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Roleplay Log
20 November 2016
Conference Room [USS Equinox NCC-73020]
<< Yellow Alert >>
Sitting along the port side of deck one is the ship's conference room, which curves slightly along the forward section of the command module. Placed in the center of the room is a teardrop-shaped conference table around which three chairs are seated on either side, and at its apex, a single chair for the individual leading the meeting. The port bulkhead has three panels of large, rectangular windows that show an impressive view of space, while the forward and aft bulkheads boast large computer terminals that can display information or be configured as a viewscreen.
The lights are dimmed, indicating that the ship is running cloaked.

The Captain stands off to the side, tapping on her PADD as she gets ready for a presentation. The doctor, however, sits at the table, tapping her fingers on the table in a rhythmic beat. When the door opens she gives Jev a brief hello wave and goes back to humming to herself.

Jev enters and slaps his hands together with a loud clap, then rubs them, "Alright! lets get ready to conference!" he plops himself in a chair at the table and haphazardly tosses his PADD onto the table with a thud.

"I ..think we're missing a few people, but are you excited? You get to install hardware on a floating rock to spy on the enemy." Saisha wiggles her fingers and grins, trying to make a spooky sound, but instead sounding like a toy ghost in need of a battery.

"Yas." says Jev, turning on his device, "Installing hardware on dangerous terrain is my faaavvvvvvorittteee."

"My first mission was doing something like that, I had no clue what I was doing, and it turns out the asteroid we were on at the time was full of radiation." Saisha stares off for a second, a tilted grin on her face. "Can't say that it wasn't an experience, even if sometimes it was hit or miss."

"I'll have the new guy do it." Jev jokes.

"He seems nice." Saisha comments, shrugging a shoulder. "Do try to be nice to him, he's very ...protocol oriented, it seems."

Jev says, "Well, he hasnt made his way down to check in yet."

Saisha crosses her legs, swinging one back and forth idly. "Maybe he's afraid of you." She says, glancing over at Jev, while attempting not to grin.

qulchuH arrives from Deck 1 - Command Module.

Jev peers playfully over at Saisha, "You think the word's gotten out about me?"

Saisha eyes Jev for a moment and then snorts. "If it has, it wasn't me who did it." She says, pulling an innocent look, complete with fluttering lashes.

Jev hmmms at Saisha and nods suspiciously. He leans back and stretches his arms out over his head and bends his back over the chair, throwing his head back. He sees the Klingon ensign behind him, upside down, and grins, "What do you want Ensign?"

"Glory in battle, sir", qul chuH replies without missing a beat. "Sir", he says to La'Vash, "May I be of assistance in this meeting?"

"I suspect so, Ensign," La'Vash says without looking up from her PADD. "Please sit down. We will begin momentarily."

"Qupla!" Jev shouts LOUDLY. "Plenty of glory in battle on this boat. we have like a gagillion combat service ribbons. I don't know where to put them all."

qulchuH eyes the chairs, still not fully used to the comforts some species require. But these look more functional than the sofas in the observation lounge at least. He sits, rather stiffly. "You make light of your successes, sir? Honor in battle is no frivolous thing. It should be sung about, and stories told. I look forward to sharing in battle with you all so songs will be written about us."

Jev looks over to La'Vash, "Well - I have written a couple songs about us. Would you like me to sing them?"

"By all means," La'Vash replies absently, long leathery fingers still tapping at her PADD.

Jev nods and clears his throat, then bellows out a melody that sounds exactly what you imagine his singing voice would sound like, "I shot the conduit...but I didn't shoot the computer core - no no no....They put an evil device on our ship....They want to kill us all...But I was having none of it....So I told Valor to shoot the wall....."

La'Vash sets her PADD down on the table and nods to herself. Speaking up nearly as loud as her airy voice will allow so as to cut Jev's musical rendition short she says, "Thank you, Lieutenant. I believe I will wait until the release of the album to enjoy the rest."

Jev nods.

Shaking his head, qul chuH comments, "I do not know that song. Your voice however would be good at Klingon opera, lots of vibrato."

Jev smiles, "Thanks Ensign! Some have criticized my voice for being too trill, but I'm always happy to have a fan."

La'Vash looks around the table at the others present as she settles herself into her chair at the head of the table. She presses a key and the viewscreen blinks to life, showing the image of an asteroid floating in space. In the background of the image can be seen various other rocks floating around as well. "This it is our target," she explains. "For those of you who may not be aware of our mission, we will be designing, constructing, and deploying an automated sensor relay system on this asteroid to give us a constantly streaming view of enemy movements in the Stebben system, and hopefully beyond into the Tzenkethi system as well."

Viewscreen blinks and displays a close-up view of Asteroid 164T4.

"That asteroid reminds me of an old girlfriend of mine," Jev comments offhandedly as he takes some notes.

Saisha glances at Jev and opens her mouth to ask a question but decides she would rather not know.

"Rough around the edges?" qul chuH asks of Jev. "Sir", he says to La'Vash, "I can assist in developing the communications array. However, if we do not want the system found, disguising the signal may be the hardest part."

"Depending on how powerful the signal is. There is some radiation on that rock, won't that help mask the signal a bit?" Saisha asks, her head tilted slightly to the side.

Not responding to Jev's peculiar comment, La'Vash instead addresses qul chuH. "That it is one of the reasons this particular asteroid was chosen," she says with a vague gesture toward the screen and a nod to Adrinon. "There are multiple natural properties on this rock which they will assist in masking the energy signatures from our relay. As Doctor Adrinon has indicated, there is a certain level of radioactivity. There is also a strong magnetic field, a high concentration of certain metals, and a great number of underground caves or caverns in which we can set up our power supply."

"Big and cold..." Jev replies to qulchuH, then he nods to Saisha as if to answer the question she didn't ask, then to the Captain, "What range will this relay need?"

qulchuH nods his head slowly and continues to listen to the details.

"I'm pretty excited to see if this will work." Saisha muses, leaning back in her chair. "Not knowing who is moving where was giving me a bit of a fright, to be honest, I want to be on the side that has the information for once."

La'Vash nods to Adrinon in agreement. "That it will be the trick, Lieutenant," the Selay says to Jev. "The same properties which we plan to use to mask the presence of the array from the Dominion they are going to make it somewhat difficult to get a clear signal. We will have to calculate the balance between pushing enough power through the array to get as much range as possible out of the equipment, but not so much that the power signature it becomes detectable by the enemy."

qulchuH asks, "How much range do we need, sir? Once I have that information, and the specifics on the radiation and other factors, I can begin calculating out if the needed range is practical."

Jev nods, "Okay, so 'figure it out', basically. Will do!" he makes some notations on his PADD and looks back up.

Saisha folds her hands in her lap and gazes around. "I'm not good with the math part, but if you need help with the item itself, I do have some knowledge with computers and the like."

La'Vash does some calculations. "The distance from here to the Stebben system it is just under 180 thousand clicks," she says. "We need at least that much, which shouldn't be very difficult to accomplish. However, if we can manage a distance of at least 706 thousand clicks, we will be able to watch the Tzenkethi home system as well. this it is our ideal goal."

"Sensor range will depend on power available." qul chuH says, "But, the system will need to broadcast what it detects, it is that signal that will be harder to camouflage, depending on how far it needs to go. Or, is the surveillance system only going to record?"

"If it broadcasts on a secure subspace frequency band it will not be a problem in terms of detection." Jev interjects, "The subatomic particles emitted by the sensors are the bigger issue to confront, as well as the power supply."

qulchuH stands from the conference table. "I will begin the calculations, sir. If you will excuse me."

La'Vash nods to qul. "Thank you, Ensign. You may go."

qulchuH leaves for Deck 1 - Command Module.

La'Vash leans forward. "the relay it will have to transmit as well," she says. "But I had a thought about that." She pauses for a moment before continuing. "There was talk in the beginning of deploying a cloaked relay. This idea it was rejected for two reasons. First, if we use a conventional cloaking device, it would be useless since the Dominion they have already demonstrated that they are able to see through those. And second, if we use a phased cloak and something goes wrong, we could be handing that technology over to the enemy. However, there is a related bit of technology which has been in use for decades which could be of service in this instance."

"I really dont think possible detection is an issue," Jev posits. "It's a small relay on a giant space rock. they'd have to specifically be looking for it."

"Are we sure that we don't have someone giving them information? We've had some issues with them knowing more than they should in the past." Saisha asks, frowning.

"Quite so," La'Vash agrees with Jev. "However, when we arrived in this area to look for a suitable asteroid, we witnessed an enemy vessel running active scans on the asteroid field. We waited for her to finish whatever she was doing and move on before we moved in for our own investigation. With the close proximity to the Stebben system, it is quite likely that the Dominion they consider this field to be a potential security concern, and therefore periodically take a close look at it." To Adrinon she adds, "There is always a chance that they have an informant within our ranks. This doesn't diminish our need to keep an eye on the enemy movements. On the contrary, it increases that need."

Jev says, "It's not me...."

R'sta arrives from Deck 1 - Command Module.

La'Vash is sitting in the chair at the head of the table, Adrinon and Jev in other chairs at the table as well. The Selay looks over as the door opens. "Welcome, Commander," she says to R'sta.

R'sta takes a seat at an auxiliary monitor and pulls out a padd. "I assume this will be about the sensor device?"

La'Vash gives a slight nod. "It is," she confirms, one hand gesturing to the image of the asteroid on the viewscreen. "We were just discussing the possible difficulties which we may expect to encounter."

R'sta says, "I can shed some light into that. The very properties that will hide it will also work to impede it. It will have to be modified with that in mind and even then, we may expect to only have visual scans of the target area."

R'sta says, "This isn't including the fact that planting it carries a risk of detection."

"Anything we are able to gain it is an improvement over what we now possess," La'Vash replies. "Are you able to address with Doctor Adrinon the types of radiation we can expect to find on the surface? We will have to work in that irradiated environment, after all."

"We did get stores of Hyronalin, so we should be good working in radiation. We'll just have to be careful like before." Saisha says, offering all at the table a bright smile. "Thankfully we've experience in this."

R'sta says, "Indeed. According to the regional scans, we've found pockets of beta, gamma and hyperonic radiation. The first two we can counter, the third on the other hand will render transporters inoperable unless you like watching test canisters return from transporter tests as half-melted blobs."

R'sta says, "Additionally, the former two radiation types have created an ionizing effect within the deeper parts of the field. It gets thicker the closer to the center you look."

"We will have to exercise a great deal of caution with our transports then," La'Vash says. "Do you have other concerns, Commander?" she asks the science officer.

R'sta nods. "Aye, I do. To date, we've never had to take a phase cloaked ship into such an environment. I can't predict what it will do to the phase cloak. Technically we're not in the same phase as the rest of the world around us, but in case things start going fruit-shaped, I would advise against trying to fly through any solid bodies."

La'Vash acknowledges this with a nod. "Noted," she says simply. "Anything else?"

Saisha looks back and forth at her crewmates and then shakes her head, electing not to say anything further.

Black arrives from Deck 1 - Command Module.

Saisha is in the process of getting to her feet, reaching for the cup that she brought with her into the conference room. She pauses as the door opens and offers Midshipman Black a kind smile and a nod as he walks in. "Evening."

It seems that it has just changed to his own shift. Derek steps into the conference room, and then comes to attention after a moment, while he notices all of them there. It looks like he missed the Chief of Engineering however, and there is a thoughtful frown on his face at this fact.

La'Vash is also getting to her feet. "Thank you all," she is saying to the gathered officers. She turns toward the sound of the door and nods and adds, "For those who have not yet met him, this is our new engineering Cadet, Midshipman First Class Derek Black."

Saisha leans against the table and after a moment she arches an eyebrow and gazes at Black. "So, how much do you know about asteroids?" She asks, an almost impish tone to her voice.

Derek seems to ponder a moment, then states, "They are relatively small rocky bodies orbiting the sun. They can range from large sizes to dust particles, and some have eccentric orbits, sometimes called minor planets or planetoids. They don't have the characteristics of active comets usually, remnants believed to have never made it as a full planet, planetismal remnants as they are, but sometimes they are believed to be shattered remnants of catastrophic events to astral bodies, they can be great indicators of a nebula's formative facts," he mentions. He then takes a deep breath, and exhales, "Sir."

"I mean Saisha," Derek corrects.

"In this case," La'Vash says with yet another gesture toward the rock currently being displayed on the viewscreen. "Commander R'sta informs me that this particular field it is the result of the crumbling of a planet which long ago escaped the gravity well of the Stebben star."

Saisha glances at La'Vash, an eyebrow quirked slightly before she turns to aim a bright smile at Derek. She leans back against the table and listens as La'Vash gives the Midshipman a brief rundown of their mission.

Vallar arrives from Deck 1 - Command Module.

"I took... More classes than I had to back at Academy," Derek tells Saisha after a moment, while he coughs a bit into his fist. He then turns his attention towards La'Vash, "... That is fascinating, Captain," he states, though a question trails a bit afterwards in his tone, inquisitive in nature, polite and respectful in administration, waiting for more information perhaps.

La'Vash continues. "We will be using one of these asteroids to deploy an automated listening post, that we may keep watch over Dominion occupied territory and give ourselves some advanced warning of their movements."

"Unfortunately the asteroid has some harmful radiation, so we'll have to figure out how to work around that at times. Or use it, if we can." Saisha says, grinning slightly. "We had a run in with a similar asteroid before, but this one seems smaller."

"...External or internal, Captain?" Derek asks after a moment. He then folds his hands behind his back to remain at attention, "Radiation makes observation difficult," he murmurs to himself, "But also gathers some interest to people at times." He shakes his head, then he dips a nod, "What kind of radiation, if I might be so bold to ask, Captain, Saisha?" He seems to be intent on addressing Saisha as Saisha. And there is some sign he keeps forcing himself to remember that. His excitement knows no bounds however when it comes to science.

Lieutenant Alden Vallar steps into the conference room, his presence announced by the hissing of the pocket door sliding from view to reveal the Tactical Officer. In his left hand is a PADD, which he holds fidgeting with it as he taps it on his thigh as he enters. The Betazoid looks unhappy as his black eyes scan the room, offering everyone a polite nod. "Captain. I'm interupting, it seems..." he says, pausing as he stops the PADD from tapping as he holds it up to his view briefly. "We have problems."

R'sta says, "Beta, gamma, and hyperonic are the most prolific in there. The astral body is presumed to have had moderate to high concentrations of radiative minerals such as plutonium or uranium to account for the gamma radiation."

About to reply to the Cadet's question, La'Vash instead turns her attention to Vallar as he enters. "What is the problem?" she asks, apparently unbothered by being interrupted in this case.

Saisha takes a seat at a table and focuses her attention on Alden, her fingers idly tapping on the surface in front of her.

Derek's attentive stance seems to come back to a normal one, as he turns his attention to Vallar. He doesn't address him or speak, seeing that this might be important.

"Someone's been tampering with our computer systems again. In multiple ways." Vallar says, walking toward La'Vash as he sets his PADD down on the table before the standing Selay. "My standard security locks have the Computer Core locked to Gamma Access level, to ensure only authorized personnel have access. It's presently set to Delta Access level. Furthermore, I have consoles which have been logged in with no record of the logged in user -" Vallar says, frowning. "I haven't determined, yet, if it's a deleted record or a security routine bypass. Either way, it's concerning." he offers.

Saisha purses her lips with concern before she speaks up. "Have we tried to get any biosignature information from the consoles that were opened?"

"C--," Derek seems about to speak, but then he remembers who he is and where he is, flushes, and then fiddles about with his collar, and adjusts his Midshipman pips, while he taps one foot about in nervous energy. He looks over at the viewscreen, then back to Vallar, then the others with some concern.

La'Vash stiffens and seems to get slightly taller as she listens to the news. She studies Vallar's PADD while Adrinon places her question and Vallar presumibly replies.

"Not yet. I'm not about to launch a blind investigation without telling people what's going on, incase I end up narc'd out with a hypospray for getting to close to the truth and no-one has any idea what I was doing." Vallar says, frowning. "So, Captain, I'm officially informing you that I'm about to launch a thorough inquiry. Which, unfortunately, is going to start with the computer core." he says, turning toward Lieutenat Commander R'sta. "I understand you're busy, sir, but I may end up locking down that specific science lab until we can isolate the purpose of these..." a pause, "Edits." the Betazoid says, pausing for a moment before he makes an internalized verbal comment, "And why the access level is being set to something you'd have to be at least a crew member for..."

R'sta lowers both ears in reaction to the prospect of not having the science labs, or one of them. "I can't just move everyone to the secondary lab on short notice, especially in the middle of this particular operation." Ugh, the frustration. "This problem has some interesting timing. Either its trying to stall us or just annoy us, or both."

Saisha looks a bit aggrieved but doesn't speak up about it. She simply powers on her PADD and starts making notes.

"Or... There is a spy amongst us," Derek states all of the sudden, with a small nod of his head. This must be it. Did... He come from Starfleet Academy? Ok, he notices R'sta, and watches her, then he makes a squeaking sound, just now noticing she is a Caitian, then he turns to Vallar, and blinks, "Uh, I said nothing, sirs." He states, then coughs. Protocol? What protocol!

"Until this matter it is resolved, Commander," La'Vash says to R'sta. "Our project it is on hold. We have yet to receive final authorization from Starfleet Command anyway." She turns to Vallar then. "Lieutenant, you have the full resources of the ship at your disposal. Figure out what's happening and let's get this corrected. I'm tired of having our computers compromised every time we leave port. Consider Doctor Adrinon's suggestion regarding bioscans of the affected consoles. I will issue orders to all hands to provide their full cooperation."

"Unfortunate, but ... Agreed, sir." Vallar says, nodding as he picks his PADD back up from in front of the Captain's position, tapping on it. "I have a security team securing the listed console on rotation, to prevent further direct tampering. Science or Medical, who'd have the preferred specialized equipment to conduct these bioscans to assertain who's utilized the console?" he says. The Betazoid's black eyes glance over toward Midshipman (First Class) Derek Black, regarding him briefly while he awaits an answer from the gathered ladies. "A spy, an infultrator, or perhaps a computer virus. All are possibilities, Midshipman."

"A computer virus is a form of inflitration if it can cause a vessel such as this to change access, sir," Derek mentions, while he nods a bit. Though, he allows the man to speak to the others, while he seems to look out of place, and sidles over to hide behind R'sta.

"We did a similar scan with a slightly altered medical tricorder during a ...theft investigation on Deep Space Nine. The modifications won't take much time, but Science might have something better." Saisha says, lowering her eyes as she nibbles on her lower lip.

"Only if the intention of the virus was to cause such behavior for the purpose of outside access, Midshipman." Vallar explains, "If it's an arbitrary side effect of another protocol and not it's intended function, it may not be infultration in nature. I intend to make this detemination in fact, and not conjecture." he says. He looks over at the Doctor, nodding. "Right. The one with the... Wild girl. Curious, are Jem'Hadar individually distinguishable via biosignatures, or are they too identical to differentiate one from another?"

La'Vash holds her comments while she allows her officers to confer.

"They're different, but it takes knowledge to be able to tell the differences, they're quite subtle." Saisha says, frowning slightly. "Do you think we still have a passenger from...I mean, they can't stay stealthed forever and..I.." Her voice trails off as she taps something on her PADD and reads i t.

R'sta scoots away from the midshipman. One of the things you don't want to do is hide behind an agitated woman that's visibly older than you and has claws.

"Lieutenant Commander, do you have any input from the perspective of the Sciences Department before I devote resources to a Medical Exploration of our issue?" Vallar inquires, glancing over. Incidentally enough, he isn't put off by the agitation, or the claws. "If not, then the next issue of address is the Computer Core Access. I'm going to need to confer with some experts, because I don't think I have the background needed to fully explore the needed technical aspects to isolate exactly what happened, how to prevent it, and who did it."

If such is the case, he has few people he can hide behind, for all are older women and seem to be agitated. Derek finds his way over to... A chair, and stands behind it, hiding like. One-third of him. "Is... There anyway I can help as well?" he asks, all of the sudden, then he shrinks back.

R'sta picks up her padd again and starts to stand. "I cannot say. While medical is a science of its own right, it isn't an area I or my staff dive into beyond regulation standard paramedics. You'd want to talk to xenobiologists on the matter. I might have a pair somewhere in the crowd. And until this is out of the way, all I and my staff can do is sit around and twiddle our collective thumbs. Maybe work on Kaltoh."

"Lieutenant Commander - trust me when I say I'm going to attempt to expedite this matter as hastely as possible, there is no need for the Passive Aggressive Attitude. We're all on the same team, and this is a threat to all our lives." Vallar addresses R'Sta, before turning toward the Midshipman. "That is up to Lieutenant Jev." Vallar says. "Chain of command. I'm not going to give you direct instructions - I'll give what I need from engineering to him and he'll pass them down or enlist your assistance." Vallar says.

R'sta gets out of her seat and heads to the door. "I'll inform the xenobiologists in case you need them. In the meantime I have to poll the science staff on how many of them know a thing or two about computer cryptography and programming." The door opens, she steps into the hall.

"... I know cryptography and programming, but I'm not Science," Derek mentions, after he sees that R'sta has left. For now, however, he settles back on a seat and relaxes, rubbing his face. He will get his run-down by Engineering eventually.

Saisha gets to her feet, picking up her medical tricorder. She gives Alden a brief glance and a smile and nods. "I'm going to go to my office. You can let me know if you want my help or not." She turns to the door and begins to walk out.

"It's as good a start as any. Worse that happens, we utilize it for other ways." Vallar says, offering Saisha a smile. "Meanwhile - I'll be trying to find out who edited the door lock level to the Computer Core. Meanwhile, I'll station a couple of patrols at the core as well to - hopefully - curtail further tampering with the core directly."

"Mhm.." Saisha says, nodding as she walks toward the door. "Try to attempt to make it to dinner tonight, Alden." She says, offering everyone else a wave as she walks through the door.

Adrinon leaves for Deck 1 - Command Module.

Jev bursts into the room and proudly announces, "Well! The intruder is not Mr. Cromwell!"

Derek looks to Jev, and comes to attention.

Jev peers at the new cadet, "Are you an intruder?" he raises an eyebrow in suspicion and studies the Terran's face for microexpressions.

"Not an intruder, Lieutenant," La'Vash unnecessarily corrects. "Your new engineering Cadet."

Vallar looks at Jev, and then turns toward Black, and back toward Jev. The Betazoid then asks Jev, "What do you mean, Intruder?"

"I am not an intruder, but I do think there's an intruder," Derek states after a moment. He looks to Vallar, then to Jev.

Jev sighs, "Captain - please. I know what I'm doing..." as he continues to observe the speech and mannerisms of the Cadet. He unsquints his eyes, "Ok. I believe you.." He looks to Vallar, "There's an intruder?"

"I seem to recall, about ten seconds ago, you burst in here exclaiming that 'The intruder is not Mr. Cormwell.'" Vallar says, folding his arms as he looks over Jev with a frown. "I want to know what you're talking about, Lieutenant." The Betazoid is not his normal, amused self.

"I... Need to get my orders from you, as well, Lieutenant," Derek tells Jev after a moment, then he coughs and looks down, then up. "When we're not dealing with this, thing." He frowns in thought, and looks at himself, after having been apparently thought of as a possible intruder. He seems downcast.

"Oh! Well I saw Mr. Cromwell doing very not intruder like things." Jev explains. His PADD buzzes. He reads the PADD, looks to Vallar and narrows his eyes, "According to this, Alden is doing a security sweep as we speak. So the REAL Vallar would know exactly what I'm talking about." He takes a step back and looks to the Captain, motioning to the alleged fake Vallar, "Sir...He is the intruder!"

La'Vash finishes writing and posting some orders, nodding absently to Jev. "Then I leave you to it, Lieutenant," she says to the engineer. "Mister Vallar, keep me informed of your progress. The crew they have their orders."

Derek looks to Vallar, then back to Jev, then to Vallar, "... I can't argue with that logic," he murmurs to himself.

La'Vash only stares for a long moment at Lieutenant Jev. After a bit, she turns to Vallar and says to him as she moves for the exit, "Good luck, Lieutenant... Truly." the door hisses closed behind her as she disappears into the corridor.

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