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Remi Saatchi
Vital Statistics
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Title Miss, Daughter of the Tenth House
Race Betazoid
Gender Female
Affiliation Galaxy Alliance, (Hudson & Rose)

Heiress of the Saatchi family and daughter of the 10th house of Betazed, Remi Saatchi is an enigmatic trader currently residing on Deep Space 9.


Physical Description

Standing just over five and a half feet in height, this young porcelain skinned Betazoid woman's glossy hair tumbles in layered tresses that fall to about her mid-back and around her shoulders in a profusion of colours ranging from dusky pink and plum to turquoise. Her brows are well shaped into a delicate angled arch, and unlike her hair they are a more common dark brown that's almost black and in filled with a matching cosmetic. Her large, almond shaped black eyes have a slight high angle and are trimmed with long delicate eyelashes that compliment her eyebrows, they are outlined with a dark eyeliner tapering out to a wing. Scattered across her cheeks and nose are several faint freckles with a few more prominent on the apple of her left cheek close to her nose. Straight and pert her nose is generally unmarred, her philtrum lightly sculpted above her lips with a defined cupid’s bow and painted a soft shade of pink.

Her figure is full, with defined curves that can easily be seen with her pulled in waistline just under her ample chest and wide hips, sculpted thighs and calves. When in stacked heels she teeters slightly, visibly well practiced shown by her good posture and appropriate choice of accessories with her back being supported by a wide belt. When moving she maintains a smooth equal stride, conscious of etiquette regarding her preference to wear skirts and dresses transitioning from standing to seated positions. Her voice is clear and smooth with no discernable accent, it’s fringed with excitement and curiosity. As she speaks her cheeks dimple, some may say her voice has silvery qualities when she talks about topics of interest.

Notable Attire

Halter neck and circle skirt

With her hair tied in a fish tail braid and strewn over one shoulder, she has a thick plain sateen rose band of halter neck top across the back of her neck securing a lightweight fabric bodice with a slightly plunged heart shape neckline. The upper edge of the bodice is trimmed with the same fabric as the securing band whilst the body is finished in a matte white material dotted with large pink floral sprays.

Clasped around her waist a wide knotted and woven belt made from several runs of cord and fastened with two golden buckles attached midway, the belt helps to define the waist before it reaches the plume of a vibrant turquoise sateen circle skirt underneath. Finishing just above the knee the skirt allows the lacey edge of a white net layered petticoat. On her feet are two pristine eggshell coloured platformed pumps, standing no taller than three inches high and across the ankle a simple stitched strap. She is awake and looks alert.

White evening dress

Remi is wearing a long white dress, the hemline grazes the floor as it clings to her body in loose draped folds. Under the bust gleams a jewelled waist band with pearls and small crystals, the top and bottom trimmed with Tholian silk. A small split in the fabric gather up toward a silver metallic ring that and rests gently on her collar bones leaving her arms exposed.

Her hair is messily tied at the back of her head with a section of her hair twisted to look like a headband, with wisps still pertruding in unkept tendrils.


Early Life

Born in the once again bustling trade capital of Dalaria on Betazoid to Deela and Marellyn Saatchi of the tenth house, Remi was the youngest of three but sole heir to the last of the Saatchi family. Still recovering from the dissolution of martial law her parents cherished Betazoid tradition and bonded their only daughter at birth to a decorated family within the 13th house. Her two older siblings were subject to a considerable age gap seemingly at a last attempt to birth an heir, leaving them almost twenty years her senior but more than capable of educating their sister as to the reasons why their family holds traditions so closely and the finer points on dealing with off worlders. Generally a quiet but curious child, Remi embraced her families lessons and was keenly introduced to her suitor at a tender age; their relationship to be coddled and hopefully forged into something more than a genetic bond by both parties.

Even with encouragement it was not a smooth transition for the budding pair in their early teens and making an attempt to air her concerns to her parents, Remi was greeted with a wave of self-doubt even at such a youthful stage of her life. Persuaded by her mother than her feelings were normal and how she reminded her of her own experiences with her bond, the young girl put her insecurities aside and tried to enjoy the more affluent aspect of their union attending formal gatherings.

Further Education

Inspired by the other worlds around her, a more creative flair developed as she aged and garnered a love of the extravagant clothing have emerged from the traders and boutiques; exploring not only the fashions of her own people but that of other races and the evolution of their styles. Remi took pride in collecting examples of vintage attire left by the military that had been forced from her home world but found as she grew older more traditional clothing didn’t suit her developing curves, leaving her feeling uncomfortable and began to spark what would become her the first steps to becoming a designer and crafting the items that enthused her. Reaching eighteen, Remi had been greeted with the pressure of finalising her marriage to her bonded partner; assuring her mother that the deed would be done but once she had completed her studies and before her thirtieth birthday. Reluctantly her mother agree, she knew her daughter was not lying and supported her in her choice to pursue her passion. Having sent an application to the San Francisco University of Contemporary Arts, it was the perfect location to test out her creations on cadets and begin to carve a name for herself (even if she was unsure as to how her designs would take).

Impressed by the diversity and ideas produced by her fellow peers she felt confident with her work, now able to design, sew and finish complete outfits including styling. Remi had refined her own style, she had a lust for classic 20th century Terran attire – A-line flowing circle skirts and figure hugging pencil skirts in bold colours and prints. Her once ashy blonde hair transformed into a swathe of different colours that reminded her of the reflection of the setting sun on Betazed’s oceans, a more vibrant persona began to develop with her time away from her home world. She wasn’t eccentric but chose to visualise how she felt with her clothing.

Throughout her time on Earth her future husband stayed with her occasionally, it was always social as he had no intent on making things more awkward for either of them. He had become a peacekeeper and seemed happy with his life. They had become good friends but he wasn’t her Imzadi like her mother had hoped, Remi enjoyed her time with him and always gave him creations to take back home to her mother.

Early Career

Come graduation she had already been granted an apprenticeship on Bajor, she knew little about Bajoran’s but understood they were also a spiritual species much like her own people. She relished the chance to put her new qualification into action, accepting that it would be a basic position that may expand over time. As the years passed Remi’s portfolio expanded, teeming with designs of her own fusing cultures and styles. She enjoyed her time on Bajor with four years assembling garments and making alterations, the time had come to move on; experience was in her favour now and more unique fashion houses had begun cropping up across the galaxy. Dispersing her credentials across various organisations she waited for a response.

Hudson & Rose

Upon taking residency on Deep Space 9, Remi further pursued a career in fashion and after her first month on board no one had showed interest in her collections. Knowing that she would need employment she expanded her horizons and completed an application for renowned jewellers Hudson & Rose who planned to open a new flag ship store on the station. Feeling daunted at her new found responsibility as store manger the young Betazoid made haste in socialising with the crew and other residents, garnering new friends who grounded her in the new venture. The store opened February 18th 2424.

Making Friendly with the Locals

From stepping foot on the station Remi has kept an open mind with those she has met and ignores common prejudices and assumptions. She has actively gone out of her way to become part of the community, supporting the temple reconstruction financially and aiding in the reporting of missing residents. Her time on board has been relatively uneventful, spending a lot of her time in the Romulan Coffee House or Morn's having a drink with friends.

She has been starting to write a holonovel under the advisement of Vrillak and her ideas have bloomed during conversations with her various friends, primarily Shintu during their chats at the bar in Morn's. Vrillak and she discussed (whilst heavily under the influence of a good red wine) the likely hood of making a commercial jump onto Bajor as Remi was still managing her love of designing clothes, what could have been a very intimate setting on the beach of Jalanda was cut short by being recalled to the station for business.

Her most painful memory was dealing with her close Cardassian friend following the fake engagement between herself and Roian Los to try and deter Inara from her intimate advances, ultimately in ended in a lot of guilt from Remi about the lie she didn't dispel and lead to her confessing to Inara after a verbal bout with Vrillak. A trip to the infirmary was required after the young Betazoid slipped whilst working on a piece of jewellery with an engraving tool and slashed her right hand between her thumb and index finger, the wound was attended to by Senka and Astor-Cross. The pain caused by her mental anguish and the physical injury drew Roian to the infirmary.

Back to Bajor

Roian took it upon himself to help ease Remi's distress and organised a camping trip to Bestral Woods on Bajor, she had no real idea what this would entail but she packed none the less. Her return trip made her realise how much she really missed having her feet on the ground and the wind in her hair as well as Vrillak's words had a tormenting sense of truth about the, Roian cared for her and she cared for him. The cultural difference was just too much to be anything more than friends. On their return Remi sent off a property request to the Realtor Century 25 looking for a commercial outlet to begin her new venture. She sought advice from the most logical person she knew to help her come to terms with the choices she had to make.



Emily Williams

The pair share a strange bond over most things, one of the first beings Remi came across upon taking residency. They are very protective over one another and often sit and talk the hours away, no location seems to be off limits whether is Hudson & Rose's oversized sofas or the upper deck of Morn's. Emily educates Remi on Vulcan traditions frequently as the young Betazoid is ever curious about Emily's relationship with Senka, finding it difficult to see the attraction. The pair keep in contact even when they are far apart, she is missed by Remi as she seems to draw male attention than she cares to have.

Inara Niian

This colourful Bajoran caught Remi's eye as she wandered aimlessly around the station trying to gain her bearings. Taken slightly aback by her Betazoid like affection, the pair became close but Inara seemed more intent on garnering a more intimate relationship quickly. Making it clear that she was not one to force something that may not be present they both met frequently with Remi having to divert her friends advances and on reaching a mutual relationship with the Cardassian Tailor, Inara aired she had been in relations with him seeding doubt in the Betazoids mind. Emily explained that Bajoran was a frivolous spirit and she had a hunger for most beings, this didn't deter Remi from maintaining her friendship.

As the inappropriate advances continued Remi was cohersed into discussing this with the stations counsellor Major Ava, this didn't seem to deter Inara leading to Roian introducing himself as Remi's fiance and beginning a chain of events that would lead to an apology from both of the women.


The relationship between Remi and Senka is most unusual, the foundation of it is built on Remi's constant questioning of the Vulcan as she finds it difficult to understand why he constantly uses barriers to keep her from sensing his mind. He's often let slip different aspects of his complicated relationships but know Remi has learnt not to pry as much as she wants to. The two often meet in the Romulan coffee house conversing in her native tongue however unusual it may be for her to speak it a loud, their conversations vary from logic to holonovels.



By far the most mismatched couple around, Remi is most intrigued by the Cardassian tailor. Charming and well mannered she was drawn to him like a moth to a flame, she'd heard about what to expect from Cardassian's but he appeared to be none of those things to start with. After scratching the surface she finds him deeply secretive and hiding something she isn't sure she wants to know but can not help but to find out more, the pair appear to have begun to form a telepathic bond with her being able to picture powerful nightmares that stir him. Every time she tries to get him to open up he shuts her down, showing his cold and controlling side. Their relationship is very fragile and has yet to progress past a kiss. Upon the misguided incident involving the fake engagement with Roian Los, Vrillak was less than impressed with the situation and how it had been handled by Remi. Heated words were had even though he had been advised of the ill-thought plan as he happened to be off station at the time, he left her feeling hurt and pained but his words made sense in their own way.

Shintu Onimusha

The pair had a fleeting moment after he invited her to dinner following the fulfilment of this order of a custom pocket watch. They bonded over writing a holonovel but nothing ever came of that moment on the foundation that his retrograde amnesia caused him to forget his fiancée (Inara Niian) and his attempted assasination of Kainon Essa. The pair haven't met again since that moment.

Roian Los

RP Logs

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Other Information

Remi's birthday is 21st March.

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