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Yared Otha
Rank: 2410 SF E-1.png
Crewman Recruit
Title: Security Crewman
Race: Trill
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Starfleet (Border Patrol)

Yared Otha is an Enlisted Crewman serving on the Starfleet Vessel USS Equinox (NCC-73020) under command of Lieutenant Commander Zye La'Vash.

Roleplay Hooks

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Life Events

Yared Otha has never set foot on the Trill homeworld. He never had aspirations of joining the Initiate program. He was too busy trying to survive to even consider that ambition. He was born in 2407 on an Alliance colony called New Vancouver on a planet close to the Tzenkethi border. They had fertile land and a strong community, but they were far from the assistance of the Alliance. They had to learn to be self-sufficient. Everyone had to do what needed to be done without complaint. His mother was an agro-botanist and a leader in the community, though young Yared never showed any aptitude for science and had no aspirations to become a scientist. He was always more of a physical child. His father had left the colony long before. His father had been joined with Yared was just a baby. The resulting personality change ended his parents' marriage and led to his mother speaking ill of Joining. As a result, being Joined was never on his radar. He never became an initiate or had aspirations to be one. In fact, he had very little contact with other Trill outside his family.

As soon as he was old enough, Yared signed on to work on one of the few small cargo ships the colony had at their disposal. Their location was too dangerous and too remote to be profitable for independent cargo runners and the Alliance runs were few and far between. As the ships were small, not particularly well-armed, traveled dangerous territory and often carried valuable cargo, they were a ripe target to bold Tzenkethi, opportunistic Ferengi and pirates in general. Yared ended up in hand-to-hand combat against a boarding party on his third run. The colonists discovered that a general dampening field on their ship that prevented weapons from firing made it far easier to defend against boarding parties. Every crewmember learned how to be capable hand-to-hand fighters.

This difficult life continued until Yared was twenty three. The colony had been losing people for years, and eventually, they had too few people to work the land properly. They abandoned New Vancouver. His mother moved to Alpha Centauri with the last remaining cluster of colonists. She could adjust easily to life in more civilized space, but Yared had never known anything but the hard-scrabble life.

He spent six months offloading cargo at a nearby space station. He got talking to an Andorian cargo captain named Esomes Sh'tevin, who offered him a job aboard her ship, the Dahano. She had just picked up a contract to run cargo to colonies close to the Tzenkethi border and had use of someone who knew the area. She was ex-Starfleet herself, though she would never reveal why she resigned her commission.

Although the ship was much more well-armed and faster, and they didn't get borded or attakcked nearly as much, it was continuing in very much the same vein he had been in previously. He was mentored by the crew and learned basic starship operation. He also learned discipline. Captain Sh'tevin ran a tight ship, though she never lost sight of the fact that her crew were not soldiers.

Yared was relatively happy in his role on Sh'tevin's ship. He made friends with the crew, he was useful, and they managed to do fairly well on their runs. All in all, he spent five years on the Dahano. One day, the Dahano was as hit by an ion storm. Only eight of the 17 crew members survived. Captain Sh'tevin was killed, and the Dahano was beyond repair. At first, the remaining crewmembers talked about signing aboard another ship, but one by one everyone went their separate ways. Yared was left alone again and unsure of his future.

His father had heard about the destruction of his son's ship through his mother. Father and son hadn't seen each other in nearly 16 years by the time they met on a central space station. They talked for a long time. Yared didn't know what he should do with his life. His father suggested Starfleet. Although he was now a civilian scientist, two of his previous hosts had been in Starfleet, one an officer, one enlisted.

Yared was dubious at first that it would be right for him. But, the limited five year term meant that he didn't have to do it for the rest of his life if it didn't suit. So he signed up for basic training. After he completed basic and other needed job skills, he was assigned the rank of Crewman Recruit in security. It was the lowest possible rung in Starfleet, but it was still a step above running cargo on the border.

Service Record

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