like to brag so it likely won't come up in common conversation.
  • As a Betazoid, Olivia is a telepath and empath. She picks up emotions better than stray thoughts, and is very careful not to listen if she can manage it.
  • Olivia has started collecting weapons from different systems, and is always looking to acquire something new.
  • Most people like to show off their physical prowess by sparring, but Olivia generally doesn't enjoy hitting someone unless they deserve it.
  • Olivia is a bibliophile and has a large collection of books from different worlds back at home on Betazed.
  • Always looking for new experiences, Olivia rarely will say no to a new challenge.
  • Olivia is the owner of the Rising Phoenix, Errant Dreams, Judgement and Crowning Glory and travels frequently with her job.


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