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Dominic Amadeus Rayner
Starfleet Personnel File
Rank Lieutenant 2410 SF O-3.png
Played By: [Chris O'Donnell]
Current Assignment: Advanced Command Training,
Starfleet Academy
Serial Number: DR-698-964
Office: Forward Corridor, Deck 3.
Quarters: Forward Port Corridor, Deck 2.
Previous assignment(s): Deep Space 9
USS Excalibur (NCC-90003) (06/17/23-12/04/26)
USS Lacrimosa (NCC-1881) (09/03/18-06/16/23)
USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-G) (04/20/16-09/02/18)
USS Yorktown (NCC-90014) (02/21/16-04/19/16)
Personal File
Birthdate 20 April 2392 (69301.34)
Birthplace Anchorage, Alaska
Mother Ingrid Getchell Whitehall
Father Adamus Maximus Rayner
Education Starfleet Academy
Starfleet Tactical College
Starfleet Academy
Zefram Cochrane H.S.
Affiliation Starfleet (Border Patrol)
Marital Status Single

Lieutenant Dominic Amadeus Rayner previously served as Chief Security Officer, and Second Officer, aboard the USS Laibok (NCC-90213), under the command of Commander Samuel Jameson Riley. He is currently undergoing Advanced Command Training at Starfleet Academy on Earth.

Civilian Life

Early Life: 2392 - 2406

Born on 20 April 2392, in Anchorage, Alaska, to Commander (ret.) Adamus Maximus Rayner, First Officer of the USS Thermopylae; and Lieutenant Commander Ingrid Getchell Whitehall, Adamus' Chief Medical Officer, primary caregiver, and ever-vigilant guardian. Adamus and Ingrid had re-settled on Earth following the end of terraforming efforts in 2391.
Adamus and Ingrid had each achieved noteworthy commendations for their respective services during the Breen Incursions, as well as numerous meritorious marks of loyalty for support of Starfleet in general. Adamus himself had served in mainly Tactical positions, ranging from Master-at-Arms to Chief Tactical Officer, under a man known as Haille Ritter. Ritter's path crossed with Adamus' during his early years as a Petty Officer, and largely due to this crossing of paths Adamus was able to retire, years later, as a Commander, having served as Captain Ritter's senior chief on board the USS Black Prince (a Bonhomme Richard-class heavy cruiser) for the majority of his career. When Ritter made Admiral, he granted Adamus a Lieutenant's commission, and had him assigned to the Black Prince as the Tactical Officer, a reward of sorts for his loyalty. Ingrid, on the other hand, had served primarily in science-based positions, ranging from Assistant Xenologist to Assistant Chief of Biosphere Evaluation, but her career always led her back to medicine, and to her beloved Adamus.
Dominic's formative years, much like Adamus', were far from mundane, being a Starfleet brat, thanks to both his mother and the rest of his family. As the middle child of the family, having three older siblings (Zefram, Archer, and Benjamin) and two younger (Katran, and Gabrielle) it fell to Dominic to be the girls' defender whenever the Terrible Trio felt like picking on them. One could say that this reinforced Dominic's belief in learning proper adult behavior, as well as teaching him how to mediate disputes, and to handle delegation of tasks, among other things.

High School: 2406 - 2410

From 2406 to 2410, the majority of Dominic's time was spent attending Zefram Cochrane High School on Earth, listening to at first boring (but quickly more interesting) lectures on, for example, the effects of phaser discharge within confined spaces. This piqued his interest in various subjects falling under the divisions of Science and Tactical. He further found that he did not need to possess outstanding social skills in order to pass his classes -- just good old ethics, and gumption.
Dominic's instructors were quickly impressed with the initiative he showed, and thenceforth he found himself frequently called on to be a teaching aide in several classes. While the instructor handled the lesson plan, Dominic would handle organizing papers to be graded later by the instructor, as well as various other clerical, and instructional, duties. As a reward for his excellent work, once in a while he would even be allowed to carry out an experiment while the instructor, and most of the class, observed from behind the proverbial lead shield waiting for the explosion. This perceived favoritism between teacher and student created a social rift between Dominic and most of the other students, and thus he found himself seeking solace (from the "teacher's pet" chanting, among other things) with the staff, from whom he learned self-motivation, and independence, and developed a thick skin, all of which hold true to this day.

Starfleet Service

Starfleet Academy: 2409 - 2413 Y-blank3.pngY-M4.pngY-M3.png Y-M2.png Y-M1.png

Rayner's years at the academy were spent not in bliss, thinking of finally being free of an oppressive regime, but at the feeling of knowing he was going to be part of something great, something that would shape the face of the cosmos for eons to come. His first year there, where he learned basic drill, and how to behave during his stay, came and went without so much as a hint of trouble, his upbringing and environment having prepared him for the rigors of academy life. The second and third years flew by without so much as a whimper. With the beginning of year four, Dominic double-majored in Security and Tactical, with a minor in Operations for good measure.

Cadet Cruise, Tactical College, Final Cruise: 2413 - 2415 2410 SF O-1.png 2410 SF O-2.png

Shortly before graduating from Starfleet Academy, he served a six-month cadet cruise as a Tactical supernumerary aboard Deep Space Nine. Upon completion of his cadet cruise, Rayner was granted an Ensign's commission and transferred to a two-year tactical college on Jupiter, where he earned a Master's degree. Returning to Deep Space Nine, Rayner completed his final cruise, and was promoted to Lieutenant (junior grade). Shortly thereafter, he was re-assigned to the USS Yorktown (NCC-90014), an Akagi-class multi-mission heavy cruiser.

USS Yorktown (NCC-90014): March 6, 2415 - April 19, 2415 2410 SF O-2.png

LTJG Dominic Rayner boarded USS Yorktown (NCC-90014) on March 6, 2415, as a Tactical supernumerary. Although he tried his best to hide it, he couldn't help but practically reek of the proverbial 'freshie' smell, this being his first real assignment post-Academy. Nothing of note happened until shortly before he was forced to transfer off of Yorktown along with the rest of the ship's command and crew, due to an attack by CCV Draconia very smartly walloping it and putting it into drydock. Once his new orders were cut, he made the transfer on April 19, 2415 with the rest of the crew.

USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-G): April 19, 2415 - March 2, 2418 2410 SF O-2.png

Boarding the famous USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-G) was like a dream for Lieutenant Rayner. Aboard the titular Enterprise-class heavy cruiser (formerly a Shutsugun/Galaxy-II, warranting a reclassification after the addition of top-of-the-line equipment, including soliton-hybrid technology and upgraded shields and armor) he maintained his position as a Tactical supernumerary, while Yorktown was undergoing repairs at Utopia Planitia Fleetyards. All was relatively well (given the active life of a Starfleet officer) until one day in late June, when Rayner found himself no longer aboard Enterprise.
For the next eleven days he remained, as he would later discover, some 25,000 kliks away from his post. Thankfully his training allowed him to remain calm, cool, and collected, and thus survive the ordeal relatively unscathed. He did spend some time in Medical to take care of some bumps and bruises caused by stellar phenomena bombarding the pod, as well as some time with a counselor to assess his mental state. One month later, he participated in a no-frills mission to observe a colony on New Bajor.

Deep Space 9: March 2, 2418 - September 3, 2418 2410 SF O-2.png

Seven months of service aboard Deep Space 9 flew by in the blink of an eye to Lieutenant Rayner, such that he recalls little, if anything, that occurred during that time-frame.

USS Lacrimosa (NCC-1881): September 3, 2418 - June 17, 2423 2410 SF O-2.png

On September 3, 2418, Lieutenant JG Rayner set foot aboard USS Lacrimosa (NCC-1881), a Majestic-class medium destroyer, saying his farewells to several members of the Enterprise's crew as he transferred. A new commanding officer, Commander Karalos Zeno, the Yorktown's Second Officer, awaited him. Later, on June 8, 2423, Lieutenant Rayner, Commander Ito Hiroshi, and Lieutenant Commander Benedict Edward Talbot conducted an explorative endeavor aboard the USS Rauk-Spar (NCC-11286). Lieutenant Rayner accompanied Commander Ito and Lieutenant Commander Talbot as they ventured through the ship, running scans and tagging the deceased crew for medical transport and further in-depth analysis.
Shortly after the mission concluded, Rayner found himself transferred to USS Excalibur (NCC-90003), an Akagi-class multimission heavy cruiser, for further assignment.

USS Excalibur (NCC-90003): June 17, 2423 - December 4, 2426 2410 SF O-2.png 2410 SF O-3.png

Transferring to Excalibur reunited Rayner with an old friend: Captain M'hrr. The morning of June 17, 2423 was like coming home, returning him to a family he had long since thought lost. Later in September of that year, after proving himself worthy (and the proverbial paperwork finally making it through the pipes) Dominic Rayner's second pip was finally filled in, making him a full Lieutenant at long last.
On September 18, 2423, Excalibur responded to a distress signal sent out by the CCV Skidbladnir, saying the ship had been fired upon by an unknown vessel. Excalibur proceeded at best speed to the site of the attack with the intent of rendering assistance to the Skidbladnir. Upon arrival, Skidbladnir was nowhere to be found, and the Excalibur thus began searching. Shortly after entering Bajoran space, the Excalibur was able to make contact with Skidbladnir. The vessel had been caught in a subspace skip caused by attempting to go to warp in close proximity to a recent cobalt explosion. The Excalibur shortly thereafter received a report that USS Klamath had been targeted by an unknown vessel, and thus Excalibur made best speed to the location. Upon arrival, Excalibur was fired on by both cobalt and quantum devices, as well as beam cannons which were undetectable by either Starbase Tenazra or Excalibur. Tachyon beam sweeps and calculated blind fire by Excalibur and Tenazra were ineffective, and thus Klamath returned to base with minimal damage. Having noted the unknown vessel preferred smaller targets, a trap was set by Commander Hiroshi Ito taking Quartz One, his fightercraft, out for a fly-by. After several attempts to fire upon Quartz One, the entity turned its attention to Excalibur, the latter sustaining heavy damage as a result. The unknown vessel ceased its attack, presumably once the Excalibur ceased to be a viable threat, and escaped into space. Repairs to the ship were commenced on arrival at Utopia Planitia, September 18, 2423, stardate 100714.89, and completed on stardate 100745.16, eleven days later.
Later, on April 6, 2424, Lieutenant Rayner and several others were privy to a conversation between Lieutenant Commander Talbot and Admiral Shra'Hawk, Deputy Chief of Starfleet Operations. Also on-screen was a vid-link showing Captain Astor-Cross in confinement at an unknown location, later discovered to be Trade Platform Zulu. Commander Talbot abruptly turned over control of the conn to Rayner, and departed the ship without another word. Talbot returned six hours later, and was abruptly beamed off by an unknown entity. Efforts to re-establish contact with LCDR Talbot failed. A call was put in to Admiral Ruao Sarjanna, Chief of Starfleet Operations, to deliver a report and ascertain the Excalibur's orders, as no one save Talbot had apparently been briefed on the matter. The Admiral ordered Excalibur to proceed to a set of coordinates, and wait for further instructions, which would be delivered on-site. En route to the coordinates, Lieutenant Rayner opened a channel to Admiral Shra'Hawk and brought him into the loop. Upon arrival at the coordinates, Excalibur linked up with a good-sized fleet of ships. Admiral Ruao's ship, SBR Sarapis, showed up shortly thereafter, and the Trade Platform raised its shields. Excalibur was ordered into weapons range, and thereupon the platform fired a series of beams into the fleet, crippling a good many ships. Sarapis was able to retrieve several captives, including Captain Astor-Cross, before all ships were ordered to commence a tactical retreat to Deep Space 9 for repairs.
In accordance with a joint venture between BAJCOM and SFCOM, Commodore Kainon of the Bajoran Defense Force was transferred over to assume command of Excalibur on April 18, 2424. Commander Karalos Zeno, Lieutenant Commander Benedict Talbot, Lieutenant Giellun i-Ramnau tr'Sahehn, Lieutenant Kailyn Pryus-Talbot, and Lieutenant JG Casey Maguire were relieved of their duties aboard Excalibur and transferred to posts aboard Deep Space 9. Joining Commodore Kainon aboard Excalibur were Lieutenant Commander Kero Sene, Captain Kenneth Adamson, Lieutenant JG Marcus Urban, and Lieutenant Commander Kame Alhe. One month later, Lieutenant Commander Benedict Talbot was brought down by Deep Space 9 personnel after suffering a mental break. Reports indicate LCDR Talbot had attempted to assault Commodore Kainon aboard Excalibur and beamed aboard Deep Space 9, where he was cornered by station personnel. The threat to Commodore Kainon's life was ended when Talbot was beamed into space, the EVA suit worn by Talbot having failed due to a combination of an extended lack of maintenance, and Talbot's lack of proper training with the suit.
En route to Trill, on October 28, 2424, 14:10 AST, Excalibur was scanned by an unknown entity (later determined to be CCV Frozen Custard, a K'vort-class Bird of Prey). Excalibur raised shields, and armed weapons. CDR LeBlanc advised nearby Starbase Tenazra of our situation, and ordered the ship to Red Alert. Excalibur set course for the source of the initial scan. Frozen Custard decloaked, and communications were established on public frequencies. Frozen Custard agreed to come to a full stop, lower shields, and undergo an inspection. The situation quickly became hostile: after informing the Custard of Excalibur's intent to board, Custard began venting antimatter. Weapons-fire was exchanged between the ships, with Frozen Custard coming out on top. Excalibur made a tactical retreat to Starbase Tenazra to undergo repairs.
On March 4, 2425, 05:09 AST, Excalibur became ensnared by a Cardassian-made minefield near Valo III. The crew began drawing up plans to escape the minefield. Nine days later, on March 13, 2425, 19:30 AST, Excalibur received a communique from KMV Chudra, a Keldon-class Cardassian military vessel captained by Gul Almar. After a short, 'cordial' conversation, communications were discretely discontinued by Excalibur. KMV Chudra cloaked, prompting Captain Kainon to sound general quarters, and make ready for hostilities. A short while later, Excalibur's communications relay was jammed. A NavHazard Buoy was made ready to transmit a message bringing light to the situation, and Excalibur repositioned itself to maximize the buoy's signal range.
As Excalibur moved away from its original position, the jamming signal gradually dissipated. Nearby, Telok Drydock began flashing its lights in an apparent attempt to communicate, having been possibly affected by similar circumstances. Figuring KMV Chudra to be behind the day's events thus far, efforts were made to determine if Chudra had indeed been in the area, efforts that quickly bore fruit. A scan of the drydock revealed that the dock's crew had disappeared, perhaps having been kidnapped. Commander LeBlanc gathered an away team (consisting of himself and Lieutenant Rayner) to pilot a shuttlecraft over to the station for a hands-on search, turning up twenty-five recent transporter signals from Ops: twenty-four to a ship, one to the nearby planet. Lieutenant Rayner was relieved shortly thereafter by Lieutenant S'hado, Rayner being needed aboard Excalibur. Upon Rayner's return to the Bridge, Captain Kainon turned control of the Bridge over to him to await the return of the away team.
On July 18, 2425, 18:37 AST, Excalibur was able to break the Cardassian blockade, and return to Deep Space 9 for repairs and liberty.
USS Excalibur departed Deep Space 9 on vectors for Trill, with the ultimate destination being the Bolian homeworld. Shortly after clearing Trill, Excalibur received an alert from a navhazard buoy, and adjusted course to avoid the incoming object (later determined to be a comet of considerable size). Figuring a gravimetric anomaly to be responsible for pulling the comet so far off course (Excalibur had been in a trade lane at the time), orders were given to commence scans of the area. Scans turned up evidence of a gravimetric anomaly approximately 2,680 kliks from Excalibur's position, as well as a mysterious ship. The nav-database revealed that Excalibur had been moved just shy of the L-881 system, nine and a half hours due south of Galaxy Alliance space at cruise warp, since avoiding the comet. Shortly after this revelation, Captain Kainon departed the bridge to prepare a report for Starfleet Command. A subspace rift appeared shortly thereafter, preceded by a large explosion, and begun drawing Excalibur toward it. Ensign Taxo, Excalibur's Chief Helmsman, was successful in wrestling the ship from the rift's grip. Subsequent nav-scans of the area determined that Excalibur had been further distanced from its initial position, roughly 57 parsecs past the Angel system. At current speed, Excalibur would be home within the week, if all went well.
On June 1, 2426, 17:00 AST, Excalibur continued toward Alliance space, after having been propelled through a gravimetric anomaly into unknown space, when it came into contact with an unknown subspace anomaly which triggered safeties after dissipating Excalibur's warp field. Apparently a known phenomenon in this area of space, a ship decloaked only a minute after warp drive was disengaged. The ship, identified as the CCV Ros'teth CID-84969, scanned as a Kyuushu-class warbird of standard configuration. Excalibur assumed a defensive-neutral stance after noting the aggressive proximity and angle of attack at which the ship decloaked, and rather than take an equally aggressive posture, Excalibur made contact with the ship via viewscreen. The enemy ship captain, identified as Warlord Grizzah, seemed to be under the impression that the USS Excalibur had been completely disabled by the effects of the subspace anomaly. Overly assured of himself, Grizzah moved to attack Excalibur. Having no other choice, Commander LeBlanc ordered shields raised, and a warning shot put across the Ros'teth's bow. Excalibur attempted to disable the Kyuushu for further investigation, but a series of unpredictable failures in the older ship resulted in its destruction. Excalibur salvaged material from the ship's hull, and transported it aboard under full medical quarantine for further investigation upon return to Alliance space, and once again set off toward home.

Deep Space 9 (again): December 4, 2426 - December 11, 2428 2410 SF O-3.png

Finally arriving at Deep Space 9 for repairs and liberty, Rayner found himself with time on his hands. A lot of time. Free time. More free time than he'd had for a good while. He could only spend so much time in the holosuites, so much time in the firing range, before growing bored. Excalibur hadn't left dock since returning from the 'Grizzah encounter'. Suddenly, a proverbial light in the darkness: transfer orders. Excalibur's crew had been largely reassigned to the Officers' Pool at Deep Space 9. With all due haste, Lieutenant Rayner proceeded to seek out the individual in charge of Deep Space 9 to confirm his new orders, and begin the next chapter in his Starfleet career.
After milling about in the officers' pool for close to two years, going about his duties, Lieutenant Rayner received interesting news: he was to begin cross-training in Operations, in addition to continuing his duties in Security.

USS Laibok: December 11, 2428 - August 25, 2429 2410 SF O-3.png

Two years of service aboard Deep Space 9 flew by before word of a shakeup managed to reach Lieutenant Rayner. He was to make all due haste to the USS Laibok, a Ushaan-class frigate. Upon arrival, he was reunited with a blast from the past: Lieutenant Commander (Doctor) S. J. Riley had been promoted and put into the proverbial hot seat. Lieutenant Rayner returned to an old habit (being Chief of Security) and developed a new one (serving as the Second Officer of a ship). Adjusting to a new ship had its ups and downs, but nothing Rayner couldn't handle. Eventually, the Laibok set out on a routine patrol cruise, departing Deep Space 9 for Trill, and continuing on to Earth, before reversing course and heading back to its home-port of Deep Space 9.
On stardate 106208.39, a scuffle broke out in the ship's lounge. Roger McGee, later identified as the ship's barber, was taken into custody, only to escape, hours later, and cause havoc throughout the ship. Mr. McGee was eventually cornered in the men's privy with a bottle of the captain's private liquor. Efforts to detain the man lead to his becoming physical. Security officers attempted to restrain the man; unfortunately, Mr. McGee passed away while in the process of being taken back into custody.
Some time later, on stardate 106272.43, alert klaxons broke the otherwise monotonous stupor of the Laibok's crew, after a communique from Deep Space 9 sent docked ships scrambling to distance themselves from the station due to an explosion in the promenade. Laibok's sister ship, USS Wethesa, was first to respond, sending over medical relief. The Laibok offered some of its own officers, including Security and Engineering. Deep Space 9 then hailed the Laibok and advised that it had been the victim of a security breach, and that its transporters had been hijacked. USS Laibok moved to distance itself from the station, and raise shields, but not quickly enough: Deep Space 9 proceeded to lock transporters, and beam several items on to, and off of, the ship. A search by ship security personnel later turned up a vial of an unknown substance in the women's lavatory. Before the vial could be secured, it too was transported away. It later turned up elsewhere in the ship, broken. Having been in the process of searching the ship at the time, one of Rayner's officers was dosed by the contents, perhaps some sort of hallucinogenic drug. Being potentially airborne, the drug quickly began spreading through the room. Rayner, and Ensign Kell, moved to escort Seaman Vaore, the injured officer, from the room before they too were dosed too heavily. Thankfully, it seemed Rayner's interaction with the drug was only in passing, contrasting with Vaore's more prolonged exposure.
Later, on stardate 106357.12, USS Laibok played host to Captain Brax, of Starfleet Science. The ship had been tapped to assist with a scientific excursion, specifically a series of scans of Ferenginar. Mission complete, Captain Brax departed the Laibok without another word. The crew gained a spiritual advisor of sorts on this day, in the form of Ranjen Roana Kyle of the Democratic Republic of Bajor, docking with the ship during its return trip to Deep Space 9.
All was well, as well could be, until stardate 106386.77, when the Laibok responded to a distress call from a Galaxy Alliance-registered civilian ship. The Laibok was reunited with the Wethesa crew during the mission, and the two ships began searching for the civilian vessel due to its distress beacon failing, attempting to use its subspace transmissions to pinpoint its location. Wethesa was able to locate the ship first, and sent a signal for the Laibok to proceed under cloak to a set of coordinates. An away party was arranged and beamed over to the damaged ship, later identified as the 'SS Roy Hinkley', turning up a wealth of information. Also joining the away team was an exchange officer from the Bajoran Defense Force, newly posted to the Laibok, Gwydion Trasera.
On stardate 106455.22, a massive earthquake struck Betazed, causing massive casualties. Early reports speculated that the planet's core had destabilized. Numerous vessels, including Starfleet, Rikon, and Bajoran Defense Forces, and several civilian vessels, converged on the area to render aid. One week later, on stardate 106472.22, Laibok received orders to begin transporting supplies in from Starbase 703, near Andor. Arriving at Andor, Laibok found 703 on high alert, weapons and shields active. Scans of the station revealed heavy damage. Shortly thereafter, CCV Bona, a Kirishima-class battlecruiser, decloaked and began pilfering supplies from the base. Laibok proceeded to order the Bona to cease and desist, and sent out a fleet-wide message alerting various other ships to the theft. The Bona attempted to escape from the area. Laibok prevented it from going to warp by firing at it, and taking a number of hard hits in return, keeping it stalled long enough for the Wethesa to arrive. Unfortunately, the Laibok took heavy damage, not only to its structure, but to its crew, resulting in lengthy stays in the infirmary. From stardates 106475.54 to 106498.53, Laibok sat in drydock under repair. Once repairs completed, Laibok secured permission to resume its part in the Betazed recovery effort.

Starfleet Academy: August 25, 2429 - Present 2410 SF O-3.png

In the midst of the recovery efforts, Lieutenant Rayner found himself selected to undergo Advanced Command Training, a more challenging form of URL training, at Starfleet Academy. He departed the USS Laibok on August 25, leaving the department, and the ship, in the hands of newly-promoted and -returned Lieutenant Colin Reid.

Service Record

Stardate Date Rank Entry
106634.88 August 20, 2429 2410 SF O-3.png ASSIGNMENT: Starfleet Academy, Advanced Command Training.
105944.39 December 11, 2428 TRANSFER: USS Laibok (NCC-90213), Chief of Security/Second Officer.
105662.00 August 29, 2428 TRANSFER: Deep Space 9, Security/Operations Officer.
103925.13 December 4, 2426 TRANSFER: Deep Space 9, Officers' Pool.
100699.43 September 13, 2423 PROMOTION: Lieutenant (O-3).
100458.33 June 17, 2423 2410 SF O-2.png TRANSFER: USS Excalibur (NCC-90003), Chief Security Officer.
95672.03 September 3, 2418 TRANSFER: USS Lacrimosa (NCC-1881), billet unchanged.
95166.15 March 2, 2418 TRANSFER: Deep Space 9, Officers' Pool.
94494.66 June 30, 2417 AWARD: [Gamma Quadrant Exploration Ribbon].
94378.71 May 18, 2417 AWARD: [Space Medal].
92296.69 April 19, 2415 TRANSFER: USS Enterprise-G (NCC-1701-G), with command and crew, as a junior Tactical Officer.
92176.14 March 6, 2415 ASSIGNMENT: USS Yorktown (NCC-90014) as junior Tactical Officer.
92176.14 March 6, 2415 PROMOTION: Lieutenant (jg) (O-2).
90417.24 June 2, 2413 2410 SF O-1.png COMMISSIONED into Starfleet as an Ensign (O-1) upon successful completion of academy training. Applied and accepted to tactical college.

Awards, Certifications, and Medals

  • Commplant/Computer Certification
  • Navigation/Helm Certification
  • Communications Certification
  • Security Certification
  • Gamma Quadrant Exploration Ribbon
  • Unrestricted Line Officer
  • Hand-to-Hand Certification
  • Weapons Certification


Log Date Participants
Rayner's Abduction (RP Log) 18 August 2012 Barrien, Ito, Rayner
Enterprise-G New Bajor Mission (RP Log) 25-26 August 2012 Barrien, Ito, Rayner, Sagewood, Korin, tiQ'ab
Rescue Mission (RP Log) 05 February 2014 Aelia (NPC), Astor-Cross, Eilonwy, Giellun, Ito,
Lokoi, Niian, Rayner, R'sta, Ruao, S'hado, Shra'Hawk, Talbot
Departure of Shogun (RP Log) 27 February 2014 Ito, Kainon, LeBlanc, Rayner
Another Day at the Office (RP Log) 17 April 2014 Kainon, Kame, Rayner, Riss (NPC)
Running the Blockade (RP Log) 23 April 2014 Dihon, Kainon, LeBlanc, Maguire, Rayner, Riley, Taxo, Williams
Ten-Forward Introductions (RP Log) 25 April 2014 Rayner, Taxo, Williams
Things That Go Boom In The Night (RP Log) 15 June 2014 Rayner, Taxo, LeBlanc
Once More Unto the Breach (RP Log) 20 November 2014 Kame, Rayner, Reid, Sharis, Tobyn
Knocking Dust Off the Boots (RP Log) 30 November 2014 Corso, Danek, Rayner, Tobyn
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