Protests renewed on Beerax IX

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Beerax IX(INW) - After a short lull, protests have returned to Beerax with renewed ferocity. The protests have intensified outside of the Governor's Office in Beeraxi as the former leader of the protests, the Beeraxi Exchequer Bolek, was found murdered in one of the planet's expansive agricultural fields. Additionally, protests are raging in the southern hemisphere's Eden Province after protesters were forcibly beamed off Kingdom of Eden Station.

Sources in the Planetary Security Office close to the investigation of the Exchequer's death by the have indicated that Starfleet-grade weaponry was used to kill him. The announcement of his death has motivated over 100 protesters to amass in the capital of Beeraxi, demanding both a recall of the sitting Governor and the expelling of Starfleet from the system.

The protests in the southern provinces seem to have sparked from the forced beaming of visitors from Kingdom of Eden station. Last month, explosions rocked Eden's Promenade when the protesters began to riot. After being removed to Beerax, they have regrouped just outside the Ambrosia Incorporated-owned province to continue protesting the luxury company's continued trade agreements with the Tzenkethi Coalition and their allowing Starfleet to assist in repairs from the explosions.

In a written statement to INW, Count Ciprino Croda, the self-proclaimed regent of the Kingdom of Eden, called on all residents of Beerax to address their complaints in a civilized, non-violent fashion. "Until then," he states, "the Kingdom will restrict traffic in order to prevent any further loss of life and property by terrorist action."

INW was unable to reach the Beeraxi Governor for statement.

Sun Sep 16 05:33:12 2401 Alliance Standard Time

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