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Pathfinder Class
Class Overview
Name: Pathfinder-class
Multimission Light Cruiser
Builders: Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards
Operators: Alliance Starfleet
Preceded By: Intrepid-class
Succeeded By: Lirpa-class
In Commission: 107047.15
Planned: 5
Constructed: 3
Active: 2
General Characteristics
Type: Light Cruiser
Dimensions: Length: 344.0m
Width: 133.0m
Height: 66.0m
Mass: 931,000mt
Propulsion: Hybrid Generator
Fusion Generators
Speed: Sublight: 0.75c
Cruise: 9.9975w
Emergency: 9.99975w
Range: Unlimited distance; 30 years
Complement: Officers: 32
Enlisted: 125
Total: 157
Armament: 6 VR-Phaser Banks
4 VR-Phaser Cannons
3 Torpedo Launchers
Armor: Ablative
Auxiliary Craft: 7 (max)

The Pathfinder-class is a design of Multimission Light Cruisers in service with Starfleet in the 25th Century based on the outdated Intrepid-class. As part of the Ministry of Defense's ongoing Fleet Revitalization Program, this design originated as "Project Pathfinder" within the Advanced Starship Design Bureau (ASDB). Project Pathfinder's goal was to improve upon the Intrepid-class design of the late 24th century.


Design and Construction

In 2426, Pathfinder's initial test spaceframe construction began after the project plan was approved by Starfleet. Six months later, the spaceframe underwent a series of sublight flight tests at the San Francisco Fleet Yards. By mid-2427, with the successful completion of those flight tests, the prototype spaceframe was recycled and a production-ready frame was constructed in 2428 with all internal systems installed in early 2429. Pathfinder herself was launched from Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards in May 2429, with its Pre-Commissioning Unit (PCU) formed at Spacedock to assume command once the FTL spaceflight tests completed. The PCU formally took command in November 2429 and initiated shakedown.


  • Deck 1: Main Bridge, Ready Room, Conference Lounge
  • Deck 2: Lounge, Wardroom, XO's Office, Crew Quarters, Science Lab
  • Deck 5: Deflector, Security, Sickbay, Transporters, Astrometrics, Quarters
  • Deck 8: Yacht Access, Shuttlebay, Holodecks, Gymnasium
  • Deck 11: Engineering, Environmental Control, Computer Core, Aft Lounge


Service History

Ships Commissioned

Vessels of this class are named for all missions or spacecraft launched to explore the planet Mars:


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