Out for the Count: Part One (RP Log)

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Roleplay Log
08 Mar 2014
Gym [Deep Space 9]
Various strength and cardiovascular-building machines line the walls in this compartment. A simple mat lies in the middle while a door towards the back leads to an all-purpose court, good for raquetball or squash.

Giellun arrives from Promenade - Section B.

Pryus-Talbot is jumping rope, she's not wating the cardigan is tossed aside with her duffel bag. She keeps low to the ground but she isn't moving at a fast pace, just enough to keep a gentle bounce.

Giellun walks in, then leans back against the frame of the door as he closes, his gaze seeking out Pryus, looking her up and down as she works out, remaining silently for the moment and just watches.

Pryus-Talbot watches Giellun in the large studio mirror, "Enjoying the view?" She manages as she continues to skip.

Giellun glances over at said mirror, then back to the woman, smirking slightly. "You have no idea how much."

Pryus-Talbot shakes her head and slows to a stop, "Got kit?" She asks turning to face him and dropping the bag beside her bag. She picks up a hand wrap and begins to bind her hands in a criss-cross fashion before wrapping it to fasten around her wrist, she moves on to her other hand.

Giellun tilts his head slightly. "Ie, what what do you need?" He speaks while keeping his gaze locked on her every move, not wanting to take his eyes off her.

Pryus-Talbot finishes fastening the second wrap as she glances up at him, "Depends, you can just use pads or you can glove up." She states with a raise of her brows, her body was subtly transforming with the training she had been subjecting herself to.

Giellun grins and steps forward. "hmm, well, thats possible, why don't you set me up then, hmmm?" He tilts his head slightly, smirking. "Tell me, what shall we wager on the outcome of this little match?"

Pryus-Talbot shakes her head, "Last time I ended up being relieved of duty ... I don't think that's such a good idea." She smirks a little but it's hinted with sadness.

Giellun shakes his head slightly. "This time, you wouldn't have anything to worry about, as its totally different between who and what I am, as to who and what Cross was."

"What do you want to wager? And what's the score?" She asks reluctantly.

Giellun shrugs slightly, giving her a wink. "You realize, that now I could pretty much say anything?" He shrugs. "What would you want to wager?"

Pryus-Talbot lifts her head a little as she thinks of the least scandalous thing that comes to mind, "Round of drinks, best of 3." She states before she puts her gloves on pulling on the fastenings with her teeth before tapping them together.

Giellun shrugs, wrapping his own hands, and pulling on his gloves, shaking his head slightly. "Be more adventurous than that."

Pryus-Talbot shrugs in return, "I am all out of adventure right now." She admits as she steps forward and taps her gloves against his.

Giellun tilts his head slightly, tapping her gloves with his. "Its a shame, as I dare say, I think we'd both find what we needed."

"I'm in enough trouble as it is Giel, I don't need any more." Kailyn replies stepping back and stepping lightly, her arms stay up and elbows in.

Giellun nods, slightly, his hands coming up, arms locked and elbows in. "Ie, true, but in this case, there would be no trouble."

Pryus-Talbot raises her brows making sure to stay out of range before starting with a jab-jab-cross, she skips in and out of range with each strike. Her gloves stay up between each move.

Giellun uses his left hand, coming across himself to black the jabs, then pressing out to try and catch the cross while his right comes u, slipping under for a bodyshot. "Its true."

Pryus-Talbot's body shifts, her skipping has been keeping her light on her feet. Her elbows keep down to block the body shot, with her arm. "Let's not go there ... right now. I've got enough to deal with than your exploration." She says continuing with a triple jab.

Giellun slips both hands up, catching the jabs, then starting out with a right hand of his own, only to switch out at the last second, his left hand coming up to quickly make a punch. "Who says, that exploration is all I want?"

Pryus-Talbot is hit and it takes her a moment to come to terms with it, "It's my anniversary in a couple of days, have a little heart." She replies as she shakes herself off and goes back to her light bounce, she had been practicing alone and she was sure to lose but it wasn't going to stop her from trying her best. "Best of three?" She confirms before cross-cross-jab-right hook. She starts to circle to his left.

Giellun circles right, his hands moving quickly knicking the punching away, before feiting a punch with his right, and dropping low with his left at the same time, then his right comes up with an uppercut at the same time he swings with the other. "I'm not suggewsting anything fast, but you know what I mean, and of corse I have heart."

Pryus-Talbot moving fast she leans back but struggles to keep her footing, stumbling slightly. His glove grazes her chest but not a direct hit, quickly she moves back into her stance. Cross-cross-jab-cross.

Giellun takes one jab and shrugs it off, his hands moving quickly blocking, before releasing a quick combo, two jabs, two uppercuts, followed by a cross.

Pryus-Talbot blocks the two jabs and a single uppercut, she's taken back by the second but falls away from the cross. She was getting annoyed and angry, "There hasn't even been a memorial ... I doubt there will be.

Giellun takes an opportunity to step in when you falter, quickly closing the space and throwing more punches, not letting up on the pressure. "Ie, while I do understand your pain, I doubt there will be either, there's just not enough people willing to look past what happened for one to be allowed."

Pryus-Talbot falls back into the floor on her arms rather than her hands. She growls "I know!" Kailyb pushes herself up she'd lost count now. He had won but it didn't matter, she takes stance again and composes herself.

Giellun steps back, then looks thoughtful. "That beeing the case." He tilts his head slightly. "There isn't nothing that says you, with help, can't still honor your past loved one, even if its a more private affair."

Pryus-Talbot wets her lips before unleashing a torrent of crosses and jabs mixed with hooks. All of her training counts for nothing if she's not practicing with another. She was tired and angry that was apparent, she couldn't speak.

Giellun takes a few but manages to block enough to step in close, releasing a flurry of hard bodyshots, a slight smirk on his face. "If you want to step it up to the next level, I"ll be glad to." ITs apparent now, he's putt8ing more power behind the punches.

Pryus-Talbot falls back and winces, she stays down. It's clears she's had enough and she was no where near ready. Her gloves cover her face and she doesn't move only labouring heavily.

Giellun lowers his hands, and looks down at her, shaking his head slightly. "I told you once before, that I would help you, all you had to do was ask." He looks a bit sad, disappointed. "I wish you would have, and you, beeing what you are, know I am speaking the truth, if you ever get the courage to ask for help, you will get it."

"I don't know what to do, I'm going to be ripped to shreds. I shouldn't have returned to duty and I can't stay here." Kailyn admits her gloves still covering her face as she tries to find the energy to get up off the floor, the exhaustion is both physical and emotional.

Giellun shakes his head. "You'll rebuild, you'll find your path, You may not be Starfleet anymore, but that isn't the end all to life, I'm sure, there are other things you can do and make something of yourself once more."

Pryus-Talbot moves her hands away from her face and sighs, "I don't know what to do anymore."

Giellun tilts his head, as he pulls the gloves and wraps from his hands, tossing them to the side. "Think about it, about it all." He steps back. "also, consider the offer I made you then, and made you again now, and for the love of all the elements, stop destroying yourself."

Pryus-Talbot's eyes close a moment as she uses her teeth to unfasten her gloves, she wasn't intentionally trying to destroy herself but he hurt to hear it. "I've been following orders for so long, I don't know what to do when I've got time."

Giellun leans down, pulling her to her feet. "Then start by casting all that asside, go take a vacation and find yourself, become your own person, not what these people want you to be."

Pryus-Talbot is unwillingly heaved to her feet and falls close to him, "I can't leave the station until the investigation is over ... it's not even started." She answers quietly having caught her breath again. "I will go back to Betazed, I know I need to leave."

Giellun holds her gently against him, rubbing her back softly. "Ie, time away would do you good, take time to find yourself again, and if you need me, all you have to do is get in contact with me."

Pryus-Talbot nods gently and rests her head on his chest a moment, "Want to get a drink?" She asks after a moment.

Giellun brushes his fingers through her hair lightly, tilting his head up, remaining silent for a few moments. "ie, a drink would be alright."

"Coffee?" Kailyn asks taking a step back before collecting her stuff together and stuffing her cardigan in her bag. She slips it over her shoulder and keeps her wraps on.

Giellun nods. "Ie, coffee will be good, I haven't had my morning coffee yet."

Pryus-Talbot smiles faintly as she heads out and into the coffee house.

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