Rebellion on Talar

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TALAR (INW) - A rebel group of feminist Talarians took control of the primary government buildings in the Talarian capitol today. Additionally, they claim to have seized control of a number of Talarian raiding vessels.

Neither the Talarian Government or the rebels were available for comment, though Survek, a Professor of Political Science at the Arren Institute, speculates, "The Talarians have been an extremely patriarchal society. They believe females to exist only for mating and working, and many go so far as to say that 'Talarians do not have mothers, only fathers.' It is a logical inevitability that cracks in the patriarchal system would form and the females would eventually band together and revolt."

(Stardate: 77677.53 - Sun Sep 5 07:13:36 2399 Alliance Standard Time)

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