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Ralloc jel-Bothan
Rank: Commander R-o5.png
Title:     Executive Officer Spacedock     Commanding Officer USS Proteus
Race: Andorian
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Starfleet (Base Ops)
Parents:       Prime-Father: Marcan (dec.)           Prime-Mother: Nalla (dec.)
Siblings: (Same Quad) Brother: Jaresh      Sisters: Talla, Enet



     A young Andorian male who's blue complexion is so dark it almost borders on cobalt. He is of medium height and has a compact wiry build. His facial features are moderate and rather unremarkable. His rich blue colored skin has cyan highlights, and his lips are usually a thin emotionless line-even when expressing a smile or a frown. His eyes are seemingly pupiless pools of emotion, expressing his pleasure or displeasure in lieu of the rest of his face. His movements impart a sense of disciplined and trained style with both fluid smoothness and energetic emphasis. His snow white hair is cropped thin and fuzz short. His antennae alertly survey his surroundings. His eyes twinkle with childlike mischief but the rest of his face speaks of deadly intent. He has broad shoulders and a thin waist.      Upon his form, is the standard Starfleet two-piece duty uniform; consisting of the space black uniform jacket and grey shoulders which meet the blackness with a lighter grey trim. A quarter of an inch underneath the trim of the grey shoulder on the left chest, is the redesigned Starfleet insignia: A stylized gold arrowhead against an open silver rectangular shape. Underneath the uniform jacket resides a wine red turtleneck, which denotes his department or division as Command. The cuffs of the uniform jacket hold a half-inch stripe of wine red same as the turtleneck. On the right side of the neck of the turtleneck three solid silver pips (ooo), which signifies the rank of Commander. The rest of the uniform consists of uniform trousers which are the same basic color as the jacket, space black.      


  • Childhood: Ralloc was born as the first child into a highly placed noble family of military industrialists on the Andoran Polar colony of Novarra 7. Ralloc had all the blessings of station and eduction. His father was Clan Leader and Enclave Executive, closely allied to many Parlimentary families, and his mother was a legendary beauty. His mother was as cold and distant as she was beautful. Her only joy in life was her first son. She encoraged his interests. He was a highly durable child who excelled at hand to hand combat sports and small arms competitions. At the tender age of eleven Muad's mother pressured her husband into using his influence to enroll Ralloc into the Andor Military Prepatory Academy. When he was of age he entered the Academy. During this time Ralloc's parents were assasinated for their political and religious attachments and he inherited the family title and lands. He was shocked and wanted immediate revenge. The sage advice of his Uncles and Cousins calmed the fire in him. They advised him to bide his time and fight back indirectly. He grew into a strong athletic young Andorian with a strong sense of right and wrong. After graduating from the Andorian Military Academy Muad chose his older cousin to stand as his proxy and pursued his career in the Military. His early promotions came fast due to his political connections. He was assigned to the Special Andorian Support Unit. He served as a Security officer in many engagements. His steadfast endurance enabled him to practically dance in the face of death. He returned home as often as he could, always in time for a feast or formal dinner. He enjoyed regaling the rest of the 'clan' with tales of bravery. He yearns to find a wife or a mistress. Tiring of the limited scope of his short service he applied to and was accepted to Starfleet Academy. Ralloc received a pretty standard education at Starfleet Academy, he reveled in physical pursuits at school. He loved the tactical brinksmanship of Artistic Vandalism. He organized a group of his friends into a 'Strike Team'. He never got caught but realized that what he was doing was wrong and volunteered to help clean it up. After training he suprised everyone in his family by rebelling and joining Starfleet Tactical. He excelled at his duties.
  • Academy Life:
    • First Year: Ralloc promptly declared his major as Tactical when he was allowed to. He excelled in weapons training and martial arts and enjoyed the literature courses offered. He took the basic courses is starship operations. He took wilderness Survival at Camp Wesley Harris in the North American Pacific Northwest.
    • Second Year: He began his specialized training in his major and missed getting into a training Annex by a narrow margin. He was tasked with being the unit Logistics clerk in his squadron. He took courses in military history but they weren't as satisfying as he initially hoped they would be. He joined the Academy Ambo-Jitsu team as an alernate.
    • Third Year: He entered his Tactical training full force ... he devoted himself to his course work and studies and gave up his extracurricular activities. He undertook training regimes that had him learning 'Single-squad infantry tactics', 'Ship to Ship tactics', 'Advanced Operational Thought', and 'Personal and Physical Security'. He was selected to be the assistant squadron cadet Provost. Privately he continued his martial arts training and started using Academy Holoprograms to advance his training.
    • Fourth Year: Ralloc distinguished himself by joining the 'Freestyle Martial Arts Team' and helping them take an intra-service medal. He was promoted to Academy cadet Provost. He began his graduation thesis project on 'The necessity of a Tactical Presence in a Peaceful Society.'.
      • Ralloc didn't have many friends in the Academy. He had a circle of compatriots who called themselves the: 'Warrior Poets' ... they were all Tactical Science majors with a love for romantic literature. It was in this group that he picked up the nickname 'Muad' which is a bastardization of the Andorian word for Poet. Because of his skills he garnered emnity but also grudging respect. He was mentored by the Academy Self-Defense Proctor: a Lt Commander Liwan, a Penkjat Silat Master.
    • Ralloc served his cadet cruise on the USS Sheila Palmer. He adapted to Starfleet life with all the good grace and natural bearing of a born soldier. His training Officer was a Lt. Commander Moran, who has served under his uncle. Moran shared important insights that Ralloc had never heard from his family, such as a number of Axioms for serving in Starfleet that were both humorous and essential. During his cadet cruise he earned the privaledge of doing a live fire of the ships weapons by defeating the ship's tacital officer in an unarmed spar.
    • He graduated as a Tactical Officer.
  • Service Record: He served on the USS Iowa, and saw limited action in his initial years of service. He was transferred to the USS Tucumsah, and put to use as a Security Officer supernumerary. He was later transferred to the USS Rodger Young, where he served as a Master of Arms and was later sent to Command school. He was then promoted to Lieutenant, and served as the Assistant Chief of Tactical aboard the USS Hiroge. In his capacity as a supernamery that Ralloc Acted as Away Team Security for a first contact mission to the Tarquallans. Also he Acted as Away Team Security for a first contact mission to the UrbaNus Hive Mind. A big event was when he Acted as Away Team Security for a first contact mission to the Brythonians. Ralloc was part of a First Contact team that signed a limited contact agreement with the Brythonians that got the Galaxy Alliance safe passage rights through Brython Space. After his first few years of service he was transferred to the USS Endurance Flagship of 5th Fleet. On the Endurance he began his role as Chief Tactical Officer and performed his duties flawlessly. Just a year after the transfer he was assigned sto provide ship based fire support of a Forward Naval Gunfire Control Team sent to cover the Federation withdrawl from Etosha VI. In the end it was a trap. The Kolgarth Pirate Clan had decided to try and embarass and dishearten the Starfleet forces and used the excuse of withdrawl to bring in mercenary troop ships with reenforcements. The Gunfire Control team was ambushed on the way to the rally and beam out point. Ralloc used an improvised sensor probe loaded with anti-matter as a high power torpedo. The opposing force leader was killed. The mercenary forces engaged transporter inhibitors. Ralloc was in constant uplinked communication with the Gunfire team. He rallied a defense and using combadges and tricorders had the team rig a transporter enhancer. Ralloc supressed enemy fire so the rest of the team had a chance to complete the improvision. He used the speed garnered from years of console practice to keep the superior enemy numbers from over running the Starfleet Team. The team fought until they could be beamed up losing four more out of the original ten. The situation in space was desperate. The Endurance and it's escorts retreated back to unoccupied space. Ralloc earned meritorious promotion (but deffered) to Lieutenant Commander. Later on Muad was Assigned to the USS Entropy, as a First Officer. His assignments have solidified his perception of himself as a Warrior-Poet in his mind. He later became the Entropy's CO. The Entropy was catastrophically damaged due to a mysterious near miss with a gravitic singularity. He was promoted to Commander and made Executive Officer of the USS Indomitable NCC-64005, under Captain Xanathos. He has served as Executive Officer of Deep Space Nine and is now currently the Executive Officer of Spacedock.

Current Events



  • Space Medal


  • Commplant/Computer Certification
  • Hand-to-Hand Certification
  • Scanner Certification
  • Security Certification
  • Communications Certification
  • Unrestricted Line Officer
  • Navigation/Helm Certification
  • Weapons Certification

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