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The Orions, from a planet in the Rigel system, are for the most part Human-like beings. The dominant species of Orions have skin color ranging from ruggy, golden orange to the skin tones of Terran Caucasians. Some very Human-like females, however, are born with green skin. Said to be less intelligent of the dominant Orions (though this may be more lack of educational opportunity than from genetics) they behave in a semi-animalistic fashion. They usually have long, sharp claws and a greater physical dexterity than the dominant Orions. Green-skinned Orion females are held in semi-slavery by Orion males. They are extremely seductive, and legend holds that human males cannot resist them. Transport of Slave women beyond the neutral Orion planets is prohibited and, of course, slavery is outlawed at all levels in the Alliance. Few Starfleet personnel have really ever seen an Orion slave female, although Orion pirates and freebooters are sometimes encountered by Alliance vessels


The Orion Colonies are allegedly neutral toward the Alliance in external matters. They tend to encourage privateers (pirates), however, on an informal and unofficial basis, and Orion pirates and smugglers are sometimes encountered.

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