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Roleplay Log
8 Jan 2014

Door chimes

You knock with '"Enter," comes the voice on the other side.'.

The door leading to Out slides open.
Shintu arrives from Central Core - Administration Level.
The door leading to Out slides closed.

Ava stands from her desk, giving a warm smile in the direction of the door and the person newly entering. "Counselor Ava Kiona," she introduces herself. "How can I help you?"

The doors to Ava's doors slide apart, opening to allow passage for the Terran standing outside the office. As he steps through the door, they close behind him. The older Terran leans on the cane slightly as he nods "Shintu Onimusha. Lieutenant Senka was suppose to have setup some kind of appointment with the stations shrink for me." He says in quiet tone, eyes locked on her.

Ava gives a pleasant nod towards Shintu. "Welcome to my office," she comments, and motions towards the variety of seating. There's a few chairs in front of her desk, as well as a comfortable couch to lay upon. "Please, take a seat. Would you like anything to drink? Water? Tea?"

A slow hmm escapes Shintu's lips as he nods just slightly "Tea, sweeten please." He says lightly as he walks over to one of the chairs, turning it just ever so slightly which causes a squeeking noise. "Did he.. give you the information, Mrs. Ava?" He inquires as he looks at the chair before deciding to settle down into it. He looks up at Ava, leaning just ever so slightly on the cane.

Ava replicates a sweetened tea, with a little extra sweetener on the side, if required, and sets the tea before him. She, herself, has a water already. "I have some information. May I have a moment to look it over?" she inquires, settling into her seat as she pokes about her desktop terminal to pull up the file.

IC Date: Sun Oct 15 04:17:06 2423 Alliance Standard Time
Stardate: 100787.58
Subject: Psych Eval

Major Ava,

You have, hopefully, read the report I submitted about Shintu Onimusha. I would like an evaluation of his mental condition before he is released from the infirmary.

I will let you know when he is awake.

Lieutenant-Command Kame Alhe

IC Date: Sun Oct 15 03:47:18 2423 Alliance Standard Time
Stardate: 100787.53
Subject: Shintu Medical Report

On approximately Stardate 100783.21 I was hailed by the SS Raoul Wallenberg NGP-64653 and spoke with Minister Riis Iante of the galaxy Alliance Ministry of State. He stated that they were enroute to DS9 with a medical emergency. Their staff was not equipped to handle the extensiveness of the man's injuries. I informed him that my staff and I would be waiting in the infirmary for transport of the patient. I called Lieutenant Senka of StarFleet to meet me there to wait. We recieved a chart from the Chief Medical officer of the Raoul Wallenberg stating the injuries of the patient. All the injuries were confined to his chest, arms and head and included many broken and fractured bones, bruises, cuts and contusions. There was also about half a dozen different chemical drugs common to Cardassia present in his blood stream, along with signs of sleep deprivation.

Once the patient, identified as Shintu Onimusha, was beamed into the infirmary Lieutenant Senka and I proceeded to restrain and sedate him. We proceeded to work on his injuries, starting with the more serious. The patient will remain sedated for twenty four hours and monitered closely. We wanted to give the chemicals time to leave his system without damaging him more. We will proceed to bring him out of the sedation slowly and will determine how long he needs to remain in the infirmary at that time.

Lieutenant-Commander Kame Alhe, Ph. D, M.D.
Bajoran Defense Force Navy
Chief Medical Officer, DeepSpace 9

The Terran quietly looks at the drink, then towards Ava. It seems as if he is mulling over a few things before nodding "That's fine." He says quietly as he settles the cane on the floor next to the chair and picks up the tea and sips it slightly.

Ava reads through the information quickly, coming back to speed on the situation she had previously worked through. "How are you feeling, Mister Shintu?" she asks, still glancing over a few details.

"Aching." He says after allowing a minute or so of silence. A sigh escapes Shintu's lips slightly before he leans back a little in the seat "I haven't done my check up, however I appear to be healing well." He adds before glancing down to the tea again.

"You should keep up with those," Ava replies, her tone not scolding, but simply matter of factly. "You went through quite the ordeal." She finishes up looking it over. "Other than that, are you feeling okay?"

"Honestly." The Terran says lightly as he looks at Ava. His eyes actually glance at her rank "Major" He says, continuing to speak "I am a old retired Starfleet officer. I'm not some young fresh kid from the Acadamy, some newbie who does not know how to handle himself." His tone is deadpan, almost matter-o-fact. "I've been through my ordeals. I've dealt with my fair share of shit and hell holes. Some prick ass Spoonheads think they are going to break my spirit but kidnapping me and torturing me." He says in a rather harsh, bitter tone. His eyes after speaking her rank are never on her, rather looking at the glass. Anger is present, even with him trying to remain emotionless.

"I'm not saying you can't handle yourself, Mister Shintu," Ava replies quite calmly. "But even the toughest of soldiers have nightmares over times in war and other forms of personal demons from what they experience in the field. This does not invalidate your training, but it simply makes you human." She looks him in the eyes, hoping the gaze invites him to look up at her instead of the glass. "You may not agree with me on that point, but emotions are part of who we are, and that shouldn't be discarded."

The Terran grits his teeth slightly before sighing. He lifts the drink to his lips and takes one long drawn sip as she talks. Finally, after she speaks he looks up "Nightmares? Like an entire lineage of family silenced by the Borg?" He snaps "Or knowing the last of your family dies when a starbase blows the fuck up during the Freedom wars?" He adds sharply. He leans back, shaking his head "Those Spoonheads attempted to rob me of the last true thing I have - my freedom, my spirit." He states in a spite tone, filled with dispassion and anger "Want know what emotion I was feeling the entire time they beat and tortured me?!" He says, grabbing the cane and stands, setting the glass on the table "Hatred, anger and want to kill them all." He says in hatred, turning sharply to walk towards the door.

Ava stands from her seat, cutting her voice in quickly before Shintu leaves. "If it's any consolation, my people would understand the Cardassians on almost the same level you do right now. I do not discredit what you went through. In fact, I validate it." There is a brief pause before she adds, "I am here to talk if you need. That's what I'm here for. That's what I will always be here for. And while I may not have experienced it personally, I understand."

The Terran rests his weight on the cane fully, coming to a halt. She can't see it, but his eyes are closed as he tries to collect himself. As she talks, the tension in his shoulders relaxes fully before he speaks "I know." He says in a calm, more cool and collected tone. "I know that the brief flicker of time I spent in that detainment is nothing compared to what Bajor went through." He turns now to look at her "Sorry for blowing up."

"Apology accepted. But know... that Bajor's experience doesn't invalidate yours. It was real, so very real, and it hurt," Ava says, looking him in the eye one more. "And there may be many parts of your experience you'll never forget. But I'm here to help you work through it, and that's what I want to do. But I need your help to do that. Are you okay with that?"

"No promises, Major." Shintu says softly, more in control now. He hmms glancing down slightly before looking up "I've been distance to Inara late. I'm afraid that I may do something that'd I'd regret." He says quickly "We did go to a wedding.." He mutters.

"Going out can help," Ava gives a nod. She takes a brief pause, motioning towards the seats once more. "Please, take a seat if you'd like to stay a while. The rest would do you good." She already begins taking a seat herself, assuming a nonconfrontational stance. "How was the wedding?" she asks, trying to ease into the subject.

Shintu looks to the seat, then to Ava "It was The Talbot's wedding. It was perfect.. Hell, Inara was.. stunning." A smile crosses his face before sighing "How about I make a better appointment? I really need to get back to the Shokai."

The Bajoran woman stands once more. "If you need to go, I understand. Just know that I'm here. Next time you're in port, we can schedule something up, alright?" Ava inquires, giving him a faint smile.

Nodding, Shintu once more heads for the door, stopping briefly to say "Thank-you.. For everything." He says with a smile before stepping out.

"Anytime," Ava replies, staying behind her desk as she allows him to leave.

The door leading to Out slides open.
Shintu leaves for Central Core - Administration Level.
The door leading to Out slides closed.

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