On Christmas and Illy (RP Log)

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Roleplay Log
18 Mar 2014
Captain's Stateroom [Cabin 5F01] [USS Jean-Luc Picard NX-87200]
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The Captain's Stateroom has been modified and slightly expanded to serve as the mobile residence of an Admiral and her family or retinue. The quarters are composed of four main rooms, the first a large receiving area for staff or guests, with low, comfortable couches and lounges set about tables for informal dining or work. The artwork, which included statuary and paintings, is rather diverse, from all ages and cultures, though all seems to center around motifs of the natural world - with outliers that hint at the admiral's eclectic taste. Beyond this area is a smaller room for intimate dining - a small table set for four, often lit by a cluster of candles at the table's center. Off of this room is a genuine kitchen, a rarity on most modern starships. Connected to the main sitting area are two rooms, one on each side - a large master bedroom with a bed and a stunning window, and an office where the admiral can conduct her work in the privacy and comfort of her quarters. Other 'touches' give this room the feeling of a well-lived in home - PADDS, journals, and genuine books scattered about on every table, it seems, and in the many bookshelves, and holophotos of various people - and places - in frames on desks and upon the walls.

Seryl is sitting on her couch, dressed in comfortable civilian clothes. Her quarters are decorated with trees and lights - a stately fir decked in shimmering ornaments and pale white lights that twinkle like stars. There are boughs of greens that smell of pine and fir, and they are decked with strands of blue lights that twinkle like little newborn suns. "Senka," she says as she stands. She's less guarded but still expectant - for a question she can't answer, but is far warmer than before. "Please, come in."

"Moriah," he murmurs. He's still in uniform, having just come from his office. You may notice the absence of a certain energy weapon no longer on his person. One hand comes up, fingers parted in the Vulcan salute as he approaches you.

Seryl looks down to his hips as she returns the greeting and nods in approval. And that's all that is said. "I have some spiced cider, if you'd like? I wish we were back on Earth for the holidays, so I had them brought here instead," she says, waving her hands around at the decorations.

"Ah yes, the ritual of celebrating the birth of the Christos," Senka murmurs. Reaching for the cider, he pours himself a cup and raises an eyebrow at an empty, clearly an offer to do the same for you.

Seryl nods. She chuckles a bit as she sits back down. "My first husband was human. It's..it's a thing. But he was Anglican - not devout, but his faith was his own. I knew what Christmas was - I'd spend time on Earth before, but when we had kids, I wanted them to have both our cultures. And it was one of the few chances we'd all get to be together. So I always have loved it. I think Irvine is amused, but he knows it makes me happy, in an odd way."

Finishing the pouring of the cider, Senka gives a cup to you and sits across from you. "I am only familiar with this holiday from my reading. I have never seen it celebrated," he says.

Seryl chuckles. "There's a difference between some lights and a tree and the more religious aspects, but there was something about it." She smiles. "I could try and play a few carols on the harp?"

Senka nods. "That would be welcome. I anticipate your skillful playing, and in turn, while not festive, I have brought something that you expressed interest in."

Seryl looks up. "Oh? I can't wait to see it." She smiles as she goes into her room and brings out the harp. She tunes it masterfully and easily, then settles into her chair. She plays a song that may not even be familiar to him - a minor key, with both French and indigenous American influence - a song that reflects her late husband's place of birth. She finishes and looks up at him. "So, what did you think?"

"While I do not recognize the melody, I do recognize that it was played most skillfully," he says. "I could not have done so well even had I been familiar with it."

Seryl smiles. "It's called the Huron Carol. Something Kyle - my Kyle - grew up with. But this makes it sound so lovely. I still can't thank you enough," she says, patting the instrument tenderly. "So, what was it you had for me?"

Dipping his head in that Vulcan gesture of respect you're familiar with, he murmurs, "It is unnecessary." Reaching into his bag, "in any case," he goes on, "some months ago at Morn's, we began a conversation about Ael'Ihhuein T'Sahehn, and I offered to show you an old video log recording I made concerning her. you were highly interested in viewing it at the time and in discussing her."

Seryl smiles wistfully and with not a small amount of regret. "Oh Illy," she says, remembering when she had permission to use that nickname. "She is still one of the most amazing individuals I have known in 650 years."

Activating his padd, Senka tenders it to you a bit tentatively as though he's never allowed anyone to view it. "You may find my reflections prosaic. I was both newly commissioned and newly assigned to her vessel as the juniormost medical officer aboard."

Lieutenant Senka activates a PADD.
Lieutenant Senka hands Senka's PADD (on) to Seryl.

PADD: Personal Image Log
PADD: Entered on Stardate 97759.14
PADD: The screen displays:

Senka looks perfectly composed during this recording. He sits at the desk in his cabin, gazing steadily at the lense.

Senka says, "Personal Log, Supplimental.""

Senka says, "I have familiarized myself with approximately 81.62% of the Enterprise's layout. In doing so, I became acquainted with Chief Engineer Giellun. His demeanor was highly professional, though he lacks the affability of Commander Cross. He did not welcome my introduction, though how taxing his duties are in light of the fact that we are drydocked is a question for which I lack sufficient data to draw a conclusion.""

Senka says, "Nevertheless, he represents engineering, and as such, it seemed logical to make his acquaintance as I attempted to ascertain whether he could grant me the appropriate access to the medical replicator in sickbay. That he is Romulan is not unexpected, as I made it a priority to familiarize myself with those portions of Starfleet personnel dossiers that are generally available to serving members of a starship crew. I shall have to review my knowledge of Romulan anatomy and physiology, as the differences between Romulans and Vulcans are slight, but significant.""

Senka says, "This brings me to the subject of the commanding officer. Commodore T'Sahehn's public service jacket is impressive, but not unexpected. As a junior member of the ship's officer core, my direct interactions with her will likely be few. And yet, I am curious. Commander Cross described her, off the record, as an enigma. Whether she is deliberately enigmatic as part of her personal comportment, whether as a deliberate instantiation of her style as a commander, or whether Commander Cross, despite their years of service together, simply lacks the necessary resources of inference and logical deduction to comprehend her remains an open question. It may remain perpetually open, depending on how much interaction we have during our mission."

Senka says, "Curiosity and inquisitiveness are traits or states of mind or, depending upon whom one asks, emotions, to which Vulcans readily admit. Exploration and apprehension of the universe are generally considered logical and necessary, and as the inquisitive state of mind sparks exploration, it is seen as a necessary motivator vis-a-vis the acquisition of knowledge."

Senka says, "My curiosity regarding the person and personality of my commanding officer is not undue, as a commander frequently sets the tone for the ship. It could be argued that the gestalt of the crew takes its form in large part from the character and temprament of its commander. Therefore, a certain amount of curiosity about the commander as an unknown variable is expected. However, I find myself curious on a more personal, less psychoanalytical level. I have never served under the command of a Rihanha. When I was born and during my childhood, the notion that a Romulan would wish to and be able to command a starship such as this one was, I am sure, unthinkable in all but the most literal sense of that word. Now that the Romulan Empire is, once again, a separate entity from the galactic alliance, I wonder how the commodore views certain hypothetical possibilities, such as the possibility that she may be called upon to engage Enterprise in battle against Romulan forces. Being the psychologist that Commander Cross tells me she is, I do not doubt that she has come to terms with this possibility and others of a similar nature, and yet I wonder how her character conforms to those notions. I also wonder whether she harbors any personal resentment of the Vulcan people, as relations between our people have been strained for centuries. I do not expect, of course, that her behavior would be anything less than absolutely appropriate, but if she held no resentment towards my people, that can only be construed as positive. Perhaps I will have an opportunity to improve my grasp of the Rihansu language with her onboard. That is, of course, personal conjecture with no substantiation as yet, save for the fact that she is Romulan. Meanwhile, my self-imposed task of starship familiarization continues."

Seryl chuckles softly. "You certainly didn't spare any words," she says. “What I do recall of her is that she is a woman of extraordinary passion. Her..her Mnhei'sahe. It took so long for me to understand the term, and I could never do it justice. But I just hope we see her again one day."

"Mnhei'sahe," Senka murmurs, "is, as you doubtless know, loosly translated as honor. The translation is imprecise." He speaks with the fluidity and depth you would expect of someone who has made long study of the Romulan language and its concepts. "While many honor codes are rooted in altruism and sacrifice, Rihannsu Mnhei'sahe prises the individual ethos or at most, the family ethos. It is expected that a Rihan'ha will see to their own ends, and that if others in a situation also see to their own Mnhei'sahe, all participants in the interaction will gain." He quirks an eyebrow. "It makes predicting individuals' actions even with a knowledge of Mnhei'sahe quite difficult, and the results of Mnhei'sahe can be," a beat, "turbulant."

Seryl smiles softly. "That may be the dictionary entry, but she was never one to play by the rules, even when she was," she says. She blinks, and rubs at her eyes. "I'm so sorry, but today must have been a longer day than I thought. Thank you for showing me that. I just wish I could tell you something helpful."

Senka nods, standing. "Your high opinion of her causes me to wish, on one hand, that I had made a greater effort to get to know her while I had opportunity. That wish is balanced, logically, by the knowledge that I simply did not have the opportunity to do so. A paradox. Nonetheless, I thank you for seeing me. When I see you next, I will tell you of some things relevant to your treatment, Moriah."

Seryl nods. "I look forward to talking about that," she says. "And maybe the next time, I'll have a new carol for the harp," she says, standing and bowing her head. "Good night, Senka."

"Jolan Tru, Moriah," he replies. You may or may not recognize it as a Romulan greeting and parting expression.

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