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Pure B'thall
Rank: Ensign Y-o1.png
Title: Operations, USS Indomitable (NCC-64005)
Race: Bajoran
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Starfleet (Border Patrol)


B'thall was born on Bajor, in the Kendra Province. He was the first, and only child, of two bajoran parents. They were GA scientists, studying spatial anomalies. Unfortunately, while on a survey mission, they encountered a black hole. This anomaly ripped their ship apart, taking them with it. Fortunately, B'thall was on Bajor at the time, so he managed to escape from disaster. This all happened a few days before his fifth birthday. From then on, he stayed with his aunt, who owned a rather large and profitable patch of land. As soon as he was old enough, he joined up with Starfleet, under the young cadets. This gave him the discipline and training he needed to become an officer; something he aspired to do ever since his parents passed away. At the age of 16, he enlisted and served upon Spacedock for a year. After which, he enrolled in the academy. During his four years there, he majored in operation. He also studied temporal physics and was proficient in computer usage. In addition to that, he was known for his cybernetic creations; having created a semi-working pet for himself during his time at the academy. He also played guitar fairly well; being in the academy band for three years. After getting out of the academy, he was assigned to the USS Entropy, under then Lieutenant-Commander jel-Bothan. However this was short lived, as the ship was heavily damaged shortly after. He, and the rest of the Entropy crew, were then assigned to the USS Proteus, which was even shorter; as its crew, and that of the Grace Hopper, were merged with the crew of the USS Indomitable, under Captain Xanathos. That, unfortunately, ended tragically. The ship's port nacelle exploded and rendered the ship useless. They were promptly transferred to the Excalibur, Akagi class; where they currently reside.


  • Commplant/Computer Certification
  • Unrestricted Line Officer
  • Communications Certification

Service Record

  • USS Entropy
  • USS Proteus
  • USS Indomitable
  • USS Excalibur
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