RSE and CU on Lockdown

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ch'Rihan (INW) - In an apparent response to the threat of Tzenkethi Genesis technology, the Rihannsu Stellam Empire and Cardassian Union have each initiated lockdowns on civilian vessels entering their space and have suspended trade.

In response to the latest news from the Stebben system, Romulan Senator Galan tr'Llaehnn said, "the Deihuit is both exceptionally concerned about the implications of today's events in the Stebben system and disappointed in the Galaxy Alliance for allowing its border conflict to so clearly spiral out of control. Consequently, we are temporarily closing our markets to alien merchants and imposing a strict prohibition on vessels entering our space. Those foolish enough to breach our borders until the prohibition is lifted will be met with swift, deadly force and destroyed without warning." When asked what other measures the Senate would be taking to protect the Shiar, he added, "We have increased military presence along our borders, and I would not be surprised if further action were forthcoming."

Government representatives of the Cardassian Union were unavailable for comment.

(Stardate: 77613.59 - Thu Aug 12 23:40:42 2399 Alliance Standard Time)

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