Protests outside of Rihannsu Embassy on DS9

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Date: Tue Jul 19 20:43:05 2011
IC Date: Sat Dec 20 20:18:30 2408
Stardate: 85970.43

DEEP SPACE NINE (INW) - The Romulan Star Empire's Embassy on Deep Space Nine has taken on some controversy as allegations of unequal treatment between Vulcans and Romulans within the Empire. A Romulan Imperial citizen, by the name of Deletham tr'Aieme, spoke against the Empire's practices today on INW's Page 6, stating that the empire runs deep with inequality. We found Deletham tr'Aieme today, in the center of a protest outside of the Romulan Star Empire Embassy. He was joined with his vulcan fiance and numerous other Vulcans of every citizenship.

Deletham tr'Aieme and his fiance, have been trying to raise awareness to Vulcan inequality since Praetor tr'Hlaveen returned to power. We spoke to tr'Aieme who expressed, "We had high hopes when tr'Hlaveen returned, his words made us feel like we were one vulcanoid race together, but we find no change from the days of tr'Aegis. Still vulcans cannot practice religion unless it is to the elements, they can never dream of holding rank past Arrain (Lieutenant), have a hfihar of their own or even have representation in the Senate. The Vulcans of ch'Rihan are clearly an tolerated lower caste, only afforded enough rights for the Empire to look good to the Alliance to draw more Vulcan workers."

After repeated attempts, we were finally able to get in touch with the hru'Kiith Khakh'sahe t'Llaehnn and member of Romulan High Command for comment, "Our veins boiled with anger the day our brethren's home was lost to them. We knew mnhei'sahe demanded we unify once again. In the time we spent away from our vulcan kin, we changed into drastically different peoples. Unification of such different peoples takes time and sacrifice such that mistakes are not made and passions are not risen to anger. I believe I can speak for the Praetor when I say, full unification is what the Empire strives for. The elements have blessed this path to unification, but the path is long and difficult."

The hru'Kiith left no further comment about the nature of the protestor's demands, but assured us that the matter was being taken deeply to heart. We do not know how long this sit in will last, or how long until some one caves. INW will be right here to keep you updated on the situation as it unfolds.

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