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Kailyn Pryus-Talbot MD PhD
Vital Statistics
Rank Healer
2410 SF E-2.png
Title Doctor
Race Betazoid
Gender Female
Affiliation Galactic Alliance, (Brass Dragon Shipping & Manufacturing)

Doctor Kailyn Pryus-Talbot M.D. PhD is a former Starfleet medical officer and counsellor. She has recently returned to Starbase Chandali and had her medical license reinstated.


Personnel file

Physical Description

Standing little over 5 foot the humanoid female before you has a clear and slightly tanned complexion. Her long dark hair fades to a warm brown and waves gently before finishing just past her shoulders hiding her femininely angular jaw, a blunt fringe finishes just above her neatly arched eyebrows setting off her dark deepset almond shaped eyes. Her expression neutral, the corners of her lips faintly curling upwards and her eyes keenly take in the environment surrounding her. Her face is marked by time, with faint lines around her eyes.

Her svelte frame offset by slightly broad shoulders and narrow waist, her toned legs neither short or long but well proportion for her petite size. With a soft and warm tone her voice flows smooth and unwavering, neither projecting or hushing. Her presence doesn't impose, but her subtle epicene qualities make her noticeable enough for a lingering glance in a crowd. Her kinesics slight and delicate, often giving a twitch of her nose when in thought or a gentle bite on her lower lip.


Early Life

Mid 2381 Xavier Pryus in his family home on Lake El'nar, Betazed; encouraged his wife lovingly as she birthed their second daughter, Kailyn. His first already in her early teens was beginning to hone her telepathic abilities - Elira, did not hide her jealousy at losing her place as the only child to their eccentric socialite mother (Alyse) who doted on the idea of being able to better her attentive nursing nature. Their upbringing was affluent, but not excessive. Her mother's ventures often demanded frivolous favours and copious amounts of food and drink whilst her father worked on keeping political ties and pacifying rumours.

Elira festered on her bitterness against her sister, Kailyn focussed on absorbing all the knowledge she could from her surroundings. Naturally curious and questioning the ways of the galaxy, she was fascinated by life and its purpose. Excelling in the sciences and not afraid to pursue other more untested methods to improve on results or to cancel them out. Her sister struggled with her abilities while Kailyn took to telepathy naturally, driving her further into vindictive frustration - outbursts of anger and an inability to control her projection onto her younger sister, she became unstable and was later confined to a clinic for the manic after trying to cause irrational harm several occasions.

Starfleet Academy

Saddened by her 'loss' Kailyn took to learning more about her physiological differences, what caused her sisters breakdown and what could have been done to correct the situation. As her medical knowledge grew so did her skill at applying it, with her new found passion for medicine, she chose it as her field of expertise as she made her move to a more secure line of education - the Star Fleet academy. Immersing herself in her studies, excluding herself for social gatherings, her mother was mortified to hear the news of her antics. Her choice in courses stemmed corely around medicine, taking biochemistry in her first year. Astounded her research and papers in theory captivated her professors and she dazzled when it came to exercising her knowledge in practice.

She became enthralled in the banter between her Terran colleagues, they lied and kept secrets from each other. Bluffing and back stabbing at times, she hadn't been used to this when she was on Betazed. Being honest played well into her hands - she expressed her opinion in a way that didn't offend and ensured her gift would sense when enough was enough. When struggling to comprehend she didn't hesitate to question to gain further knowledge, her absorption of information and the ease she put it into practice gained her more exceptional challenges when it came to finishing her second year studies in Physiology and foundation Psychology. As she continued her studies, Kailyn found that she easily mingled with the other cadets she almost seemed to put them at ease. Still she preferred to have her head in a PADD or she would find herself reading people rather than listening to what they were saying in social situations.

Coming to the end of her basic Academy education keen to complete her training she applied for a position at the Medical Academy, choosing to specialise in Anatomy and Psychiatry. Deeming a preventative method or diagnostic method played more to her strengths. Kailyn continued to hunt for a means to prevent other Betazoids meeting the same fate as her sister, studying other beings who shared their telepathic abilities and basing her thesis around her barren findings. With time she realised that if such a 'cure' existed it would have been given freely to those who needed it, rather than see them suffer and cause pain to others. She would need to focus more on a positive outlook than set her investigations aside and revise them at a later date

Graduating magna cum laude in her class, Doctor Kailyn Pryus was ready to take her first assignment no matter the size.

Early Career

Being assigned to the Enterprise after finishing her residency at the Academy Infirmary, Kailyn had no idea what to expect. She'd been fully trained but never really had to deal with her feet being off solid ground for too long, reporting in and stationed as the ships primary counsellor first up was performing ship wide psychological evaluations with one of the first being her long time friend as a Cadet Benedict Talbot. Awkwardness ensued as the pair kindled what she had failed to notice what was a romance from their time in the academy, he was brash, stubborn and head strong. He had be come a reoccurring event in her life that didn't seem to back down, upon completing her report she deemed herself unfit to continue any further of his evaluations due to a conflict of interest.

Later she was transferred to Deep Space Nine where she four years serving as a general medical officer whilst Ben completed his piloting training, her time spent on board was generally uneventful and dealt with minor injuries and health complaints of staff and residents.

The Deal Breaker - The Lacrimosa

Getting notification that she was to be transferred to a relatively smaller ship the USS Lacrimosa, Kailyn packed herself up and made her way only to find Ben was already there and waiting for her. She was pleased to see him that much was apparent, their relationship grew ever fonder and came to a heat when he finally proposed to her when they managed to convene. Following that happy moment, things began to turn and as the most senior medical officer on board her skills where pushed to the max when an entire Bajoran crew where beamed aboard their small vessel. In the adrenaline fuelled frenzy she dealt with everything in her stride but on reflection she had been shaken to the point where she began to rethink the decisions she had made.

After a short period of recovery she would be faced with another scenario that no amount of training could have prepared her for, what happened during that mission was to remain classified but leave her suffering with nightmares in a cold sweat for long after.

I do, don't I? - The Excalibur

Moving onto another ship felt like a blessing to Kailyn, she would no longer be solely responsible for medical decisions and was pleased that she would be once again working with Samuel Riley. She looked forward to being part of a larger crew again and waited to report for duty, the process was longer than usual. She was taken slightly aback by her new commander and it seemed that she may not had been the only one, she'd never had many dealings with Caitian's and found it difficult to discern if other members of the crew where teasing her about what to expect by mentioning the use of cat nip. She was intrigued but the two rarely crossed paths as she stay with in the warren of the medical complex.

As things calmed down both Ben and Kailyn decided to make a nth attempt at getting married, she had requested something simple and small but face most of the crew when she entered the observation lounge. Fully clothed and given away by Riley they finally where married as M'hrr officiated the ceremony in October 2423, Ben was calm and sure as ever but Kailyn stumbled over her words. He was the only one she had ever considered in that way and the thought of losing him, well she couldn't imagine it.

Following a short honeymoon on Risa, duty returned and Kailyn began to make herself acquainted with the rest of the crew under the summons of annual evaluations to all bar her new husband. Quickly she found herself bonding with another Caitian named S'hado and his male cat Cait who quickly took a shine to her even after neutering him. There was also the head of security Dominic Rayner, whom she had a brief conversation with whilst they served together on the Lacrimosa but had now managed to warm to a friend after many run ins during turbolift journeys. She had no fear in chasing down members of the crew who attempted to evade her, knowing that it wasn't really her it was what she did and managed to have short conversations with Giellun and Ito Hiroshi.

Kailyn has always looked up to Riley and enjoyed his company, he was complex and intrigued her. He just happened to be the last person she needed to complete routine evaluations on, knowing he would probably be keen to avoid the event she made sure to catch him unaware in a more malleable state. Having no real fear of approaching others Kailyn visited him one night to discuss a possible research project and she got more of a glimpse into his personal life, she'd never really heard him speak about much other than duties so it was a welcome change to the norm. Picking the right moment she performed the physical, she detected an abnormally low level in his psilosynine levels and this concerned her as it was something caused by prolonged use of telepathic abilities that could lead to them diminishing completely. Riley quoted back to her his medical history and as much as it pained her, he declined treatment.

Close to six months after their wedding, the pair found it was time to discuss what would be the next steps in the foundations of their family. Already aware of her husbands aspirations to command, Kailyn was less than keen to pursue her own career toward Chief Medical Office she had her own ideas on further the fields of medicine and rehabilitation. The pair agreed that the time may be right to start expanding their family, on reflection of her conversation with her husband she became anxious of the prospect of being a mother and attempted to confide in Riley but she had been thinking about leaving the ship. As a matter of protocol she informed her commanding officer and she discussed her fears with M'hrr, he held wisdom of a man who had faced much, the pair bonded over many late night conversations. She was happy to keep him company when most others would avoid it.

Into Darkess - Deep Space Nine

In an attempt to seek a more viable treatment for Riley Kailyn visited Deep Space 9 to discuss the use of Vulcan blocking techniques with her colleague LieutenantSenka when grenades ripped through the stations Bajoran temple injuring a young Caitian named R'ull and a second injuring Senka. On her arrive she remained calm and assessed the situation amongst the wreckage, playing a part in keeping the Caitian relaxed as Major Ava treated his injuries. Following this event and yet to return to the Excalibur, she was reassigned to the station. This filled her with hope that she would expand her social circle and be able to continue her research request with the support of colleagues.

With a standard issue physical ordered by the stations new CMO Senka, she discovered she was pregnant. Knowing the pair had only discussed this recently Kailyn was still a little scared of the prospect of raising a family but she told her husband none the less. He seemed more distant that usual as she told him in his new office as Chief of Operations, this concerned her but usually he had his reasons for being evasive but this she couldn't read. She continued her duties as usual and begun her acclimatise herself to working back on the station, Captain Cross had also noticed this difference in her husband which Ben quickly was quick to deny.

One evening in early March whilst Kailyn was on duty in the infirmary, her husband approached Senka and requested a physical. This was most unusual as most avoided such an activity, but regardless if this unusual request Senka obliged. Ben's two previous physicals had shown nothing to be concerned about, where as this revealed a slight neurological imbalance which he stubbornly refused treatment for. The following days after settling in she was woken by a message notifying her that her husband had died in the vacuum of space after being beamed from the station by the order of the Captain. The betazoid was horrified by this news and promptly made her way to the infirmary as she struggled to believe something could happen of this nature.

Though it was difficult, Kailyn tried her best to work out what had happened, quickly it came to light that she may never know what truly caused her husband to act in such a dangerous way and he may not had been the man she fell in love with from some time. It was a bitter pill to swallow and she made several visits to Spacedock to seek counsel with her closest friend M'hrr, he was wise as ever and at her time of need she relied on him heavily. Their friendship grew but she was readily aware that the Caitian had a mate and a large family (even if his mate was finding extra marital comfort), the pain of her loss was still raw and she declined his offer to join his unusual growing family. On a return journey from an overnight visit with her confidant her body began to reject her pregnancy, at first the symptoms where manageable much like her morning sickness and moods swings but after arriving back on Deep Space 9 it took a turn for the worse. Kailyn called on Senka and he tried his best but it was just too late, she had lost the baby. This was another painful blow that she tried to numb with alcohol only to be confronted by DRB Lieutenant Roain Los, this was the only time she has acted like this and after it was a time of reflection in which she apologised to Los for her behaviour and anything she may have said to him. Still having not received counselling she did what she could to deal with her situation and made the decision to request a transfer back to the academy to grieve in a controlled environment.

Crossing Paths

The Aftermath

Return to Deep Space




The officiary of her marriage to Ben, the friendship between Kailyn and her former commander continued with his unconditional support after her husband's death. Where others would avoid contact with their Commanding Officer, Kailyn was more concerned that an ear was something he missed. During her time on the Excalibur, the pair formed an unlikely friendship and maintained contact when she was reassigned.

She often travelled to Spacedock to spend time with him to help her come to terms with her loss. His warmth and honestly mean a lot to her, encouraging her to step out of her comfort zone. After her failed pregnancy she lost contact with her friend.


Considered to be one of her closest friends and confidant, Senka was Kailyn's superior officer when she was transferred to Deep Space 9 after her honeymoon. Senka is always able to offer an impartial opinion on all matters and supported her through the loss both her husband and daughter. Even after a decade, she admires his logic.

Saisha Adrinon

Their friendship started over the Promenade whilst catching up with Senka and developing into mutual respect. They have shared experiences in the infirmary, serving as a GP and last to find out about station wide issues. Kailyn sees Saisha as the embodiment of what she had lost but thrived.


Benedict Talbot

After meeting at the academy, Kailyn failed to pick up on this advances with her buried in books. His self-serving attributes frustrated her at times and on the realisation of her feelings requested a transfer. A half-hearted proposal cemented their relationship and followed with a wedding abroad the Excalibur surrounded by friends.

Reassignment took them to Deep Space 9 where they began to start a family, Kailyn found herself pregnant as she continued to work in the station's infirmary. His attitude changed and it was one fateful night when he was beamed into space by her commanding officer. The loss of her husband hit her hard and it's something she struggles with to this day.

Adam R. Cross

Adam Cross was her downfall. Both seeking answers for Ben's death, they found each other. She moved and he didn't resist, the result was painful and life changing for her. Kailyn attempted to remain amicable but struggled with the result of the investigation, taking herself out of the equation by leaving the station without a second thought.

Giellun Tr'Sahen

Giellun was quick to jump to Kailyn's side when the investigation started, in hindsight, she feels he used her loneliness to his own advantage. He promptly told the Betazoid she was no longer required when someone more alluring took his fancy. It was difficult for Kailyn to recover from this and subsequently spent over a decade avoiding personal relationships.

Roain Pryus nee Los

Their initial introduction was far from ideal, seething and drinking in Morn's to receive a lecture on how she should be living her life, left a bitter taste in her mouth from the officer to served under her husband. It wasn't until she left Deep Space 9 and returned to Betazed when their friendship was molded by his mother.

Working on the Los family estate as Koral's assistance for almost a decade before being accepted as a member of their house. Forcibly returned to Deep Space 9, Kailyn found herself in the midst of Roian's quest for love. Recovering from the end of another relationship, she always tried to remind him that at least he wasn't her. She joked that if he gave her 10 years he could marry her. Little did she know that their long-standing friendship may actually lead to that. In September 2439 the pair married on the Starbase Chandali in a private ceremony.

Service Record

Rank Date Accomplishment
B-M1.png 2408 Accepted into Starfleet Academy
B-M2.png 2409 Declares primary in medicine and psychiatry as secondary
B-M4.png 2413 Graduates Starfleet Academy with honors
C-o1.png 2414 Receives Commission and assigned to Starfleet Academy for medical internship & residency
C-o2.png 2417 Promoted to the rank of Lieutenant (jg) upon residency completion
C-o2.png 2417 Assigned to USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-G) as medical officer and Counsellor.
C-o2.png 2418 Assigned to Deep Space Nine as medical officer and Counsellor.
C-o2.png 2422 Assigned to USS Lacrimosa (NCC-1881) as medical officer and Counsellor.
C-o2.png 2423 Assigned to USS Excalibur (NCC-90003) as medical officer and Counsellor.
C-o3.png 2424 Promoted to the rank of Lieutenant upon residency completion
C-o3.png 2424 Assigned to Deep Space Nine.
C-o3.png 2424 September 27th, relieved of duty pending the Inspector General's investigation.
2410 SF E-2.png 2424 December 19th, Demoted to Crewman Apprentice the Inspector General's investigation.
2410 SF O-1.png 2425 August 24th, Restored to Ensign and dishonourably discharged.


  • Commplant/Computer Certification
  • Medical Equipment Certification
  • Medical Triage Certification

  • Superintendent's Commendation
  • Restricted Line Officer
  • 20. Space Medal

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Moral Support (RP Log) 06 March 2014 Pryus-Talbot, Zeno

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