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Roleplay Log
26 Mar 2014

[Commplant] Transferring...
Viewscreen: ** Transfer successful. Signal standing by.
Viewscreen activates and displays Captain's Ready Room [USS Excalibur NCC-90003].

The screen displays:
Captain's Ready Room [USS Excalibur NCC-90003]
The captain's ready room is an administrative office complete with a desk and a replicator where the occupant may request food items as well as other things. There's a wall-to-ceiling viewport located just aft of the desk. Behind the desk is a comfortable chair, while in front are two for visitors.
You see Desktop Terminal, Viewscreen, and Gift Box here.
Captain Kainon and Crewman Recruit Williams are here.

Sitting in his office in full uniform, Senka looks from Admiral Astor-Cross to the incoming communique. "Deep Space9, Lieutenant Senka."

Viewscreen: Kainon looks up at the viewer and squints slightly. "Well hell. I didn't realize it was going to be a big ole party, Senka." He points at Aly in the screen, "Had I known you were going to be there, Aly, I'd have sent you something. Like a cat, or a barrette or a bottle of green whiskey."

Astor-Cross looks at the screen and smiles, pushing her own glasses up to the top of her head, "Don't want a cat, don't need a barrette but the green whiskey... when can I expect that?" She then says, "It is good to see you Essa."

Viewscreen: Emily watches the conversation and quietly keeps herself off to the side.

One hand raised in a Vulcan salute, Senka speaks, expression impassive and intonation neutral. "Captain Kainon. It is most agreeable to see you again sir." Aly and Emily to one degree or another would understand that "most agreeable" from Senka has the equivalent emotional force of, "so damned good to see you." He's missed the guy, darn it. Aly would catch a brief image of Senka and Kainon in Serapis's sickbay and see Senka remembering words, 'and for what you did I call you a friend now." Senka's eyes shift to the Vulcanoid crewman, and for a moment, both women would sense him making a split-second decision on mode of address. "T'Lila," he speaks to her. "You are well?"

Viewscreen: Kainon points over at Williams. "Well, Senka. I've just received a new shipmate. From what the Recruit is telling me, you've set up a meeting, of sorts. Is there a set in stone date for this to happen?" He peeks back at Astor and grins, "How about next time I'm in the neighborhood? I know the best place to get some." Upon hearing Senka speaking, he starts to wonder and glances over at Williams. "I'm assuming that T'Lila is your Vulcan name then, Recruit?"

Viewscreen: Emily slowly nods her head, "Yes Sir."Then in response to Senka's comment she offers him a small smile, "I'm surviving. Can you water my plants?"

Astor-Cross smiles at Kainon and nods, "You have a date. Hopefully I'll be here. Adam and I are planning a trip." She sits quietly waiting for Senka and Williams while they talk.

As Senka regards the two on the viewscrreen, he chooses to speak to Emily first. "T'Lila, my mother was the xeno-botanist. I am merely a linguist and doctor." Aly and Emily would sense him suppressing a smile. He is on screen, after all. "Nonetheless I will relocate your botanical specemins to my quarters and undertake their care." Aly would sense the amusement and deepest affection that underlie the promise. He's also considering which database files he'll need to rade in order to find care instructions for her plantlife. "In addition," he continues to her, "you will be fine. You are serving under a commanding officer known both for unorthodox methodology and unquestioning loyalty." There's absolutely no hint of flattery in the Vulcan's mind. He could be talking about Kainon's uniform preferences or the man's personality and be ready to back up both kinds of statement. To Kainon he says, "To what meeting are you refering specifically, Captain?"

Viewscreen: Kainon tips his head toward Williams. "This business of the Recruit meeting her father? This is the first I've heard of it and I have to consider when we'll be back in order to arrange leave and/or liberty." The man gives a little bit of a grin (being zero percent Vulcan or Betazoid means he doesn't need to be mind-tapped all the time). "The doctor has learned the fine art of bullshitting, Recruit. Take nothing he says about me seriously. Except the unorthodox part."

Viewscreen: Emily smirks, "I am well aware of what he thinks of you and I know exactly why, I wouldn't hesitate to agree with him however having met you I might."Emily looks to Senka, unsure of how he would feel regarding the random public conversation about her father. Inwardly she winces.

Senka steeples his fingers before him. "Captain," business first. "It is true that her father is due to arrive on DS9 in 8.112 days. However, that meeting was arranged before her transfer ... became an issue. I can dispatch a subspace message to him and postpone the meeting if need be, Sir." Emily would sense no discomfort on Senka's part at the topic of Sutok, only his desire to help. He finishes to Kainon, "I understand if Excalibur needs to leave the system before that time." A beat, "And sir," he adds, "regarding, what was the term, bullshitting, I believe? I do not see the relevance of steer manure to this conversation. Nonetheless I can cite examples concerning what I said." This delivery is deadpan. Astor-Cross stands up and pours herself a cup of coffee. She takes a drink, grimaces and pours it out, making a cup of tea instead. She then sits down again and listens.

Viewscreen: "Either you're still bullshitting or your attempts at humor are getting better, Senka." It's hard to tell if Kainon is pleased or frustrated, but either way, it's plain to see he's amused. "We'll have to see what comes of our routes, but let me know how long you can hold it off, if possible, and I'll see what I can do on this end, Doctor." He points at Astor, "Aly. You're either going to have to keep teaching him or..." the man boggles at the sight of coffee being dumped, "The holy hell are you doing?!?! Of all the things, Admiral."

Viewscreen: Emily covers her mouth lightly, stilling the laughter that wished to bubble up at her new CO's outburst. She noted his fondness for coffee and made a mental note. He was an odd one, that was for sure but she could handle odd. Looking up she catches Senkas gaze and smiles. Her hand falls away from her mouth but not before her fingers lightly brush her lips in a typical Vulcan gesture.

At Aly's coffee dumping, Aly and Emily would both sense Senka's doctor's concern. he knows what it's about, but chooses to let Aly say whatever she chooses about it as it's really her business. Apropos of coffee though, Senka catches Emily's gesture and raises his own fingers in a brief return gesture. "One piece of advice, T'Lila," he murmurs. "Do not frustrate the captain when he has coffee in hand. The results can be ... fascinating." Senka is highly amused as he says this, raising an eyebrow at Kainon.

Astor-Cross looks at Kainon and says, "I'm sorry Essa. I'm ...." She looks at Senka and then back at her best friend, "I'm sick and coffee just doesn't taste right to me right now." She smiles and says, "Senka and I are working on finding a cure right now. I'll be fine and matching you cup for cup soon."

Viewscreen: Kainon narrows one eye while looking at Aly. "Hmm. Ya know, you're worse at bullshitting than your present company. We're going to have to talk, it seems." He gives a glance between Senka and Williams and then looks at his coffee. "Just don't mess with my coffee, and you'll survive your first cruise, Recruit. Other than all that, if there is no other business to discuss, I'm going to get back to my paperwork and such. We have quasars and Cardassians at which to stare."

Viewscreen: Emily offers a quiet wave to Senka knowing the screen will soon be dark. As she's the lowest ranking person, Emily refrains from saying anything else.

"Captain," Senka says quickly before the connection closes. "At some point before you leave the system, I would like to request permission to come aboard. Apart from T'Lila, there are several Excalibur officers I would like to see before you leave system including Commander Kame and yourself." Astor-Cross looks at Kainon and smirks, "I still need to inspect your infirmary too. Let me know when you are back in system Essa."

Viewscreen: Kainon gives a sideways grin. "Yes, you do. I'll let them know. Or not, and make it a surprise. I love surprises." He looks over to Senka, "Let me know what comes of your communication. I'll get to work on it here, Doctor." With a studying glance at Williams, the Bajoran asks, "Is there anything else, Recruit? If not, you may dismiss."

Viewscreen: "Nothing else,"Emily says with a smile.

Viewscreen: Kainon narrows his gaze, "Nothing else..."

Senka raises an eyebrow.

Viewscreen: "Nope,"Emily returns her CO's gaze, "Nothing."

Viewscreen: "Nothing else..." Kainon is clearly waiting on something.

Astor-Cross quirks a brow and waits as well.

Senka steeples his fingers and waits.

Viewscreen: "No?"She hesitates, "Am I missing something"

Viewscreen: Kainon quickly rises to his feet and points. "It's 'nothing else, SIR!' Now carry on and get the hell out... of... my... ready room!"

Senka's amusement is obvious to the telepaths.

Viewscreen: Emily laughs, "Riiight you have a thing for that,"She nods, "Alright, Sir." She waves again to Senka before bowing to Kainon, "Uhh do I have quarters...first...sir?"

Viewscreen: Captain Kainon touches the nearest computer panel and attempts to access the crew manifest.

Senka closes the channel at the sight of another admiral on his camera

Viewscreen blinks and Captain's Ready Room [USS Excalibur NCC-90003] disappears.

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