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Rank: Lieutenant Commander 2410 SF O-4.png
Title: Chief Science Officer, Earth Spacedock
Race: Caitian
Gender: Female
Affiliation: Starfleet (Starbase Operations)



While on a scientific survey mission within the beta quadrant, Lieutenant M'san of Ferasa was admitted to sickbay. She was tasked with cataloging gaseous samples of an unstable nebula when the vessel was struck by a heavy plasma discharge from the turbulent nebula. The impact was the result of the shields irritating the unstable protomatter of the nebula. As a result, the surge in power overload the Odyssey's shields and blew out power conduits on several decks, forcing the captain to pull the ship out of the area at full impulse. The feedback also temporarily shut down the warp drive.

While the ship was out of danger, the damage threw the science labs into darkness and one of the power relays exploded near enough to M'san to knock her to the floor back-first, inflicting plasma burns to her face and arms. With power offline on the entire deck and transporters shut down due to the power surges, medics had to transport M'san by hand on a gurney to Sickbay for treatment. Dozens of other injured crew also had to be transported in a similar manner. All they had was only emergency lights and life support. The trip itself from the science lab to sickbay on the other end of the deck was riddled with stuck doors, flickering panels, other medical crews, and repair teams running through the corridors.

Upon arrival, the doctor shuffled her off into the treatment ward with other victims of the overload. But her injuries caused complications as her blood pressure started dropping and her bloody-oxygen levels started to fall as she fell into a state of shock. With her body going haywire and her unborn fetuses in danger of dying just four weeks from their normal due date, the doctors managing her treatment had to perform an emergency cesarean. The distress of the mother and lack of oxygen put both fetuses into distress, hastening the need for their safe removal. It was within the dim light with a barely conscious M'san that the doctors deployed their laser scalpels and delivered the two premature infants by their feet. The first baby they pulled out was a male and by the time the second and last infant was pulled from the womb, the security video had recorded the delivery time as 15:25 hours.

The first things the medical staff noticed was the unusually large size of the infants. Their weights and toe to crown lengths were carefully checked three times against the medical database. Finding the average Caitian infant was only twenty-five percent smaller than these newborns. Question was raised about their heritage before being put down by checking the personel files of both their parents. They were left with a mystery they couldn't very well answer in the middle of a medical emergency. The life of the newborn infants' mother as well as a number of other crew was far more important.

Following the delivery of M'san's children and the brief records check, the nurses immediately carted them off to stabilize them while the doctors went right to work getting her out of danger. This was a dual effort. Her blood-oxygen count was found to be a result of burns in her lungs which starved her organs and caused them to start shutting down. While they were able to use a blood oxygenator to compensate they still had the daunting task of healing the burns on her body, restoring her lung function, and of course closing the womb and abdominal wall after their laser scalpel expedition. The incident had her confined to sickbay for close to two weeks, during which time her children were kept in the ship's nursery being cared for by a very tired nursing staff. The major contributing factor to their exhaustion was M'san's constant desire to be with her new children despite the condition she was in. The only thing she was allowed to do was tell her bondmate, S'vor.

Meanwhile, with the worst of the injuries long since handled, the CMO headed t the nursery and collected blood samples from both infants as well as their mother. They needed to know if outside influences or drugs were used during M'san's pregnancy. The computer was assigned the task of analyzing the samples which allowed the CMO to question M'san about her entire pregnancy. Finding no answers with her besides reminding him that her hormone levels had been elevated the entire term, the doctor turned to the computer. The comuter's analysis only confirmed what was just revealed moments before: the hormone levels in the blood of the infants were much higher than normal which extended their growth period by approximately a month. Needless to say the strain on the mother was high. Carrying fetuses for what would have been the equivalent of nine months put great stress on M'san's body as well as that of the infants. It was no longer a wonder why her injuries caused premature labor. Treatment for the high hormone levels was quickly administered to bring them back to normal.

Continuing old customs, the twins were taken to return to Ferasa the following year to observe the naming rituals. All Caitian babies were cared for and observed for one year by their parents before they were given their names. For this, S'vor had to be called him back to their home world. The naming ceremony was completed later that week on Octorber 10th 2376 when their names were chosen. The male child was named M'kin and the female would be named R'sta. After receiving their names, the family returned to the Odyssey to continue with their lives.

As R'sta grew older, the Odyssey continued its mission of exploration. With the influence of their hormone exposure negated, she and her brother no longer grew at accelerated rates. Their bodies had slowed down and adapted to growing at normal rates for their age. This was a good thing, though they were still a bit bigger than other Caitian's their age. Seeing as there weren't any other Caitian's on the ship that had children, this size mater didn't pose any problems for her early education. Everything was fairly smooth until the discovery of the Bajoran Wormhole in 2378. R'sta went with her parents to the Bajor system to study the wormhole on orders from Starfleet to which she was confused about. The Odyssey was her home and she was leaving it. It wasn't exactly the most comfortable experience she had. Her brother was just plain upset about having to move.

The next two years were spent teaching R'sta the ways of her fellow Caitian's in her new home, away from the public schools. Things were extremely calm and quiet until May 24th 2380 when news of the Battle of Beerax was delivered. Things only became more uncomfortable for R'sta as unrest began to surface on Bajor. At first it was just a few people deciding they didn't want to do buisness with Galactic Alliance citizens, then it evolved gradually into some services no longer being offerred. She couldn't enjoy quiet afternoons with the unrest slowly spreading. And at that juncture her mother reassured her that the bajorans were just going through a temporary phase. It still disquieted her seeing so many people apparently anxious about something.

On June 11th, R'sta was told her family was going back to Ferasa. The unrest and anxiety levels had reached a point that was making her mother nervous and left her feeling unsafe. M'san had very good reason to worry. Moreover, S'vor told her mother to leave ahead of him. He had to bid farewell to some of his friends and fellow officers at the SFMC HQ and said he would follow them back on the next transport. But as R'sta boarded the transport back to Ferasa, Romulan terrorists bombed the SFMC HQ. It was a horrifying day for those that witnessed the event. R'sta was unable to see the explosion in the ship, but her mother heard about it from the pilot. The attack struck a terrible emotional blow. It was on this day that S'vor died. He was a victim of flying shrapnel from the explosion. R'sta lost her father and her mother lost her bond mate.

The remainder of R'sta's childhood was spent on Ferasa. Though she was too young to feel any lasting psychological impact from the death of her father; her mother never fully recovered. Relatives stepped in to help console her mother and even moved in with her family, bringing their own along with them. She no longer had only her brother and mother to play with, she had cousins as well. For her, life was calmed down by the excitement of meeting her extended family. She could truely play with her cousins, go on longer family trips and learn a great many more skills than what the schools on Bajor had to offer. It was a new life.

In December of 2389, R'sta's mother finally found a new bond mate. Since the loss of her father, she turned 14 and was doing very well in the local schools. Life seemed to smile at her while she was kept well away from the Breen War, the attack on Bajor, and what was nicknamed "The Ritter Scheme". During this time R'sta was close to being an adult and was considering taking science courses, a path she was doing quite well in over the last nine years as she continued to impress her instructors. She didn't always get the perfect marks, but she wasn't bothered by not being a "Straight-A student". It was her choice later that year to make science her official path of study.

In 2393 R'sta, acting on her own will, chose to leave Ferasa and join Starfleet. As a science officer she thought she might be able to see all kinds of new life forms she never got to see on Ferasa. Her mother, seeing this as walking in her footsteps, had mixed feelings. Some of them were of pride, some of worry. The future for R'sta was only hers to shape, nobody else could pick for her. But she has promised she will return. In the meantime she will keep in touch with her family at least three times a week, an arrangement she wanted so she could stave off homesickness. Leaving Ferasa was the hardest choice she had made, but she could not learn everything in the shelter of her family's home. She had to go out there herself.


  • 15. Citation for Conspicuous Gallantry
  • 18. Defense Meritorious Service Medal
  • 19. Meritorious Service Medal
  • 20. Space Medal
  • 23. Joint Service Medal of Achievement
  • 27. Combat Action Ribbon
  • 32. SF Unit Commendation Ribbon
  • 33. SF Unit Excellence Ribbon
  • 35. Good Conduct Medal



  • Dec 10 2375: Born aboard the USS Odyssey
  • Dec 3 2376: Arrives on Ferasa for the traditional naming cerimony. Named R'sta.
  • Dec 15 2378: Moves to Bajor. Parents study the Bajoran Wormhole.
  • Jun 11 2380: Father dies in the bombing of the SFMC HQ. Flees to Ferasa.
  • Dec 20 2389: Begins studying to be a scientist.
  • Mar 8 2393: Accepted into Starfleet Academy.
  • Dec 20 2397: Graduation. Promoted to Ensign.
  • Jul 4 2398: Assigned to USS Defiant (NCC-90002).
  • Jun 23 2399: Promoted to Lieutenant JG.
  • Oct 28 2402: The Defiant is disabled. Her crew is moved to USS Akagi (NCC-90000).
  • Jun 10 2403: Defiant is refitted and her crew is recalled. They leave for the GQ in 2 months.
  • Jun 16 2403: R'sta visits her bondmate for farewells prior to the GQ mission.
  • Jul 15 2403: R'sta is forced to adjust her P-30C after learning she is 4 weeks pregnant.
  • Aug 27 2403: Promoted to full Lieutenant. Transferred to the USS Gallant as Chief Science Officer.
  • Jan 26 2404: R'sta is seen wearing a platinum silver neck collar with a diamond for some reason.
  • Mar 3 2404: R'sta arrives on Ferasa and gives birth to her first litter, M'sta and R'rus. Grandparents help raise the twins.
  • Aug 13 2404: Transferred from the USS Gallant to the USS Triton with most of Gallant's crew.
  • Sep 3 2408: Transferred to the USS Indomitable.
  • Interregnum: Moved from Indomitable to other postings including DS9 over the next 20 years.
  • Interregnum: Pregnant with second set of cubs.
  • Mar 21 2429: Promoted to Lt.Commander.
  • Dec 15 2428: Transferred to USS Wethesa as Chief Science Officer. Second set of cubs born months later.
  • Aug ?? 2429: Assisted in researching the gravimetric anomalies that threatened Betazed.
  • Sep ?? 2429: Concludes the anomalies in the Beta Zeti system are forming subspace rifts due to heavy local exposure to obsolete warp drives.
  • Jul 3 2430: Defense Meritorious Service Medal awarded for dedication to a marooned away team she was a member of while personally compromised.
  • Feb 20 2430: R'sta investigates odd readings in the Narendra system. She along with her ship go MIA for two months.
  • May 3 2430: R'sta is ordered by Starfleet Command to consider all details of Wethesa's investigation in the Narendra system as classified.
  • Feb 27 2432: Letter of Commendation issued for contributions that helped create a retrovirus for the Teplan Blight.
  • Apr 12 2432: USS Wethesa is destroyed by enemy sabotage. Temporarily assigned to Earth Spacedock.
  • Jun 9 2432: Transferred to USS Pathfinder. Appointed Chief Science Officer the following day.
  • Oct 15 2432: Senator M'rus, R'sta's husband, is killed when the USS Odyssey is destroyed in a Dominion attack.
  • Aug 31 2435: The USS Pathfinder is destroyed during a pair of events that violently flung it from its dock and into the path of a plasma storm.
  • Oct 16 2435: Reassigned to USS Beagle (NCC 91892).
  • Mar 20 2436: Trasnferred to Deep Space Nine. Appointed Chief Science Officer a week later.
  • Sep ?? 2439: Starfleet recalls all personnel from DS9 and gives sole control of the station to the BDF. R'sta is transferred to ESD's officer pool.
  • Sep 25 2439: After about a month, R'sta is reassigned as Chief Science Officer to the USS Equinox (NCC 73020).
  • Mar 29 2441: Transferred with Equinox crew to USS Sojourner (NCC 91893). Position maintained.
  • Sep 22 2441: Transferred with Sojourner rew to USS ShiKahr (NCC 73402).
  • Apr 16 2444: Transferred to Earth Spacedock, Sol system.
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