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Jason X. Reed-Maguire
Rank: Commander
Title: Executive Officer, USS Shutsugun (NCC-81410)
Race: Betazoid
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Starfleet (Exploration Command)



Jason Reed was born March 29th, 2350 on the colony world of Tarrot III to William and Elizabeth Reed, Betazoid colonists who came to this world three years earlier. He grew up on the colony with very little in his way. His father and mother were teachers at the small university on the colony world.

When Jason was 16 years old, the Borg War began with the battle of Wolf 359. The day he turned 18, in 2368, he immediately made his way to colony's militia recruiter, ready to fight when the need arrises. He was, however, intercepted by his parents and convinced to go to college first. He did so, but with one condition. He would attend OTS and enter the militia as an officer. He graduated Salutorian of his university in 2372 and attended OTS, but it was too late as the war was already over. He was comissioned a 2nd Lieutenant in 2373 and went to Atmospheric Flight School and then on to Fighter Weapons School to pilot atmospheric interdiction flights. Over the next 4 years, Reed was credited with 3 kills, one of a pirate B'rel class BOP, for which he earned the Tarrot III Flying Cross and a promotion to First Lieutenant and the other 2 also of pirate shuttles during a second scuffle involving the BOP.

In 2377, Reed completed his time with the Tarrot Militia, retiring from an honorable career. He wished to continue with his service, but on a larger scale. He applied to, and was accepted, to Starfleet Acadamy's two year program for those who already have a college degree. Being the student he was, he passed the Acadamy courses and attended Flight School to fly spaceborne fighters. He was sent to Betazed and attended Flight School there, specializing in the new Wasp-class warp fighter and getting an interesting look at his cultural heritage. Upon graduation from Flight School, he was promoted to 1LT in the SFMC and now awaits placement in a fighter squadron.

Service Record

  • Jan, 2366 - Borg War Begins
  • Aug, 2368 - Attended College
  • Jun, 2372 - Graduated; attends OTS.
  • Feb, 2373 - Commisioned 2LT.
  • G-blank1.png Feb, 2377 - Ends 4 year hitch with militia. Joins SFA.
  • G-o1.png Jun, 2381 - Ends 2 year SFA program. Commisioned a Second Lt. and attends Flight School.
  • G-o1.png Mar, 2383 - Completes Flight School.
  • G-o2.png Mar, 2383 - Promotion: Second Lieutenant to First Lieutenant
  • G-o2.png Mar, 2383 - Assignment: USS Midway (NCC-82142) - Pilot, Onyx Wing
  • G-o2.png Oct, 2386 - Galaxy Alliance Civil War, sides with Loyalists
  • G-o2.png Jun, 2389 - Assignment: USS Nadesico (NCC-64001) - Pilot, Jade Wing
  • G-o2.png May, 2392 - Assignment: USS Zhukov (NCC-26136) - Helmsman, Temporary
  • R-o2.png Jan, 2393 - Transfer: Commision changed from Starfleet Marine Corps to Fleet Operations
  • R-o3.png Jan, 2393 - Promotion: Lieutenant (jg) to Lieutenant
  • R-o3.png Jan, 2393 - Transfer: USS Zhukov (NCC-26136) - Chief Helmsman
  • R-o3.png Jan, 2395 - Assignment: Casey Maguire-Reed - Husband
  • R-o4.png May, 2395 - Promotion: Lieutenant to Lieutenant Commander
  • R-o4.png May, 2395 - Assignment: USS Exeter (NCC-74243) - Commanding Officer



  • Breen War Ribbon
  • Freedom War Ribbon
  • Letter of Commendation
  • Letter of Reprimand
  • Navigation/Helm Certification
  • Unrestricted Line Officer
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