Pirate Activities on the Rise

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Qo'noS - Sources have confirmed the disappearance of three freighters in the last twenty hours while enroute to the Klingon homeworld. All three supertankers are part of Qo'noS-based, SWIFT Transit Corporation. SWIFT Transit confirms this morning that the SS Merasail, SS Texaia, and SS Aentwon left Fo'char Fuel Station six days ago in a convoy, but failed to appear at wa'maH Trade Station at the expected arrival time. None of the ships are responding to hails and search vessels from as far away as Risa have been called to scour the trade route for any clues of three vessels' fates.

The missing crew are feared victims of the continuing uptick in pirate activity across the Galaxy Alliance. In the last month alone reports estimate over fifty attacks including the destruction of the Biltmore Drydocks last week. Pirate activity has been heavy along known trade routes and many smaller freight companies have stopped service to outlying areas altogether.

One GA freighter captain, wishing to remain anonymous for fear of his own safety, complained about the lack of security, "Starfleet can't protect everyone, especially with the current economy-- they got their own problems. What I don't understand is that they also won't let us arm our ships or install cloaking devices. The pirates have weapons and cloaking devices. We're pretty much sitting targets out there."

(Stardate: 79375.38 - Fri May 18 00:21:12 2401 Alliance Standard Time)

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