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Kevin Reynolds
Rank: Lieutenant 2410 SF O-3.png
Title: Lieutenant
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Starfleet


Kevin Reynolds was born into a long line of Starfleet officers. There was never any doubt in his mind what he would grow up to be. Before Kevin was born, his grandfather was a decorated officer in the Borg Wars. After the Borg Wars and the rebuilding of the Alliance, Kevins father served in Starfleet throughout the splintering of the Alliance and then saw service in the Breen war and the division with Beerax.

Kevin was born to parents, Adam Reynolds, a Starfleet Captain, and Elizabeth, a teacher and artist, in 2403. Kevin already had one sister, a year older, Brianna. Two years later the family would be joined by a sister, Victoria. Kevins family were stationed on board his fathers ship when Starfleet allowed vessels to once more carry starship families aboard. Elizabeth worked as the ships teacher, teaching many students aboard the starship.

Aboard the ship that his father commanded, Kevin learned many things. Though the training was not formal in any means, Kevin was observant enough to see how a starship was run. He saw how engineering worked, how to use the helm, how security functioned, and most of all how to be a leader.

When Kevins father retired from active duty, Kevin was sad that he would no longer be living amongst the star. His father took a position at Starfleet Academy in order to teach new recruits. Kevin continued his adolescence living among Starfleet students and retired Starfleet personnel. There was no doubt in his mind that he would continue his families valued traditions.

Kevins sisters were not of the same mind as their brother. To him that was fine and he was always incredibly close with them. In their teenage years, Kevins sister, Brianna was accepted for more formal training in her dance career and left the family home to train in New York. Kevins younger sister, Victoria, continued her mothers passion for art, learning all she could about the mediums of painting, sculpting, and drawing.

Kevins family always kept him very well grounded. Though his father was a Starship captain, he also knew the importance of having fun and letting go once in awhile. The family travelled, laughed, and had fun with one another. This left Kevin growing up knowing when to take things seriously and when to let things go. Kevin cherishs his family, the outdoors, the stars, and an ability to not make every job a chore.

Kevin was accepted into Starfleet Academy at the early age of seventeen, due to his high marks and knowledge of starship systems and requirements. He made high marks throughout his time at the Academy, following the Operations/Command track. He took the extra time to go through additional training to leave the Academy as an Unrestricted Line Officer at a higher rank.

Kevin sees bright accomplishments in his future and can only hope that he is as good an officer as his father and grandfather were before him. Though he takes his work in the manner that he should, Kevin has a good heart and knows when to not take himself or other too seriously.

Service History

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