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Corion Rel
Ralph fiennes02.jpg
Rank: Admiral R-a4.png
Title: Commander-in-Chief
Race: Trill
Gender: Male
Born (symbiont): 1980
Born (host): 2345
Affiliation: Starfleet (Starfleet Command)

Admiral Corion Rel is one of the longest-serving Starfleet officers still on active duty. He is Commander-in-Chief of Starfleet.


Rel was originally an engineer, driven to be on the cutting edge of technology. Circumstance forced him to adjust his ambitions over years of fierce conflict. Three major wars have dominated his time in Starfleet: The Borg War, the Breen War, and the Civil War – also called the Freedom War. The interbellum periods were punctuated with smaller conflicts with pirates and organized crime syndicates.

Early career and the Borg War (2369-2371)

Rel graduated from Starfleet Academy in 2367, a year after the Borg had shattered the Federation. Within two years, he was posted to the newly-launched USS Defiant NCC-72405 as its Chief Engineering Officer. After the Defiant was destroyed, he spent the next four years serving on six different starships, including the USS Saratoga NCC-74220, USS Normandy NCC-81422, USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E and USS Sovereign NX-82100.

He received his first command as a Lt. Commander in 2371. He was assigned to the USS S'harien NCC-81881 as its acting captain, and joined more than 100 Starfleet vessels and thousands of personnel on Stardate 49673.17 (Sept. 3, 2371) for the massive, two-pronged offensive that ended the Borg War. That battle force was the largest assembled in recorded history, according to Grand Chancellor Sanuk.

Rel received the Starfleet Cross for his actions during the battle.

In the aftermath of the Borg War, he served briefly on USS Essex NCC-82211 before being promoted to captain and assigned command of the Galaxy-class USS Odyssey NCC-71832 for a five-year exploration mission. This marked the only period of his career in which he served as a line officer on a purely peaceful mission.

The Admiralty and the Breen War (2371-2386)

Upon the completion of the Odyssey's mission in 2380, he requested transfer to Training Command at Starfleet Academy. He would remain there for only five months. The Breen's surprise attack on the Beerax Sector killed 50,000 people and destroyed 59 starships, including Rel's former command, the USS Odyssey. Rel returned to the field, taking command first of USS Nadesico NCC-64001 and, three years later, USS Excalibur NCC-26517. Also during that time, he was promoted to commodore, and then junior admiral (now known as branch admiral).


The Freedom War and the Tarawa (2386-2389)

Just as the Breen War was on the wane, the most divisive conflict in Starfleet's history began with a sudden orbital bombardment on Qo'noS – the Freedom War. Rel sided with Admiral Kyle Richards, and was declared a traitor by Starfleet Command – now led by Admiral Haile Ritter.

Rel joined the Alliance Defense Fleet as its deputy chief, and transferred his flag to the ship which would be his home for the next 10 years – the Sovereign-class battlecruiser USS Tarawa NCC-82143.

When the Freedom War ended in 2389 with the death of Haile Ritter, leader of the “Loyalists,” Rel and the rest of the ADF were reintegrated into Starfleet. He was promoted to rear admiral and assigned as Deputy Chief of Starfleet Operations under Admirals Hathaway and Richards.

After Richards and the rest of the USS Normandy crew sacrificed themselves to seal a Borg transwarp conduit, Rel was promoted to vice admiral and made Chief of Starfleet Operations, the post he would hold until his retirement in 2396.

Retirement and disappearance (2389-2396)

See: Incident Report, USS Tarawa, Stardate 74464.07

After 30 years in Starfleet, Rel decided it was finally time to retire. On Stardate 74464.07 (June 18, 2396), he boarded his beloved flagship, the Tarawa, for the last time. While the Tarawa was carrying Rel to the Trill homeworld, it received a distress signal from a Bajoran freighter, which reported contact with a subspace rift. The Tarawa struck the subspace rift while conducting rescue operations, and was severely damaged. Overriding his flag captain's objections, Rel went to Main Engineering to help prevent the ship's destruction. An exploding plasma conduit flung Rel out of a Jeffries tube, severely injuring him and knocking him unconscious.

When the warp core went critical, the flag captain ordered an evacuation of non-essential personnel. Rel, still unconscious and suffering from plasma burns, was jettisoned in an escape pod. Once the core crisis was averted, the crew of the Tarawa prepared to recover the launched escape pods – only to watch helplessly as Rel's pod slid into the rift and disappeared.

After repeated failed attempts to ascertain what happened to the escape pod, Rel was declared missing and presumed dead.

Recovery and return to duty (2404-present)

Roughly eight years later, on April 26, 2404, the USS Gallant received an automated distress signal from somewhere in the Badlands. The Gallant tracked down the signal source and, after suffering serious damage from the Badland's plasma storms, recovered an escape pod that bore the markings of the Tarawa. Rel was inside, still unconscious and suffering from plasma burns.

Rel had no recollection of the passage of time. The last event he could recall was being blown from an exploding Jeffries tube on board the Tarawa. He was treated for severe plasma burns aboard the Gallant before being released from medical care.

After recovering from his injuries, he requested that his commission be reinstated. His request was granted, and on June 3, 2404 he returned to active duty. The day after, he was promoted to the rank of admiral.

According to rumor, Rel had a private meeting with Admiral Hathaway, and subsequent meetings with other high-ranking Starfleet officers. On July 28, 2404, Admiral Hathaway announced his retirement from Starfleet, and that -- with the authorization of Galaxy Alliance Chancellor cho'sheQ, appointed Rel as his replacement as Commander-in-Chief.

Personal life

Corion Rel as a captain
Corion Rel as a captain

As a Joined Trill, Rel has lived seven lives that span nearly 450 years.

An intensely private man, Rel has never been forthcoming about his personal affairs. That reticence, however, served as the catalyst for a long string of rumors stretching back decades – rumors he has coldly and quietly attempted to quash.

Starfleet has always been his family -- he has never married, nor had a family of his own. He knew full well the joy of being a father, and a mother -- four of Rel's previous hosts had been female, and some of them had borne children. As a result, the aloof admiral is notably at ease around children of all ages. On those rare occasions where others witness him bouncing a happily gurgling infant on his knee, they cannot help but note the unfeigned warmth in his expression. On one such occasion, an ambitious lieutenant tried taking advantage of this smoothing of Rel's edges to strike up a familiar conversation with the admiral, and received a chestful of infant vomit for his troubles.

Individual Host Biographies

Seventh host: Corion (2367-Present)

Corion spent the majority of his youth getting into trouble or trying to get out of it. A bit of a prankster with what his elders called a "smart mouth," many thought he would amount to very little or end up in a prison when he grew older.

However, despite his seemingly irresponsible nature and cavalier attitude toward life, he possessed a keen intellect and a powerful drive to be as successful in life as possible. This lead to two events which completely stunned some of his detractors - his acceptance into both the Initiate Corps and Starfleet Academy.

When he was finally given the Rel symbiont, the seventh host to carry it, his attitude mellowed, if only partly. The memories and experiences of four centuries and six previous lifetimes tempered his mischevious nature so his practical jokes are far more sporadic. Though he still possesses a rather sharp tongue, he has learned to govern it more effectively, which was a lifesaver for him in the Academy.

He left the Academy with high marks and a trail of bemused instructors who grudgingly admitted he had what it took and then some to be a Starfleet officer. He has spent his time working as an engineer as well as pulling shifts on the bridges of the whichs to which he was assigned.

Sixth host: Aelia (2287-2367)

Had symbiont for 80 years

Aelia was born on Trill to an affluent family. Her parents quickly noticed how intelligent she was, as she learned to speak and read at a very early age. A child psychologist on Trill gave Aelia some tests and told her parents to enroll her in school at a younger age than normal or she would never be properly mentally stimulated. Her parents agreed.

She was always an excellent student, even though her studies did bore her at times. She quickly developed a deep interest in other languages, finding a natural aptitude for picking up new dialects, speaking patterns and grammar. During her university years she became fluent in several Federation and non-Federation languages, and as a result learned about the cultures behind those languages. Her parents encouraged her to apply to the Symbiosis Commission and, thanks in part to her mental abilities and talents, was accepted into the Initiate Corps.

She eventually entered into the Federation diplomatic corps and had a fruitful and successful career, her language talents and natural empathy making her a successful and respected negotiator. When she finally retired at age 104 she was allowed to book passage on a Starfleet starship heading to Trill. However while enroute the ship was called to Wolf 359 to support the fleet combatting the Borg. During the fight her ship was heavily damaged and she was mortally injured. The ship survived the battle, if only barely, and thanks to some quick-thinking Starfleet doctors the symbiont was kept alive long enough to reach Trill so it could be given to a new host.

Fifth host: Frosin (2198-2287)

Had symbiont for 89 years

Frosin always had the healer's touch, if it was tending to the broken leg of a pet when he was still a child, to teaching himself how to help care for his younger sister when she was sick with a year-long fever, to working for Starfleet Medical. Despite his chiseled, somewhat grim, stoic appearance he had a quiet compassion and confidence which made his patients feel they had little to worry about. Caring for patients was his first and foremost passion and interest, and he turned down promotions which would have put him in an administrative role. He had an iron constitution which aided his longevity, and he passed quietly on Trill.

Fourth host: Leis (2153-2198)

Had symbiont for 45 years

Leis was a shrewd businesswoman who paid only the barest lip service to the Federation in order to continue taking advantage of its shipping lanes. Part of a successful trading company, her success allowed her to live comfortably. Though she had no great love for the Federation, or for any other government, she remained law-abiding, eschewing the lure of black market trade for a more honest living. At 65 she was still active in her business, refusing to retire to a quiet life. While conducting some business she was caught in the middle of a gunfight. She ducked for cover, but a stray phaser blast ignited a cargo container containing an unstable substance, and she was caught in the blast. Her colleagues quickly brought her to a reputable hospital and the Symbiosis Commission was able to send a team to remove the symbiont in time.

Third host: Salana (2147-2153)

Had symbiont for 6 years

Grace and beauty were Salana's greatest qualities, and both helped her become an accomplished dancer in many stage performances. She performed in numerous ballets and other productions on the worlds of the Federation and became quite wealthy at a young age. Critics said she was one of the rising stars of her art. When a shuttle accident did permanent damage to her spinal cord, robbing her of her gift, her world collapsed. Soon afterward she contracted a serious and fatal Andorian flu, and the Symbiosis Commission was forced to remove the symbiont before Salana died. Later, evidence began to arise which suggested Salana may have intentionally infected herself with the deadly virus, though those claims were never completely proven. There was some concern that the symbiont may have been adversely affected by Salana's mental collapse and illness, but it was determined no lasting harm was done, and the symbiont was passed on.

Second host: Torus (2059-2147)

Had symbiont for 88 years

Torus had always had his eye on a government career finding it suited him quite well. While at work he was a competent and dependable fellow, not overly ambitious and well-liked by his colleagues. While he wasn't at work, however, Torus gained a reptuation as a notorious carouser, and moved in strange circles, attending all-weekend parties and getting up to all sorts of mischief and naughtiness. Surprisingly, except for a few near-brushes with the law he never got into any serious trouble that would jeopardize his government post. Many commented that luck smiled on that man. Eventually he retired and lived on a healthy pension until he died in his sleep, a bottle of Romulan Ale on the bedstand and a smile on his face.

First host: Delia (1980-2059)

Had symbiont for 79 years

Delia was an accomplished archeologist, responsible for several notable discoveries, including an undiscovered ancient colony on Trallis IV. Though she was a skilled and diligent scientist and field worker, she had a fiery temper which often brought her into conflict with her colleagues, superiors and the public at large. She was a stubborn, strong-willed woman, and even as she grew older she still insisted on doing field work. It was during one of these expeditions that a tunnel support collapsed on her and caused fatal injuries. The Rel symbiont was removed and quickly transported to Trill to be implanted in the next host.

Service Record

  • Y-blank1.png 2363: Entered Starfleet Academy
  • Y-o1.png 2367: Graduated from Starfleet Academy
  • Y-o2.png Jan 5, 2369: Transferred to USS Defiant NX-72405 as Chief Engineering Officer
  • Y-o3.png -------- 2369: Assigned as Second Officer, USS Defiant
  • Y-o3.png -------- 2369: USS Defiant destroyed. Transferred to USS Saratoga NCC-74220
  • Y-o4.png Jan 30, 2370: Promoted to the rank of Lt. Commander
  • R-o4.png ------- 2370: Assigned as Executive Officer, USS Saratoga
  • R-o4.png ------- 2370: USS Saratoga destroyed. Transferred to USS Lafayette NCC-72302
  • Y-o4.png May 13, 2371: Transferred to USS Normandy NCC-81422 as Chief of Security
  • R-o5.png Jun 17, 2371: Promoted to the rank of Commander
  • R-o5.png Jun 17, 2371: Transferred to USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E as Executive Officer
  • R-o5.png ------- 2371: Transferred to USS Sovereign NX-82100 as Executive Officer
  • R-o5.png Aug 7, 2371: Transferred to USS S'harien NCC-81881 as Acting Commanding Officer
  • R-o5.png Sep 21, 2371: Awarded the Starfleet Cross
  • R-o5.png Nov 26, 2374: Assumed command of USS Essex NCC-82211
  • R-o6.png Dec 15, 2374: Promoted to the rank of Captain
  • R-o6.png Jan 26, 2375: Assumed command of USS Odyssey NCC-71832
  • R-o6.png May 8, 2380: Requested reassignment to Training Command, Starfleet Academy
  • R-o6.png Oct 17, 2380: Assumed command of USS Nadesico NCC-64001
  • R-o7.png Nov 16, 2380: Assumed the role of Commodore
  • R-o7.png Dec 30, 2383: Assumed command of USS Excalibur NCC-26517
  • R-a1.png Nov 24, 2384: Promoted to the rank of Junior Admiral
  • R-blank1.png Jul 5, 2386: Dishonorably discharged, declared a traitor (Freedom War)
  • R-blank1.png Jul 5, 2386: Assigned as Deputy Chief, Alliance Defense Force and Commanding Officer, ADF Personnel (Freedom War)
  • R-blank1.png Oct 3, 2386: Transferred flag to USS Tarawa NCC-82143 (Freedom War)
  • R-a1.png Aug 23, 2389: Commission reactivated, reintegrated into Starfleet
  • R-a2.png Aug 23, 2389: Promoted to the rank of Rear Admiral
  • R-a2.png Aug 23, 2389: Assigned as Deputy Chief of Starfleet Operations, Chief of Starbase Operations and Commander, Border Patrol
  • R-a3.png Dec 6, 2391: Promoted to the rank of Vice Admiral, Assigned as Chief of Starfleet Operations
  • R-a3.png June, 2396: Retired from Starfleet; Declared missing, presumed dead
  • R-a3.png Apr 26, 2404: Recovered from an escape pod in the Badlands
  • R-a3.png June 3, 2404: Returned to active duty
  • R-a4.png June 4, 2404: Promoted to the rank of Admiral
  • R-a4.png July 28, 2404: Appointed as Commander-in-Chief, Starfleet


Starfleet-cross-3x.png Defense-distinguished-service-medal.png
Distinguished-service-medal.png Defense-superior-service-medal.png Legion-of-merit-3x.png Medal-of-valor.png
Citation-for-conspicuous-gallantry-5x.png Meritorious-service-medal.png Space-medal.png Joint-service-medal-of-achievement.png
Command-service-medal-5x.png Combat-action-ribbon-29x.png Good-conduct-medal-21x.png Starfleet-unit-commendation-ribbon.png
Starfleet-unit-excellence-ribbon.png Milky-way-exploration-ribbon-ab.png Exploration-service-ribbon.png Border-patrol-service-ribbon.png
Installation-service-ribbon.png Borg-war-ribbon-c5.png Breen-war-ribbon-c4.png Freedom-war-ribbon-c3.png
Row 1 Starfleet Cross (x3) - Defense Distinguished Service Medal
Row 2 Distinguished Service Medal Defense Superior Service Medal Legion of Merit
Medal of Valor
Row 3 Citation for Conspicuous Gallantry (x5) Meritorious Service Medal Space Medal Joint Service Medal of Achievement
Row 4 Command Service Medal (x5) Combat Action Ribbon (x29) Good Conduct Medal (x21) Starfleet Unit Commendation Ribbon
Row 5 Starfleet Unit Excellence Ribbon Milky Way Exploration Ribbon
(with Alpha and Beta devices)
Exploration Service Ribbon Border Patrol Service Ribbon
Row 6 Installation Service Ribbon Borg War Ribbon
(with five campaign stars)
Breen War Ribbon
(with four campaign stars)
Freedom War Ribbon
(with three campaign stars)
Row 7 Wolf 359 Memorial Ribbon


  • Engineering Repair Certification
  • Engineering System Certification
  • Letter of Commendation (#)
  • Letter of Distinction (**)
  • Unrestricted Line Officer (**)
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