Pirate Attack Against GA Shipbuilder

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RISA - Janet Laurel's Galactic Living suffered a major attack moments ago when a known pirate vessel open fired on the company's main ship-building facility known as "The Biltmore".

Eye witness accounts say that the CCV Grendel decloaked and fired multiple torpedoes and VR-weaponry shots at the undefended Drydock Biltmore. The drydock exploded, completely destroying at least one vessel that was apparently being worked on. Collateral damage to the hull of nearby Milan Station is also visible but no formal statement has been released from the station or its owner, Janet Laurels.

Little information is known about the CCV Grendel. Starfleet sources at the time of this story report that a warrant was issued almost four years ago for pirate activity near Bajor. (Stardate: 79311.36 - Tue Apr 24 15:36:00 2401 Alliance Standard Time)

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