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So you've decided to make a Rihannsu character in WNO, great! If you haven't already, you should take a look at the General Biography guildelines, the RSE Player Guide and Rihannsu History to get an idea of how Romulans are played here on WNO (and it's good information for people who have never played a Romulan before). Once you've got a rough idea of your character and have completed CharGen you're ready to start putting together your character's story.

Who do you want your character to be in the IC world? You have three choices as a PC of what you can be doing in the RSE:


General Romulan Info

Most of what is covered in this section can be found in the RSE Player Guide, but we'll cover some basics here. The only eligible races for the RSE is Vulcan and Romulan, no other races will be considered. Romulans are an exceptionally xenophobic and racist group and do not permit offworlders amongst their ranks. After the destruction of the planet Vulcan the RSE opened up their borders to allow Vulcans to join their society if they were to renounce the teachings of Surak (see the RSE Timeline for more WNO specific Romulan history). Vulcans in the RSE can generally be afforded the same things as any Romulan, with the exception that there are presently no Vulcans in the senate/government.

Upon maturity, every Romulan enrolls in the Phi'lasasam followed by a mandatory 2 year service in the galae. Romulans exiting the Phi'lasasam are roughly 41 years old (this is about 18 in human years) and nearly every RSE citizen serves their 2 year galae service (Romulans have a similar lifespan to Vulcans, living roughly 200 years or more0. In special circumstances, some very fortunate romulans manage to avoid the galae service if they have enough power and affluence in their family to have avoided this. It is a rare case, because Romulan society takes the defense of the Empire as a deeply important matter.

The current Praetor of the Romulan Star Empire is Mandukar'us i-Ra'tleihfi tr'Hlaveen, who recently returned to power after a decade of hiding and exposing the former Praetor tr'Aegis as a bad guy. Like all societies, there are politically liberal and conservative individuals. This is no different from the RSE, you will need to decide how liberal or conservative your romulan will be. Conservative romulans are more strict about their xenophobic believes and adherence to Rihannsu culture and religion while more liberal Romulans have more relaxed views on offworlders and don't adhere to old cultural ways.

After completing their two years of galae service, a romulan is free to choose what to do further with their life. Our main sub-organization is the galae (military branch), but Kiith (diplomatic branch) characters are also accepted on a case-by-case basis. The Tal'Shiar is closed to player characters as well as RSE government characters.

Important: Your need to select a surname of one of the major houses in the game. Check out the page on Hfihar to find a house/family name that best suits your character.


Now that you have the basics of Romulan life/Culture (also see the RSE Category index for other pages regarding Romulans) it's time to pick a career for your character to start their IC life in WNOHGB. In the next few sections, we'll give you a brief overview of the various sub-organizations in the RSE.


The galae is the military arm of the RSE. If you've decided to have your character in the galae, you'll need to cover what your character's specialty is. Every RSE warbird has positions for the following career fields: Operations, Engineering, Helm, Security, Science, Medical and Command. Make sure to include in your biography what field of study your romulan had in the Phi'lasasam so that we're able to appropriately place you in a career field. The present leader of the galae is galae'Enriov Maec tr'Kheriov.

Galae biographies must be finished prior to going In character.


The Kiith is the diplomatic arm of the RSE that is responsible for handling all affairs with offworlders under the direction of the hru'Kiith and the Praetor. Kiith can generally be assigned anywhere in the galaxy. Presently the RSE has relationships with the Cardassian Union, the Democratic Republic of Bajor, the Beeraxi Confederation and a few secret relationships with NPC organizations. The kiith have an Embassy on Deep Space Nine and is led by hru'Kiith Khakh'sahe t'Llaehnn. Most kiith are generally more liberal than most, as the ability to tolerate other races is vital to their jobs.

Kiith biographies must be completed prior to going in character.

Civilian Life

Perhaps none of the above interests you. Maybe you want to have a nice peaceful life and answer to only the Praetor. In this case, civilian life is for you. Generally the sky is the limit for this (except RSE government), you could be a civilian contractor for the military and have the same job choices they do. You could be a trader for your hfihar or even a merchant. If you want to become a trader, you'll need a ship. Cargo ships aren't cheap, but there are some options you have as a new player to get a tradeship to use.

  1. Send a loan application to *RSER, you will be expected to pay back the loan from the money you trade. There is a time period in which you need to pay this off, but once your loan is paid off the ship is all yours.
  2. Borrow a ship from your hfihar: Each of the noble houses make their own money to pay for things, they have trade vessels and you can become a trader for your hfihar. You will be expected to give a 15% donation of all of your profits to your hfihar (also send a request to *RSER) for the usage of their trade vessel. You will never own the ship, but there is the benefit of getting refuels from the hfihar fuel stores when you are in RSE space and your affluence with your family will raise potentially giving you the ability to later run for government or a position in your house. Making money for your hfihar is one of the most honourable things to do.

If trading isn't your interest, perhaps you want to start a business? Draft up an idea for a business and where it will be located and send that to *RSER, not every idea will be approved but the RSE administration will try their best to work with you to help you come up with an idea we can approve!

As a civilian, you can go in character before your biography is finished. However, you have 90 days from the date you go in character to complete your biography.


The Tal'Shiar are the secret police of the RSE, while they are not an open sub-org to play it is important to get an idea of who they are. They are lead by Khellian Aekhifv tr'Kheriov. PCs may not apply to join the Tal Shiar. The Tal Shiar is managed by the RSE Wizards and Royals, and PCs within the RSE may be approached to join. Membership does not grant a PC carte blanche to do as they please; it is merely one of many arcs a character may take, and not inherently any more or less interesting than being a Starship Riov or part of a security team.

Biography Checklist

That's about all you need to know to make a character in the RSE, before you submit that biography take a look at this checklist to see you've got all your bases covered:

  • Have you selected a hfihar?
  • What is your character's political outlook? Are they more conservative or liberal?
  • Did you give us a bit of history on your family/childhood/birthplace?
  • Does your biography include your desired sub-organization and career field?
  • Miscellaneous: Giving your character some extra flavour always makes for a better biography and richer RP in the future. What have you told us in your bio about your character? Are they religious? Do they have a flaw or a special skill?

Okay that is that! If you've got the checklist covered, then you're ready to submit your biography to the RSE admins for approval. Good luck!

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