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Roleplay Log
24 Feb 2014
Quarters B103 [Deep Space 9]
In layout these officers' quarters appear like those of any other quarters in this part of the Habitat Ring. Particularly noticeable are the floor to ceiling windows in the sitting room which offer a view of the stars rotating as the station turns on its axis. Several pieces have replaced the standard furnishings and color scheme, among them a handmade pair of Vulcan-designed side tables that sit on either end of a Betazoid-designed sectional sofa. you see a stone slab suitable for a single adult male of average height in one corner of the sitting room. Several paintings adorn the walls, the centerpiece being a masterful reproduction of Marc Chagall's Adam and Eve's Expulsion From Paradise. A cooking console and storage cabinets line one wall. Through the bedroom door, you see a standard-issue bed and clothing racks containing dress uniforms and civilian clothing. From what you can see, the bedroom is neat and fastidious. The air is somewhat redolent of Vulcan incense.

Door Chimes


The door leading to Out slides open.
Williams arrives from Habitat Ring - Section B1.
The door leading to Out slides closed.

Senka has been preparing tea in anticipation of your arrival. As you enter, he removes the kettle and sets it on a tray with various small snack items. Bringing the tray over to his sitting area, he moves a side table so it's accessible to you both and sets the tray down. "I prepared a Betazoid blend for us this time," he murmurs as he sets out two cups.

"Thank you," Emily can't remember the last time she was in his quarters and the setting, although familiar, brings her into an unsettled place. She sits, facing him, "Are you alright with a meld?"

Senka raises an eyebrow. Given the discomfort he's seen in your mind, he wasn't expecting you to ask for that. Nonetheless, he sets his cup down and silently extends his left hand towards your face.

Emily hesitates, "If you aren't its okay, it just may take longer to explain."

Senka murmurs, "I am perfectly willing to meld with you. Your request was merely unexpected." His fingers brush your temple, and the link establishes itself with ease. You sense that his mind is receptive, prepared to receive whatever you need to send.

Settling into the connection you can sense she's comfortable with the contact, perhaps you can tell she's even missed it, but there's an awareness and control that was never there before. Pulling images forward you see a few scenes set before you./shift/ Emily walking to class, her head is down and eyes focused on the padd in hand. Her emotions are jumpy and you can sense excitement, hope and nervousness as she returns a mail. It's her father. Her fingers hit the 'send' button and she looks up, narrowly avoiding a collision with a door. She smirk and shakes her head. /Shift/ Emily sits on a lawn, her books spread out as she's studying. Her padd beeps and her eyes scan the message. She lets out a nervous 'eep' and her hand covers her mouth. He wants to meet her and is coming to Earth for a meeting. Her response to the mail takes over an hour to write. Multiple drafts get thrown away as the wording just seems to never come. When she finally hits 'send' she falls back onto the grass and looks up at the sky. She's unaware of how to process whats going to happen next but she's excited. /Shift/ A beautiful open patio overlooking a bay. The restaurant is exquisite and Emily had taken days to find the right dress to wear. The black silk falls down under her knees and rests tastefully off her shoulders as it grips her figure in a complimentary yet not provocative way. Her hair is down, curled soft and moves as she walks. Entering, she is infor med that her table is waiting with her guest. She moves through the crowded place, heading towards the large open doors that open to the patio. She halts. Resting at the door she surveys the tables and then a cold fear grips her stomach. She sees him. He's the perfect image of a Vulcan, poised and patient. She has his eyes and chin (and skin color and body design). Emily's feet feel like cement and she scans the crowd, attempting not to stare. He looks up, looks her over catching her gaze momentarily before averting his eyes. He doesn't look her way again. He doesn't beckon for her or motion for her to join him. He doesn't do anything. Emily backs away from the door, running out of the restaurant. / Shift/ Emily crying and her padd beeping. It's a message from him, he asked if she had been delayed or had issues coming. She doesn't respond. /Shift/ Returning to DS9, sitting in the Spa and Senka enters. She can't even look at him, as all she sees is another Vulcan she's continually disappointed. On her padd is a letter to her father, unfinished./Shift/ Sitting in Morn's her padd alerts her to another mail. She stares at it. Her father is coming to DS9.

You sense Senka's emotions along with his responses. He's thrilled, joyful, that you had the courage to contact your father. He understands your nervous ... indeed, you sense that in recent months, he has become better able to understand emotions even if he chooses not to express them. He watches the scene at the restaurant, and he is puzzled. Did your father not recognize your physical appearance? He supposes this to be possible. At the message of Sutok's impending arrival, he thinks it even more likely that Sutok either didn't recongize you, or chose to let you leave the restaurant and relocate your meeting to more familiar, to you at least, surroundings. You sense Senka's desire to help. if you want him there, he would be honored. If you want him to help prepare you beforehand and let you go it alone, he will. He thinks you may prefer, and your father certainly will prefer, to meet with you one on one.

Emily isn't sure how to respond. She doesn't know how to take what occurred and what is occuring. You can sense her confusion and hours of thinking about the restaurant. Was it as simple as him not wanting to assume that she was his daughter. Or was he let down at her appearance? Anger, hot and vibrant, can be felt. Her emotions betray her and she pulls them back, "I'm sorry." She says into the meld. You can sense, without hesitation, that she didn't want the meld for your sympathy or your aid but more for your advice.

Emily isn't sure how to respond. She doesn't know how to take what occurred and what is occuring. You can sense her confusion and hours of thinking about the restaurant. Was it as simple as him not wanting to assume that she was his daughter. Or was he let down at her appearance? Anger, hot and vibrant, can be felt. Her emotions betray her and she pulls them back, "I'm sorry." She says into the meld. You can sense, without hesitation, that she didn't want the meld for your sympathy or your aid but more for your advice, "I don't think anything can prepare me for what is ahead. Not even your company as much as I'd want you near. I just had to share it with someone and I don't have any friends who I can."

You sense Senka's complete and unqualified acceptance of everything he's seen. At your request for his logical advice, it comes. "If we were lacking a context for the restaurant scene, I would be unable to tell you with any certainty what his motivations were. The fact that he contacted you subsequently is revealing. I still cannot say, not having been there or spoken with him, what his motivations were at the time. Nevertheless, if he has messaged you and intends to come here. Logically, it suggests that he has made a final decision to treat with you as family." Senka thinks this is a good outcome.

"Logically," Emily repeats. There's a moment of quiet. A shuffling of emotions, like books on a shelf. The awareness of what she's projecting is there, an almost visible barrier prohibiting anything unnecessary from coming forward and all you sense is her gratitude for your time, "I'll let you know the outcome."

Senka sees the barrier. He could break it, but that would be a violation. Out of respect for you, he allows you to retain your mental privacy. He adds something else. "If your father wished you vre'kasht," 'outcast,' the translation comes, "then he would not come here. He will have his own adjustments to make, or else not depending on how closely he has monitored the events of your life. There is no ceremony or ritual which you must prepare for. Simply meet with him and answer his inquiries openly, and ask your own questions. He is a Vulcan. He has no ego to bruise."

Emily pulls back from the meld, her comm beeping. Opening the channel she raises her brow.

Williams says, "Williams here"
Williams says, "Hey Shintu, " She notes the noise, "Are you coming or going?"
Williams says, "When you get back I owe you that dinner. Be safe."
Williams says, "I'll think about it. I promise I will. "

"Sorry..." Emily delves back into her time on Earth and pulls forward a conversation. She'd gone to visit her adoptive mother on earth, the house where she grew up was large and the interior was decorated professionally. The air smelled sweet from baking and as welcoming as it could be, there was nothing but dread in her stomach. /"I see you haven't found a man yet, perhaps you should try being more desirable." Her mother whispered in the kitchen, "Have you ever thought of a new hair cut? Perhaps a new attitude?"/ "So you finally sucked it up and joined Starfleet. Pity you're almost too old to be trained well and useful," Her father said during dinner,"Oh well, at least I can tell my friends one thing you've done right."/ Emily pulls it back and tucks it away, "I've already disappointed one family. I can't even imagine how I'm going to fit into a Vulcan one."

Senka takes in that worry. You sense both reassurance and logic. "There is an expression amongst Vulcans, a statement of Surak's. "I rejoice in our differences. Vulcans are not all of a piece, and some value certain of Surak's teachings above others. However, your father's actions suggest that he is prepared to accept and value the differences between you. I would, to phrase this in emotional terms, not worry about fitting into a Vulcan family today. It is sufficient that he is coming and that you will meet with him. Focus only upon that for now."

Emily pulls back from the meld, allowing Senka to disconnect as he wishes, "Thank you." She says verbally and in a quiet whisper.

Senka slowly dissolves the meld. You sense that it was pleasing to meld with you again, and you sense his hope that what he's communicated was and will be helpful.

"You're always helpful," Emily says in a playful tone, "That's why I keep you around."

Senka nods, steepling his fingers.

"Steepling..." She mumbles.

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