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Rickart Rambaldi
Rambaldi (800x714).jpg
Affiliation: Starfleet
Assignment: USS Agamemnon
Rank: R-o1.png
Title: Helm Officer
Department: Flight Operations
Assignment: USS Agamemnon
Race: Terran
Age: 22
Birthdate: 2412
Gender: Male


Rickart Rambaldi was born in Cagliari, Sardinia Island, Italy the 20 Jan 2412, from Gianna and Cesare Rambaldi. He got no brothers or sisters. Gianna is an Architect and works in Cagliari, Robert otherwise was a Starfleet officer. During his childhood, Rickart spent most of time with the mother on Earth in Sardinia Island where he learnt the traditions and customs of his ancestor's land. He learnt the rituals of the Sardinian tusk hunt the ancient Sardinian Language. Every summer with his mother used to visit Betazed, where his father was serving during his first assignment. Even if his mother had several friends on Betazed and tried to help him making new friends, he never enjoyed visiting Betazed since he was always suspicious about telepaths. Anyway, in his travels on Betazed, at 15 years old he met Lahara a young Betazoid girl, they spent a nice summer together and she became Rickart's first love. When Lahara's parents found out their relationship did all in their power to forbid the two kids to stay in touch, she was from a noble family on Betazed and the son of a Starfleet officer was not enough for their standards. This event didn't helped much for Rickart's opinion of Betazoids, he doesn't show a clear hate about them but simply try to avoid to stay in the same room unless is required. At 16 years old, Rickart went with his mother on Deep Space 9 to meet with his father who was going to celebrate with R. and his wife the kid's birthday. Rickart waited the whole day and night the arrival of his father when after two days an officer came into his quarters to announce the sad news. The USS Connemara, the galaxy class starship the father was serving on as XO, disappeared without any apparent reasons; the last confirmed sensor readings showed the ship leaving Qo'Nos heading toward Deep Space 9, what happened to the ship and its crew is still a mystery. As Rickart turned 18 th decided to join Starfleet Academy, at one side willing to follow his father's steps on the other willing to climb the ranks in order to, one day, being able to use his influence to reopen the investigation. During the Academy, he was able to make some friends as Mark Knox, who knew during the Plebe Summer, he was his best friend until the 3rd year, when Mark got discharged from the Academy for cheating in a physic exam by hacking the instructor computer to get the questions the day before the test. Rickart was quite sad to feel alone again, and sought revenge. He knew that Mark would not stole the questions for any reasons, but there was not any way to proof it for how hard he tried to proof it. However, he knew who was: Emil Lussu, an annoying member of his class. His suspects got concrete when during a weekend leave followed Emil on Earth and knowing that Emil used to hang out to the Derek's Pub in Paris, pretended to be there for coincidence, seated with the classmate and let him drink until the class mate was so intoxicated that confessed while Rickart was recording. The evidence, anyway, wasn't admitted due Emil intoxication. Rickart's physic instructor Francis Banks, after a deeper investigation was able to proof Mark's innocence and frame Emil for it, anyway Mark lost almost one year after his expulsion and had to repeat the year. At the beginning of the final year, Rickart chosen as advanced school flight as primary course and engineering as secondary. He now is waiting to be assigned to field training. His will to find out what happened to his father persist in him, and he has no doubt, that in a way or another, he will find the truth about what happened.

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