Reporting for duty (RP Log)

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Roleplay Log
11 Feb 2013

Kame steps in the office, standing straight she says softly, "Sublieutenant Kame Alhe reporting Sir."

Kero looks up, and gestures to a chair near the desk. "have a seat, Sublieutenant." He reaches over to his terminal, and pops up a file, and studies it quietly, waiting for her to settle.

Kame does as instructed, taking a seat. She crosses her ankles and rests her hands in her lap but not before she pushes her hair behind her ears.

Kero taps something, and reads a bit more, before looking over at the woman again. "First off, welcome to the station, Sublieutenant." He pauses, looking thoughtful for a moment, before speaking again. "I see from your file, you are a full MD."

Kame nods, "Yes, as well as a fully licenced phychologist."

Kero nods again, considering. "Hmm, we have one of those already, so I think we'll make full use of your medical skill." He reaches over, and taps in something else in the terminal. "I'm placing you in the medical department." He turns to look at her again, as he continues to speak. "Also, I will be placing you on the Valley Forge as needed, most bajoran personelle are setup with the ship as a secondary assignment."

Kame nods and smiles "Of course. It has been a while since I've been on a ship or here on the station. It will be good to get back into a familiar normal routine."

Kero nods, then gives a slight smile. "I bet it will be." He leans back in his chair, relaxed in his manner, even though he's doing a job. "Do you have any questions for me?"

Kame shakes her head and then changes her mind and says, "My only question is quarters. Are they assigned? And who is the CMO on the station?"

Kero nods slightly. "Talk to operations ab tougetting youself some quarters." He pauses for a moment then adds. "We don't have a CMO as of yet."

Kame nods and smiles, "Thank you. I will do that. How much of the staff are Bajoran?"

Kero straightens himself, and replies. "Its a mix of Starfleet and Bajoran, I couldn't give you an exact figure though."

Kame nods, "That's fine. I was just curious."

Kero nods in return. "Anything else, Sublieutenant?"

Kame shakes her head "No Sir. Is there anything you need to know from me?"

Kero shakes his head. "No, I believe you are ready to start your duties, good luck, Sublieutenant."

Kame smiles and stands, "Thank you sir."

Kero nods, as he turns back to the work he has to still do. "Dismissed."

Kame nods and walks out.

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