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RealSpace is a fully soft-coded Space system exclusive to Where No One Has Gone Before, created by the Head Codewizard Randal.


General Information

The Space System

Space is a very complex operation, especially for a MOO. As it is right now, space is entirely soft-coded. That is that all the code is loaded into memory in the database and executed by the MOO server program which is being run by the server computer. Unlike many code bases, which use hard code (code included in the server program and directly executed by the server computer), MOO typically uses exclusively soft code aside from the relatively small collection of built-in hard coded functions. As a result of all the code being soft code, MOOs tend to run slower than other code bases such as MUSH. That is why it is considered to be quite a feat to code an efficient, fully-featured, and non-lagging space engine in MOO. To my knowledge, there is no other space system with this many features coded in MOO that runs this fast while updating over two hundred objects -- and is still adding more new features every day.

The Space Cycle

The space cycle is the very heart beat of space -- almost literally. With barely one second between the end and beginning of each successive occurrence of the cycle, $space (as we've come to call it affectionately) maintains over two hundred objects in a persistent, real-time universe. A task like this is indeed hefty and can be taxing on the MOO. If the Space Maintenance Cycle (as we refer to it) lags, then the whole MOO will probably lag, too.

During each cycle, the system systematically updates every active space object. It carries out countless calculations and updates the information on the objects appropriately. From moving a ship to recharging shields to alerting players of new sensor contacts -- the space cycle does it all.


  • Space currently hosts approximately 260 space objects, give or take depending on traffic, EVAs, etc.
  • The average space cycle is less than 0.15 seconds.
  • Randal, the Head Codewizard, was just entering high school when he started coding the RealSpace system for WNO. It remains the most efficient, smooth and full-featured MOO Space system available.

Help Files


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