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Colin Angus Reid
Rank: 2410 SF O-5.png


Title: Starfleet Officer
Race: Terran
Birthdate: 29/02/2404
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Starfleet (Starbase Operations)
Spouse: None
Actor: Jonathan Frakes



It's stardate 81162.11 and Lieutenants Rita and John Reid are in the infirmary aboard the USS Gryphon. The doctor glances at the couple, then back to the task at hand, "It will be any minute now...". Rita's contractions are in full swing and according to the nurses on hand, she is fully dilated. "OK we're crowning...", the doctor injects. The doctor was true to his word, and not five minutes past the midnight hour of February 29th 2404 their son Colin Angus Reid, so named after Rita's and John's fathers respectively, was born. Light brown hair, brown eyes, and now the sibling of older twin sisters, Alisa and Aileen.

Right after he was born, young Colin was shipped off to Earth to stay with his namesake, his mother's father, and his two sisters. Families were not allowed aboard starships, and his parents still had a few years aboard ship on their current assignment. Colin's parents served in the engineering department, they were both warp-core specialists.

Life was good, and Colin was not want for anything, except for maybe a reprieve from the continuous harassment older sisters tend to subject their little brothers to. He was never angry at them though, for he knew, and it was proven on several occasions, that no matter how much they picked on him they were the only ones ever to get away with doing so; they always stood up for him, protected him, and more importantly taught him how to defend himself. Once their assignment was completed and they were in a position to request a transfer, Colin's parents relocated to Earth and served at Starfleet Headquarters and at Utopia Planitia, putting their specialties to good use.

When Colin was thirteen years old he enrolled in a martial-arts class for beginners that was held at the nearby Starfleet base. He saw an ad for the class and thought it might help him surprise his sisters the next time they went to pick on him. So far all the defensive moves he had learned were taught to him by his sisters and they certainly knew the tricks around them. The class was being instructed by the base security chief, Lieutenant Commander Quinton McLaren, an average sized human male, but strong as an ox, and as Colin eventually learned, extremely intelligent. Colin was an ok student, picking up the stances, moves, breathing, and everything else taught to him, but he never really excelled, after all, in his mind, he only wanted to be able to defend himself from his sisters... One day Colin was on his way home from class, he was doddling with his face buried into his personal PADD, he enjoyed modifying it, and reprogramming it, once he even programmed it to remotely turn on and off the sonic shower his sisters used at the most inopportune times. They never quite figured out how he did it, but they knew it was him, and he usually paid the price with an extra dose of sibling torture... However, before Colin realized it the sun had set, and he found himself alone on a deserted back street still several kilometers from home. As luck would have it this alley was also the turf of a group of older boys who frowned upon anyone infringing on their domain. Colin did an about-face hoping to avoid any trouble, but it was too late, they had spotted him and begun chase. Colin didn't get far before he was surrounded, but far enough at least so he was no longer trapped in the back alley. The older boys taunted Colin, poked fun at his martial-arts stance, "Ho ho, look at him, he's going to fight boys...", the largest boy looked about to pounce when a strong male voice bellowed, "Is there a problem here?". Colin turned, it was his martial-arts instructor Lt. Commander McLaren. The group of boys chorused "no problem!!" and took off, each in a different direction, almost as if they had rehearsed it. "You know, if you tried harder in my class you could have easily defended yourself back there.", McLaren said calmly. Colin stumbled to say, "But... there were four of them...and they are so much bigger...". McLaren continued, "Maybe so, but they were disorganized, and clearly not ready for any sort of opposition, and they never would have thought to attack you all at once.". Colin was intrigued by that statement and from that point on put his full effort into the martial-arts classes partly to be better prepared if such a situation arose again, but also hoping to impress his instructor. Lt. Commander McLaren, noticing the raw talent the boy had also started teaching him about tactics, when to fight, when not to, strategies... Their mentor/protege bond grew over the next few years, Colin excelled in martial-arts, but also learned so much more...

When the time came Colin applied at Starfleet Academy and with only some minor difficulty passed the entrance exam. His focus was of course security, majoring in both Station and Base Security with minors in Starship Security and Counterintelligence. Every aspect of the field intrigued him, and he consumed everything he could on the subject eagerly. He continued to excel in the self-defense training, especially the hand-to-hand combat, but also did well in small-arms training, and marksmanship training. In his spare time he continued to hone his computer skills, taking things apart, seeing how they work, and putting them back together, generally only slightly modified and often operating with more functions than when he started. Finally in his fourth year, he was ready to start his trainee cruise as a midshipmen, hoping one day to be chief of security like his mentor...

Service Record


Distinguished-service-medal.png Silver-star-2x.png Medal-of-valor.png Nebula-star-2x.png
Golden-starburst-2x.png Citation-for-conspicuous-gallantry-2x.png Purple-heart-2x.png Space-medal.png
Joint-service-medal-of-achievement.png Starfleet-commendation-medal.png Combat-action-ribbon-14x.png Command-service-medal-2x.png
Starfleet-unit-commendation-ribbon-3x.png Starfleet-unit-excellence-ribbon.png Good-conduct-medal.png Border-patrol-service-ribbon.png
Row 1 Distinguished Service Medal Silver Star (2x) Medal of Valor Nebula Star (2x)
Row 2 Golden Starburst (2x) Citation for Conspicuous Gallantry (2x) Purple Heart (2x) Space Medal
Row 3 Joint Service Medal of Achievement Starfleet Commendation Medal Combat Action Ribbon (14x) Command Service Medal (2x)
Row 4 Starfleet Unit Commendation Ribbon (3x) Starfleet Unit Excellence Ribbon Good Conduct Medal Border Patrol Service Ribbon


  • Security Certification
  • Hand-to-Hand Certification
  • Transporter Certification
  • Tractor Beam Certification
  • Weapons Certification
  • Unrestricted Line Officer
  • Letter of Commendation (#)
  • Letter of Reprimand

RP Logs


Log Date Participants
Fighting It Out (RP Log) 24 July 2014 Carey, Starfall, Reid, Vrillak
Fire Afoot (RP Log) 30 July 2014 Carey, Starfall, Reid, Vrillak
What Do You Know About It? (RP Log) 30 July 2014 Reid, Starfall, Tavrok, Vrillak
Late Night Chat (RP Log) 04 August 2014 Muireann, Reid
A Subtle Follow-Up (RP Log) 06 August 2014 Reid, Vrillak
Love and Marriage (RP Log) 07 August 2014 Carey, Reid, Vrillak
Something's Wrong (RP Log) 08 August 2014 Reid, Starfall
How She Thinks (RP Log) 09 August 2014 Muireann, Reid, Vrillak
First Ever Command Briefing (RP Log) 10 August 2014 Reid, Senka, Tavrok, Taxo
Training and Background (RP Log) 13 August 2014 Reid, Senka
Warp Core Cold Restarts and Such (RP Log) 16 August 2014 Reid, Riley
Starbase 616 Engine Repair (RP Log) 18 August 2014 Reid, Riley, Senka, Starfall
Lifeforms and Other Far Fetched Notions (RP Log) 19 August 2014 Reid, Senka, Tavrok, Taxo
Alien Encounter (RP Log) 20 August 2014 K'mpok, Reid, Riley, Senka, Starfall, Taxo
Casual Conversation With the Captain (RP Log) 22 August 2014 Reid, Senka
Knocked Out (RP Log) 26 August 2014 Carey, Muireann, Reid, Senka
Coffee and Conversation (RP Log) 26 August 2014 Carey, Reid, Senka
Carey's Interview (RP Log) 28 August 2014 Carey, Reid, Senka, Starfall
Mending Fences (RP Log) 29 August 2014 Carey, Reid, Vrillak
Off The Record (RP Log) 29 August 2014 Reid, Senka
There's Nothing To Worry About (RP Log) 03 September 2014 Reid, Vrillak
Temporal Disagreement (RP Log) 08 September 2014 Reid, Temple, Tracer
An Evening of Advice (RP Log) 08 September 2014 Carey, Senka, Reid
At The Bar (RP Log) 11 September 2014 Astor-Cross, Carey, Dihon, Reid, Senka
Farewell to Friends (RP Log) 15 September 2014 Carey, Reid, Rema
Plushy Bananas (RP Log) 09 September 2014 Ava, Reid, Senka, Teiya
Strolling with Strollers (RP Log) 20 September 2014 Carey, Reid, Senka
Gravimetric Anomalies and Magic Rings (RP Log) 30 September 2014 Maguire, Reid, Sarish, Temple
Security Fight in Morn's (RP Log) 28 September 2014 Eilonwy, K'mpok, Reid, Starfall, Temple, Vaore, Vrillak
Caits and Weapons (RP Log) 01 October 2014 M'rell, Reid, Temple
Caits and Captains (RP Log) 01 October 2014 Kainon, Kelia, M'rell, Reid, R'sta, Senka
Crash Landing (RP Log) 02 October 2014 Kelia, LeBlanc, M'rell, Reid, Riley, S'jun, Senka
Future Decisions (RP Log) 30 September 2014 Carey, Reid, Senka
Aliyah's Apology (RP Log) 02 October 2014 Carey, M'rell, Reid, Senka
The Business of Information (RP Log) 04 October 2014 Kelia, M'rell, Reid, Senka, Williams
And Later That Afternoon... (RP Log) 07 October 2014 Kelia, LeBlanc, M'rell, Reid, Senka, Taev
Ship Builders and Cloaks (RP Log) 07 October 2014 Dihon, LeBlanc, Pierson, Reid, Senka, Tavrok, Taxo, Temple
Climbing and Falling (RP Log) 19 October 2014 Garett, Maguire, Reid
Meeting and Greeting (RP Log) 18 October 2014 Carey, Krem, Garett, Reid
The Commander's Instructions (RP Log) 24 October 2014 Garett, LeBlanc, Reid
The Long Awaited Wedding (RP Log) 03 November 2014 Astor-Cross, Carey, Garett, Kainon, Rayner, Reid, Senka, Williams
Miri and Coi's Wedding (RP Log) 05 November 2014 Ambrosia, Ava, Coiseos, Edwards, Eilonwy, Garett, LeBlanc, Maguire, Muierann, Ponn, Reid, Senka, Starfall, Teiya, Torin, Trasera, Williams, Xanathos
Awkward Compliments (RP Log) 06 November 2014 Carey, Garett, Reid, Senka
Toy Bears, Oh My (RP Log) 07 November 2014 Carey, Garett, Reid, Senka, Temple
Kids and Crimes (RP Log) 08 November 2014 Reid, Senka
Toy Bears and Children - Part 1 (RP Log) 10 November 2014 Brax, Reid
Toy Bears and Children - Part 2 (RP Log) 10 November 2014 Garett, LeBlanc, Rayner, Reid
Toy Bears and Children - Rescue (RP Log) 11 November 2014 Garett, Kainon, Reid, Senka, Taxo, Vaore
Toy Bears and Children - Kainon's Wrath (RP Log) 13 November 2014 Kainon, Reid, Senka
Museums and Phaser Fire (RP Log) 17 November 2014 Dihon, Garett, LeBlanc, Reid, Taxo
Once More Unto the Breach (RP Log) 20 November 2014 Kame, Rayner, Reid, Sharis, Tobyn
Sparring Partners (RP Log) 22 November 2014 Reid, Sharis
The Cliffs of Dover (RP Log) 27 November 2014 Kina, Reid, Temple
Paper or Thesis Material (RP Log) 27 November 2014 Reid, Tobyn
Teaching Oxes of Leadership (RP Log) 28 November 2014 Kina, LeBlanc, Reid
Permission from the Boss' Wife (RP Log) 03 December 2014 Brax, Reid
Quite the Race (RP Log) 03 December 2014 Amadeus, Kina, Reid, Temple
A Visit With Friends (RP Log) 16 December 2014 Garett, Kell, Kina, Rayner, Reid
A View from Above (RP Log) 20 December 2014 Danek, Rayner, Reid, Sharis, Tavrok, Temple, Tobyn
Bus Full of Children (RP Log) 21 December 2014 Jakthor, Mirik, Senka, Sharis, Reid, Temple, York


Log Date Participants
Training With The Ladies (RP Log) 13 January 2015 Kina, Reid, Sharis
When I was Hungry ... (RP Log) 26 December 2014 Alanna, Reid, Sharis, Sevok, Torin, Trex
Soliton Proximity Mines, Oh My (RP Log) 23 February 2015 Danek, Kina, Reid, Sharis
Ancient Probe (RP Log) 1 March 2015 Danek, Kame, Reid, Sevok, Sharis
Purification of B'hava'el (RP Log) 14 March 2015 Brax, Corso, Kame, Kina, Reid, Sharis, Shra'hawk, Vrillak
Moriah's Send Off: Part 2 (RP Log) 19 March 2015 Carey, Edwards, Reid, Riley, Roana, Senka, Sharis, Taxo, Torin, Xanathos
Medicine, Retro Style (RP Log) 9 May 2015 Reid, Senka, Sharis
Long Awaited Reunion (RP Log) 11 May 2015 Garett, Reid
Past, Present, and Future (RP Log) 11 May 2015 Danek, Garett, Reid, Sharis
In Remembrance of Things Past (RP Log) 13 May 2015 Reid, Sevok, Temple
Command Decisions (RP Log) 6 June 2015 Danek, R'sta, Reid, Sharis, Taxo, Temple
Ain't No Lounge Party Like a Lacrimosa Lounge Party (RP Log) 12 June 2015 Danek, Kame-Tiik, Kina, Li, Reid, Sharis
Building Trust in the Aftermath (RP Log) 4 July 2015 Li, Reid
The Natterings of Staff Meetings (RP Log) 5 July 2015 R'sta, Reid, S'var, Senka, Sharis, Temple, York
Hence the Word ... Sabotage (RP Log) 5 July 2015 Connor, Li, R'sta, Reid, S'var, Senka, Sharis, York
A Message Received (RP Log) 8 July 2015 Danek, Davies, Kame-Tiik, Li, Mathews, Reid, S'var, Senka, Sharis, York
Pew-Pew Ka-Choo (RP Log) 9 July 2015 Garett, Li, Kina, Prudome, Reid, York
Security Feuds (RP Log) 12 July 2015 Dihon, Garett, Kame-Tiik, Reid
Tipping of Hands (RP Log) 14 July 2015 Garett, Li, Reid, Sanders, Senka, Sharis, Tavrok, York
Interservice Cooperation (RP Log) 28 July 2015 Carey, Kame-Tiik, Reid, Sharis, Tavrok, Vrillak
Dying Romulans (RP Log) 1 August 2015 Carey, Reid, Sharis, Vrillak, Tanas
Lost Tech and How to Retrieve It (RP Log) 2 August 2015 Carey, Reid, Sharis, Vrillak
Airports in Mountains (RP Log) 4 August 2015 Carey, Garett, Reid, Sharis, Tanas, Tavrok, Vrillak
Half the Plan (RP Log) 6 August 2015 Garett, Prudome, Reid, Tavrok
Simple Mission, Complicated Aftermath (RP Log) 13 August 2015 Carey, Garett, Reid, Tanas, Tavrok
Dominion Diplomacy (RP Log) 5 September 2015 Danek, Garett, Reid, Sharis
Palace of the Autarch (RP Log) 11 October 2015 Kame-Tiik, La'Vash, Reid, Roana, Roberts, Sharis, Somn (NPC), Tanas, Vallar
Weapons Analysis (RP Log) 18 September 2015 La'Vash, Reid
Not_Two_but_Three_Warans (RP Log) 13 October 2015 Covell, Danek, Dihon, La'Vash, Prudome, Reid, Senka, Tanas, Taxo, Temple, Vallar, Waran (NPC)
House Arrest (RP Log) 12 October 2015 Prudome, Reid, Roana, Sevok, Sharis, T'Lira
Getting The Nitty Gritty (RP Log) 23 October 2015 Carey, Prudome, Reid, Sharis, Vallar
Just the Facts, Ma'am (RP Log) 24 October 2015 Reid, T'Priel
Bouncy Witness (RP Log) 24 October 2015 Reid, Spiere
Cookies and Comfort, Tears and Tea (RP Log) 24 October 2015 Carey, Prudome, Reid, Roana, Sharis
Your Service Honors Me (RP Log) 27 October 2015 Reid, Senka, Sharis
A Few Quick Questions (RP Log) 30 October 2015 Reid, Waran (NPC)
Reprimand (RP Log) 30 October 2015 Reid, Sevok, Sharis, Starr
Gossipping in Ten Forward (RP Log) 31 October 2015 La'Vash, Prudome, Reid, Tanas, Vallar
Funeral for an Unlikely Bajoran (RP Log) 6 November 2015 Carey, Prudome, Reid, Roana, Sharis, Spiere, T'Priel, T'Kela
Asteroid Hunting (Part 1) - Orders (RP Log) 8 November 2015 Kame-Tiik, Danek, La'Vash, Rambaldi, Reid, Sharis, Tanas, Vallar
Asteroid Hunting (Part 2) - Preparations (RP Log) 9 November 2015 La'Vash, Rambaldi, Reid, Sharis, Tanas, Vallar
Preparing To Punch a Hole (RP Log) 20 November 2015 La'Vash, Reid, Sharis, Vallar
Doctor Prudome Takes a Look (RP Log) 21 November 2015 La'Vash, Prudome, Reid
Adrinon Checks out the Away Team (RP Log) 21 November 2015 Adrinon, La'Vash, Rambaldi, Reid, Tavrok, Vallar
How To Dig a Hole (RP Log) 23 November 2015 Adrinon, Danek, La'Vash, Reid, Sharis, Tavrok
How Much Doing Can a Deflector Dish Do? (RP Log) 1 December 2015 La'Vash, Reid
Dying for Samples? (RP Log) 4 December 2015 Cigano, La'Vash, Reid, Sharis, Tanas
And The Repairs Afterwards (RP Log) 4 December 2015 Cigano, La'Vash, Prudome, Reid, Sharis
Semi Casual Sunday (RP Log) 6 December 2015 Adrinon, La'Vash, Reid, Sharis
The Asteroid Brief (RP Log) 7 December 2015 Adrinon, Cigano, La'Vash, Reid, Sharis, Vallar
I Think We Got It (RP Log) 8 December 2015 Adrinon, La'Vash, Reid, Sharis
Let's Hammer One Out (RP Log) 11 December 2015 Adrinon, Cigano, Danek, La'Vash, Reid, Sharis, Vallar
Broken Simulations (RP Log) 12 December 2015 La'Vash, Reid, Vallar
Torpedo Pre-Op (RP Log) 12 December 2015 La'Vash, Reid, Sharis
Punching a Few Holes (RP Log) 13 December 2015 Adrinon, Danek, La'Vash, Reid, Sharis, Vallar
Plasma Vampires On The Prowl (RP Log) 14 December 2015 La'Vash, Reid
Surgery On a Torpedo... Or Five (RP Log) 14 December 2015 Cigano, Danek, La'Vash, Reid
Asteroid Hunting: Finale (RP Log) 15 December 2015 Adrinon, Cigano, Danek, Kame-Tiik, La'Vash, Reid, Roana, Sharis, Tanas
That Escalated Quickly Too (RP Log) 22 December 2015 Adrinon, Carey, Cigano, Cross, Danek, Danvers, Di'Benedetto, Reid, Sharis, Tanas, Vallar
Betazoids and Vulcans, Oil and Water (RP Log) 28 December 2015 Adrinon, Reid, Sharis, Vallar


Log Date Participants
First Day On The New Job (RP Log) 2 February 2016 Cigano, Danek, Kame-Tiik, La'Vash, mathews, Prudome, Raven, Reid, Senka, Sharis, Tanas, Temple, Torin, Vallar
Dedication Ceremony (RP Log) 11 February 2016 Adrinon, Davies, La'Vash, Muireann, Prudome, Reid, Senka, Sharis, Temple, Vallar
Teaming Up for a Housecall (RP Log) 3 March 2016 Reid, Senka, T'Kela
Stuck in a Holodeck (RP Log) 18 March 2016 Prudome, Reid, Roberts, Sharis, Temple
Hunting the Aggie (RP Log) 28 March 2016 Reid, Sharis, Temple
Found the Aggie (RP Log) 29 March 2016 Raven, Reid, Sharis, Temple
Briefings and Status Updates (RP Log) 10 April 2016 Danek, Raven, Reid, Sharis, Temple
Remains of the Day (RP Log) 11 April 2016 Prudome, Raven, Reid, Sharis
Panic Ensues (RP Log) 11 April 2016 Raven, Reid, Sharis, Temple
Mission Start and We Get The Flu? (RP Log) 10 May 2016 Ravenna, Tirams, Hinaa, Mestrel
Decon and Trades (RP Log) 11 May 2016 Ravenna, Tirams, Ezhik, Hinaa, Mestrel
Narrow Escapes (RP Log) 21 May 2016 Ravenna, Tirams, Hinaa, Mestrel
Taking Their Measure (RP Log) 14 May 2016 Adrinon, D'Ahr, Danek, Kame-Tiik, La'Vash, Tirams, Ryan, Hinaa, Mestrel, Thomas, Torin, Vallar
Greetings in the Wardroom (RP Log) 23 May 2016 Li, Raven, Reid
Command or Bust (RP Log) 1 June 2016 Reid, Sharis, Temple
Gym Party (RP Log) 2 June 2016 Adrinon, Geenohna, Li, Los, Raven, Reid
Securely Security (RP Log) 5 June 2016 Adrinon, Los, Reid, Vallar
Request for Leave (RP Log) 24 June 2016 Li, Reid
Goodbye Captain (RP Log) 12 July 2016 Adrinon, Danek, D'Ahr, Kame-Tiik, La'Vash, Muireann, Reid, Riley, Shra'Hawk, Starr, Tavrok, Vallar
For Science! (RP Log) 13 July 2016 Reid, Vodex
Briefings and Spores, Oh My! (RP Log) 23 July 2016 Aoni, Danek, Li, Raven, Reid, Temple
The Funeral of Teral Kolt (Teral Danek) (RP Log) 18 July 2016 Adrinon, Connor, Danek, D'Ahr, Kame-Tiik, La'Vash, Li, Los, Muireann, Reid, Riley, S'rrai, Senka, Starr, Torin, Tavrok, Walters
Accident or Subterfuge? (RP Log) 7 August 2016 Reid, Senka, Temple
New Ship, Old Colleague (RP Log) 9 August 2016 Dors, Reid, Senka
Cat and Mouse (RP Log) 12 August 2016 Dors, Jev, Li, Mathews, Reid, Reye, Senka, Temple
All About the Hair (RP Log) 16 August 2016 Li, Reid, Temple
A Day of Recovery (RP Log) 5 November 2016 Adrinon, La'Vash, Mathews, Reid, Senka, Temple, Vallar
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