Return to Duty - Part 2 (RP Log)

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Roleplay Log
20 Feb 2014
Station Infirmary [Deep Space 9]
Being the sole medical facility on the station, the Infirmary was designed to accomodate a great many patients. Spacious and at least three compartments wides, the infirmary has a laboratory, examination and recovery room, and a surgery room. The lab is what most people see when they enter, and where the medical officer on duty is most likely to be perched, ready for any medical emergency.

Senka is calibrating a diagnostic monitor. His mind appears relaxed, even serene.

Pryus-Talbot steps inside and approaches Senka calmly, "Doctor, I'm requesting a physical to ensure I am fit to return to active duty." She states clearly but quietly.

Senka raises an eyebrow. "Lieutenant," he greets you. "You are terminating your leave?"

Pryus-Talbot nods gently, "Yes, I have withdrawn my request to return to the academy."

Senka gestures you to the general ward. As you walk with him, he asks quietly, "I see. May I ask what decision-making process led you to do so?" You sense his curiosity and his desire to make sure you really are mentally ready for duty as well as physically healthy.

The door leading to General Ward slides open.

General Ward - Station Infirmary [Deep Space 9]
The entrance to this room is set with two different walkways around the top of this semi-hexigonal compartment. Several biobeds face inwardly, as rays of a sun, towards a central laboratory table. Monitors also are sprinkled about this room for access to lifesigns and patient information.

The door leading to Infirmary slides closed.

Pryus-Talbot sits on Biobed2.

Pryus-Talbot draws a quiet breath as she pauses, "I have withdrawn my request on the condition that Captain Cross seeks help, feeling it inappropriate to tell his executive his inner most thoughts and request that I take that position as his counsellor."

Senka raises an eyebrow. He clearly was not expecting that. "... Intriguing."

Senka asks after a beat, "I was not aware that you possessed expertise in psychology and counselling, Lieutenant. Is this so?"

Pryus-Talbot raises a brow, "I was given a position as a counsellor when I reported in with the Captain when I was first assigned."

Senka searches through a series of messages on his padd. "Yes, I see that you were. I failed to recollect that fact just now." He begins running scans. "What has the captain told you of the circumstances surrounding his need for counselling? I will fill in what you do not know."

Pryus-Talbot shakes her head, "Honestly he hasn't filled me in on any of it other than he has been told to report for counselling." She answers quietly as she continues to sit on the biobed.

The scans continue to run. "Then I shall make you aware of those events, in my capacity as CMO, that necessitated those orders."

Senka says, "You appear to be in excellent physical health, Lieutenant. There is a final question that both logic and duty require me to ask."

Pryus-Talbot sighs softly knowing what he was likely to ask.

Senka goes on. "Given your recent losses, do you believe you are prepared at this time to enter into counselling relationships with fellow officers and to discuss their own personal and professional issues?"

"Given that I have been unable to attend a counselling session with Major Ava, I have had to manage my own trains of though as well as putting them into perceptive. I have suffered a great loss and at times it hurts to breathe but I can use these experiences to help deal with situations that reflect my own." Kailyn answers quietly and stoically. "I can do my job, I've had to counsel myself through these last few months with some help from those who have taken the courage to speak to me about it.

Senka nods. You sense his calm acceptance of your statement. You sense his respect for you, and he has no intention of second guessing you in this case.

Pryus-Talbot sighs softly, "What can you tell me about the Captain?"

"First," He makes a note, "I am certifying you fit to return to duty. I shall make the captain and first officer aware of this."

Pryus-Talbot nods gently as her fingers curl around the edge of the biobed.

Senka says, "Please follow me to the duty office. It is more suitable for confidential conversations."

The door leading to Infirmary slides open.
Senka leaves for Station Infirmary.

Duty Office - Station Infirmary [Deep Space 9]
The spacious office combines both functionality and elegance. An oak desk bearing an engraved caduceus, the emblem of Starfleet Medical, holds the desktop terminal. Two chairs, adjustable according to the body-type parameters of a number of different species, sit before it. The walls are lined with plates containing texts handwritten in a variety of calligraphic styles, while a modest bookshelf contains a number of medical texts, historical works and works of literature in several languages: Betazoid, Rihannsu and Vulcan among them. A coffee maker sits off to one side of the office in a small seating area containing a loveseat, a chair and a low table.

Senka goes to his coffee machine and begins making some Jestral tea. He starts in with his report, relaying the facts succinctly. "Following the death of your husband, the captain proceeded to become very heavily intoxicated. So much so that he had consumed fresh alcohol by the morning of his consultation with myself. I administered a series of detoxicants as we talked, and I discerned that it was guilt that motivated him to drink. I therefore issued confidential medical orders that he report to counselling with Major Ava or whoever would be appropriate. I had been given some reason to believe he might evade the orders, but if he wishes to counsel with yourself, that may be an indication that he wishes to fulfil them." he hands you your tea.

Pryus-Talbot nods gently as she thinks, "I can understand to a point, I believe our counselling sessions will be useful. Is there anything else I should be aware of? Any problems with this marriage or any other members of the crew?" She asks generally as she sits in a seat beside the desk.

"Beyond what I have told you concerning my ordering the captain's need for counselling in this issue, I do not believe I should speculate. Nor," he adds, "Do I require detailed reports of your counselling sessions. You may report to me as you see fit about those sessions. Most relevant to me is that he demonstrates compliance with the counselling and pursues it with what you judge to be the appropriate amount of effort in compliance with medical orders."

"In honesty I didn't give him much choice about me staying. It was more of an ultimatum to make sure we were both competent, he would need to spend time with me if I was to stay. He was a friend to Ben and hopefully he will feel less like I am his responsibility." She answers quietly.

Senka nods. "I understand. In any case, you are now on active duty and may proceed with your duties as you deem logical."

"Is there anyone else that requires immediate counselling?" Kailyn asks hopping down from the bed.

Senka shakes his head. None that I am aware of." He heads for the door. "Good day, Lieutenant, and welcome back."

Senka leaves for Station Infirmary.

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