Protests on Bajor

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The footage begins with shots that - judging by their excellent quality and high angles - have been captured by security cameras. The pictures show a very busy spaceport with dozens of ships landed and several landings and launches taking place simultaneously. A helpful caption informs the viewer that the spaceport shown is Bajor Spaceport. The cameras soon focus on a sleek, almost Y-shaped ship settling down on one of the landing pads.

"Anti-Tzenkethi protests have been going on for weeks on Bajor now, just like they have on Beerax and other planets," the narrator informs the viewer. "Estimates from Bajoran security forces put the steadily growing number of protestors in the hundreds. With the Chancellor silent regarding his decision on the treatment of the Tzenkethi and the impenetrable security provided to him by Starfleet, these protestors do not shy away from directing their wrath against anything and anyone they see associated with Chancellor Trent L'vralus. The Minister of Commerce and Transportation, Tor Landi, found himself faced with angry rioters as he landed on Bajor Spaceport with the SS El-Auria, the ship that has been used by Chancellor L'vralus when he was serving as Governor of Beerax IX and that is now being used by several government officials."

Just as the hatch opens and a Bajoran man begins to descend the hatch steps, the footage cuts to barriers that are being overrun by a mob, pushing aside the small spaceport security force that had been trying to keep them in check. A large group of the rioters is heading towards the Y-shaped ship. As the cameras zoom in on the Bajoran Minister of Commerce and Transportation as he is greeting a female Trill. The next few shots are shaky and have obviously been recorded with portable cameras carried by reporters who were among the protestors to catch some action shots as it unfolded. These cameras also provide the audio, allowing the viewer to hear what the protestors are shouting.

One of the rioters tosses a silver canister in the general direction of the Minister and his ship, and a shout of "The Chancellor is meeting with MURDERS! We don't ally with BUTCHERS!" can be heard. The expression on the Minister's face shows that he is just as overwhelmed by the hostility as the Trill woman he had just been chatting with. Just as he is trying to talk to some of the protestors, reinforcements arrive and deal with the small crowd of protestors using a generous amount of physical violence. A few of the protesters are eventually hauled off by security officers and a few others make a run for it. The few that are left band together around a man holding up what most definitely appears to be an explosive device of some kind. "Stay back!" he shouts in Bajoran. He and the small group that are left move toward the SS El-Auria, which is where the GA Minister and the Trill were previously located.

The Minister and his Trill friend are separated by the chaos that follows as people try to gain as much distance from the armed man as possible. The Trill woman who had just been trying to aid an injured protestor is scooped up effortlessly by an interesting individual wearing formal clothing and carried off to safety. The last few shots show the armed Bajoran boarding the SS El-Auria and closing its hatch.

"I really thought that man was going to blow up the SS El-Auria and kill us all in the chain reaction that would undoubtedly have followed," a physically unharmed but visibly shaken Tor Landi is shown saying. "I would like to thank Captain Walters and her crew by literally defusing the situation by transporting the attacker off the ship, arresting him and rendering the device he was carrying with him inert." He shakes his head, "Of all the places in this galaxy, I figured Bajor would be the last one having people attack me because I happen to work for Chancellor L'vralus. These people, they don't even care about my stance on the Chancellor's decision."

The attractive Trill woman who had been greeting the Minister can be seen, a caption identifying her as Lady Sasha Catriani. "Lieutenant Elric realised that I was about to get crushed and literally picked me up and ran with me. His stamina was truly remarkable...not to mention his assessment of the situation... I genuinely cannot thank him enough for his actions." she admits.

The report closes with a footage of a Trill Starfleet Lieutenant and a small group of security officers as they begin to search the El-Auria to make sure it hasn't been compromised by the armed Bajoran who had highjacked it. A voice off-camera informs the viewer that twenty people have been hurt in the incident and that the Bajoran highjacker is currently held in the brig of a Starfleet vessel. Additional reports of violence on Bajor are still being reported daily.

(Stardate: 79036.62 - Sun Jan 14 08:52:24 2401 Alliance Standard Time)

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