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Rank: Vice Admiral R-a3.png
Status: Retired
Title: None
Race: Caitian
Gender: Female
Affiliation: Galaxy Alliance




  • A Caitian at heart, she is full of honor and preditorial instinct, but his doesn't keep her from having a kind herat and loving nature. She is easy to confide in and she listens. She bonds friendships easily, though is very picky when it comes to relationships... as R'ress found out previous to their bonding. She has a strong bond with her wombmate, R'nah. Although she is quite kind, if driven far enough, she can have a wicked temper and can lash out at someone verbally, although this is very rare.


  • She was born on Ferasa in the second and final litter of S'nah along with her wombmate R'nah. They were raised in traditional Caitian values and teachings. She took her Claw Oath at 6 years of age. R'nah and R'hli kept a close bond with each other, in and out of the womb. They often had the same friends. You never saw them apart under most circumstances.
  • R'hli attended school under her mother, S'nah, at the M'liranarin Academy at Ferasa, where she graduated with Honors, particularly accelling in the sciences. During her schooling there, she met R'ress, another student. After three years of attending school together and under their parents blessings, they were bondmated near the end of their schooling, at age 18. They have no kits at this time.
  • Most Caitians hold strong bonds with Ferasa and feel it inappropriate to leave their home, but after her two older siblings went off to Starfleet Academy together, she decided it was what she wanted to do as well. R'nah was deeply troubled by this, for he had already begun to run a shop in a major port on Ferasa and he had no intention of leaving. But they both had a mutal agreement that she would return at least once a year to visit and bring him gifts from across the galaxy. She now awaits acceptance from Starfleet Academy.

Service Record

  • C-blank3.png 2381 - Accepted into Starfleet Academy as a Sciences cadet
  • C-blank3.png 2381 - Bondmate R'ress killed. Body never recovered
  • C-o1.png 2383 - Graduates from Starfleet Academy
  • C-o1.png 2383 - Assigned as Science Officer on board the USS James Cook
  • C-o1.png 2383 - Transfered with whole of the USS James Cook's crew to the USS Yamaguchi
  • C-o2.png 2383 - Recieved promotion to Lieutenant (Junior Grade)
  • C-o2.png 2383 - Recieved these awards/medals during year: Breen War Ribbon, Combat Action Ribbon, Distinguished Cadet Medal, Good Conduct Medal, Legion of Merit, Scanner Certification, Science Certification
  • Y-o2.png 2384 - Transfered to the Operations department, maintaining Science as a secondary department
  • Y-o3.png 2384 - Recieved promotion to full Lieutenant
  • Y-o3.png 2384 - Transfered with whole of the USS Yamaguchi's crew to the USS Enterprise-G
  • Y-o3.png 2384 - Dropped secondary department of Science
  • Y-o3.png 2384 - Named Second Officer and Chief of Operations of the USS Enterprise-G
  • Y-o3.png 2384 - Recieved these awards/medals during year: Good Conduct Medal, Space Medal, Starfleet Unit Commendation Ribbon, Weapons Certification
  • Y-o3.png 2385 - Named Acting Executive Officer of the USS Enterprise-G (for 20 RL minutes)
  • Y-o3.png 2385 - Transfered to the USS William T. Riker with the position of Second Officer and Chief of Operations
  • Sf2-o3.png 2386 - Officially joined the new Rebellion against Ritter
  • Sf2-o3.png 2386 - Given shrouded/verbal rank of Lieutenant Commander
  • Sf2-o3.png 2386 - Transfered to the USS Nova with the position of Commanding Officer
  • Sf2-o4.png 2386 - Promoted to Lieutenant Commander (officially)
  • Sf2-o4.png 2386 - Transfered to the USS Nadesico with the position of Executive Officer
  • Sf2-o4.png 2387 - Assumed position of Acting Commanding Officer of the USS Nadesico temporarily
  • Sf2-o4.png 2388 - Transfered to the USS Yamaguchi with the position of Second Officer and Chief of Operations
  • Sf2-o4.png 2388 - Yamaguchi destroyed, mentor Captain Palmer killed, and is temporarily relieved of all duties pending investigation of crew
  • Sf2-o4.png 2389 - Transfered with whole of the USS Yamaguchi crew to the USS Enterprise-G and assigned to the position of Chief of Operations
  • Sf2-o5.png 2389 - Recieved promotion to Commander
  • Sf2-o5.png 2389 - Assumed position of Acting Commanding Officer of the USS Enterprise-G
  • Sf2-o5.png 2389 - Named Executive Officer after new Commanding Officer assigned to the USS Enterprise-G.
  • Sf2-o5.png 2389 - Recieved Letter of Commendation
  • R-o7.png 2389 - Recieved promotion to Captain, and subsequently admitted into the Admiralty Candidacy program
  • R-o7.png 2389 - Named Superintendant of Starfleet Academy on Bajor
  • R-o7.png 2390 - Recieved Freedom War Ribbon
  • R-o7.png 2391 - Recieved Distinguished Service Medal
  • R-a1.png 2391 - Recieved promotion to Branch Admiral
  • R-a1.png 2393 - Moved to Reserve Officer Pool after reorganization of Starfleet Academy
  • R-a1.png 2394 - Named Deputy Chief of Starbase Operations under BADM Jonar I.
  • R-a1.png 2397 - Named Acting Chief of Starbase Operations due to leave of absence of RADM Jonar I.
  • R-a2.png 2400 - Received promotion to Rear Admiral
  • R-a2.png 2400 - Named Chief of Starbase Operations
  • R-a3.png 2401 - Retired from Starfleet and granted a retirement promotion to Vice Admiral by ADM J. Hathaway, Commander in Chief


Distinguished-service-medal.png Legion-of-merit-3x.png Purple-heart.png
Space-medal.png Combat-action-ribbon.png Distinguished-midshipman-medal.png Starfleet-unit-commendation-ribbon.png
Good-conduct-medal-3x.png Milky-way-exploration-ribbon-abd.png Exploration-service-ribbon.png Border-patrol-service-ribbon.png
Installation-service-ribbon.png Bajoran-service-ribbon.png Breen-war-ribbon.png Freedom War Ribbon
Wolf 359 Memorial Ribbon


  • Breen War Ribbon
  • Freedom War Ribbon
  • Letter of Commendation
  • Scanner Certification
  • Science Certification
  • Starfleet Academy Faculty Member
  • Unrestricted Line Officer
  • Weapons Certification
  • DISCHARGED: Honorable
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